Monday, July 27, 2015


WEEK 11- MONDAY JULY 27 2015

I can't believe it's already my 2nd P-day. This week went by so fast!! But then also the Pdays go by like a blink of an eye and back to work we go!
This week was a good week!! But I also feel like we can do so much more. That just might be my "greenie" senses kicking in. Because I am a new missionary I just want things to happen happen happen!!! But I know it doesn't typically work out that way. I need to work as hard as I can and be obedient and we will see miracles. 

Rainy days are so nice 

This week we were able to help with the Stake Primary Activity. That was really fun! We had a station on missionary work. Quite hard though when I can't talk to the kids. They just look at me like who are you!? hahah. But its okay they are so cute!! 

The kids made Kimbap(korean sushi rolls)

I'm in love with these cute kids

We have been meeting with a Sister who is a student at Seoul University. She is the sweetest girl ever. We have met with her maybe twice and got to know her. She has met with missionaries a while ago and she is wanting to be an English major. ( oh i think I might have talked about her my last email) anyways.. She came to church on Sunday!! I had to give another 인사 말 씀 in the other ward that we serve in. So fun... not. hahah So we wanted her there for that to support me in my failing Korean. So she came and she seemed to enjoy it. It was a little long for her and she started to fall asleep. But c'mon we all do that here and there... hahah

On Saturday night we were able to go to a cafe and have a lesson with her. We watched a Mormon Message with her and my companion and we bore our testimonies to her. The spirit was so strong there. We really feel like she is ready for baptism but she doesnt find her self prepared enough or ready. So we are working really hard on her. We have faith that it will work out. We know we were suppose to meet her for a reason. If shes met with missionaries for years and now its her time. God has been preparing her to receive this Gospel. But we will just have to see what happens. Pray for her! 
Praying for baptism for this sweet Sister.

 Sunday.... it was so fun!! The 유성 ward is so amazing. They were so loving to me and really understanding. After my talk they all came up and hugged me and said my korean was so good. There was this returned missionary from the Seoul mission and he came up to me and asked me what my secret was? haha i was like, what secret..... uhhh weird. and hes like, your secret to learning languages!! YOU'VE BEEN HERE 2 WEEKS AND YOU SPEAK LIKE THAT!! REALLY HOW DO YOU DO IT!! hahahha... I replied, "gift of tongues." (missionary answer) ^^
But really I dont feel like I can speak that well, were I am constantly learning and wanting to improve. But when the Koreans tell me stuff like that, that really helps me keep going and gives me the confidence that I will learn this language it is just going to take some time. But once again I need to have patience with my self and stop trying to overwhelm myself. I have been here 2 weeks, I can't expect myself to be fluent already!! I've really had to rely on just showing Christlike love. Loving the people, smiling and just saying "Hi". The language of love could mean more than the words you say to anybody. They will remember how you made them feel over what you said to them. I am grateful for the Korean people and how loving they are. I am grateful for this experience of really forgetting about myself and putting others before me. Its not easy but it's worth it. 

Sister Lee an I on the streets 

Bus selfie

 I want to be a consecrated missionary. We focus a lot on that in our mission. I want to have NO regrets. To really look back on my mission and say, I gave everything I had to serving the Lord. I know I need to have NO fears. I cant fear what others think of me. I need to open my mouth and talk to everyone. There is a really great talk given by Tad R. Callister about being a consecrated missionary. He lists the characteristics of being that type of missionary.
He says, " Sometimes in life we just have to square our shoulders and do it, there is no magic pill that makes us courageous, no passage of time that strengthens us, no memorized approach that emboldens us." we are left with the compelling counsel of King Benjamin: "And now, if ye believe all these things, see that you do them" ( Mosiah 4:19)
that.."Consecrated missionaries preach by the way at all times and in all places, both day and night. Sometimes we have missionaries who are so worried about offending people that in the process they never ever save them."

Korean Art is so cute

 I don't want to be that missionary that was too afraid to speak my broken Korean, that in the process of me psyching myself out, I didn't save that person by sharing this Gospel with them. It's a learning process and I have a year and a half to really put all my time and efforts into this work!!
I love my family, I love this gospel and I love being a Missionary!!!

태너 자매

Monday, July 20, 2015


WEEK 10- MONDAY JULY 20 2015

  5 days of being in KOREA!! Can you believe that?! I sure can't. I still feel like I am experiencing some out of body dream where I am just watching all this happen. But WOW... okay where do I even start... IM IN KOREA.

Last day in the MTC with my district.

