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The skies speak to me here.

I AM OFFICIALLY THE OLDEST SISTER IN THE MISSION!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I sure can't. It just doesn't seem real. Time went by so fast and I can't even believe that I only have 3 more weeks left. crazy. crazy. crazy. ahhh. 

Just a little crepe to give us a little joy on this day.

Me + food = pure joy

ANYWAYS.. We are almost done with the transfer! This transfer was soo much fun. It has been so fun training Sister Haddock with Sister Yoo. They are my besties and I am so blessed to be able to end my mission with them as my companions. Today we sent off Sister Zuniga to go to the mission home because she is heading home this week. So we are on a split with her companion and we are going to go on a picnic today. I'm so excited. Also this week Elder Bednar is visiting our mission and having a mission tour with our entire mission. On thursday, the entire Daejeon mission is coming together to hear him speak! There are also 18 new missionaries coming to our mission! That means like half the mission will be training next transfer. The mission is changing and its so weird to be the oldest. I still feel like I don't know anything but I am so grateful to have been apart of this mission and have all the experiences that I had.

This week was full of miracles! As a mission we decided we need some goals to end off the year. We decided that by the end of the year and Christmas time we wanted to make it a "White Christmas" by giving Christ a gift of 50 baptisms by the end of this year, and we are also shooting for a goal of giving out 10,000 books of mormon as a mission. I have noticed that as we set these goals and as an act of faith we have the motivation to accomplish these goals before the end of the year. Especially the 10,000 BOM.. that means that every missionary has to give out one book a day. We have been working really hard on this goal and have seen so many miracles! As I have been on my mission I have gained the strongest testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon in conversion. I know for a fact that whoever reads the book of mormon sincerely they can be converted. This book is powerful and true and as we achieve this goal that is just 10,000 more souls in the Daejeon mission that has a book of mormon in hand. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the role it plays in my life. I am on a mission because of one verse that answered my long waiting prayer if going on a mission was right for me. I can't be more grateful for the Book of Mormon and how many prayers it has answered. I know it to be the true word of God and through it we can recieve answers, like if God was directly talking to each of us. 

Last fun Day with Sister Zuniga

SPORTS DAY!!~ 청주 스테이크 체육대회!!~~
We went to chungju area and it was the entire stake that got together for this big sports day. It was soo much fun. When we got there they started it off with a girls soccer game.. I don't think I have run like that in a year and a half.. I woke up the next morning and I couldn't get up out of bed.. my body still hurts from head to toe. hah #outofshape #Ijustusedahashtag lol.
Lots of fun things happening these next 3 weeks! Its starting to hit me a little bit more and more everyday. I'm not ready to go home:( Being a missionary is the best thing ever. I can't explain how much my mission means to me. It has changed my life and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity to serve in Korea. 

Glad they are on my team:)

I love you all!! Have a great week!!~


태너 자매

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