Love My Cuz Sister Carter
Going to miss these amazing Elders

AHHHH.Okay..When we were leaving for Seattle we saw this Korean woman staring at us and we went over to talk to her and she said she knew President and Sister Shin!! So we traveled to Korea with her and she helped us get around the airport and she came with us to meet our Mission President. It was really comforting to have her there with me. She was just holding my arm and helping me. So we landed in Korea and we had to part ways with the rest of the district.. Probably one of the hardest things I had to do.. I just cried and cried because they were my family away from my family. I miss them so much. We then met our Mission President and got on us bus to go to Daejeon to the mission home. I'm exhausted at this point and can barely stay awake. The bus then makes a pit stop and they hand us Book of Mormons and say now go talk to people. YEAH SCARY!!! It was so hard.. I did not know what to say. ( I used a squater potty... TMI, sorry, I just was not expecting that when I went to the bathroom.)
My Family away from my Family:(

We then made it to the mission home and we did some paper work and emailed you. Then we went to bed. It was so hard because I was the only Sister that came with this group of missionaries so, I was alone most of the time. All the Sisters that I later met when My trainer came and picked me up, felt so sorry for me that I had to endure Sister Shin by myself. haha. She is one of a kind. She kept telling me to cut my hair...
We then had training all day by the APs and President. We went proselyting a little bit with some sisters from a different area. Then they took us out to lunch at some Bulgogi place around the corner.. ahhh so good!!! All the pictures on my camera since I have been here are just pictures of the food that I have eaten so far. I am in food heaven!! I love all the food here so much. hahaha!!

My food heaven!

anyways.. After training, We met our trainers!!!
I love my companion!!! Her name is Sister Lee. She is Korean!! But she is from Canada and grew up in California and went to BYU Hawaii for school. Her Korean is really good so, shes been really patient and helpful with helping me learn along as we go. It's been super frustrating though. I just kind of sit there as shes talking to our investigators or people on the bus because they just dont want to talk to me because my korean is so ugly hah. But its okay!! I'm learning. I'm just really overwhelmed with everything that I have to do and what I need to learn still. 

Rice Burgers are the bomb

 We are spoiled by our members. Sister Lee(right)

I've met some amazing people here. All the Korean people are so nice. We have a few investigators that the previous missionaries have met through an English class they do here in our area. I am serving in 유성 (Yuseoung city) right now. I love it here! This is such an amazing area. It's the city part and it's beautiful. Ahhh theres so much to say but so little time.

Okay so some experiences that I have had here in Korea so far.. Man. It's been a whirlwind of experiences and so many things to take in. It's been really overwhelming with how much I need to learn and study. We have this pass off book that you have to complete before the transfer is over. So thats given me a lot of stress. But I can do it!! My brain just might explode though. So we have met with a few investigators and I've been meeting so many different people. It's so hard to get everyones names straight and remember who they are. We met with this Sister shes a student and is wanting to be an English major so we mostly taught her in English. She bought us lunch afterwards. Sister Missionaries get so spoiled. I've really only had to pay for like 2 of my meals here so far. We have been 전도(proselyting) more and it honestly is quite terrifying sometimes because I can't really communicate with them so they just kind of dont want to talk to me. But it's been helpful to have my companion talk with them. All they say to me is "AHHH YOU AMERICAN, YOU SOOO PRETTTTYYY" hahahaha ^^ (these two triangles is a korean emoji, how they do smiley faces)
Yeah so, we proselyted and talked to this one sister at the bus stop and she was really sweet. She said she was really lonely and that she wanted someone to talk to so we were there in the right place at the right time. I then tried giving her the BOM and she didnt really want it but I insisted that she keep it. haha. Later we were walking back and I saw the BOM on the bench. :( quite the scarring of my first placement of the BOM I would say. booooo.
But its okay. Yesterday I ACTUALLY PLACED MY FIRST BOM BY MYSELF WITHOUT MY KOREAN SPEAKING COMPANION!! I just hope she kept it this time. I sat next to some lady on the bus and just started asking her where she was going and then I looked down at the BOM in my hand and asked her if she'd ever heard about this book before and she said, No. Then I flipped open to the pictures in the front of Jesus Christ and said it testifies of Jesus Christ. I testified and bore my testimony of this book and gave it to her. She was quite surprised that I was actually giving her the actual book. And then she got off the bus and that was it. SO we will see what happens. We got her phone number too!! It was quite the experience. My heart was pounding the whole time. But I DID IT!! My companion was really impressed.

My First Sunday!! The worst day.. hahah I couldn't understand a word anyone was saying, and it just turned into a big headache. But I gave my 인 사 말 슴 (the new missionary talk) It was terrifying to speak Korean in front of a congregation of Koreans!! But it went well and they all were "awww"ing at the part when I talked about my family so that was really cool. Each sunday will get better!! I will understand more and more as I go! The Korean Church they have a big feast after Sacrament meeting. The church is true;) I LOVE IT HERE!!! 

I LOVE KOREA!!! oh my goodness. I just walk the streets and just am in shock that I'm actually here. This place is amazing!! I can't wait until the day where my whole family is here with me. The people are the nicest and I love being a Missionary here. We are the only Sister Missionaries in the area that we are in right now. It's just so exciting to talk to people and tell them all about this Church and amazing Gospel. It's hard when they don't want anything to do with us after we say we are from the LDS church. Like the other day this woman was like holding on to me and saying how pretty I was and touching my hair and then my companion began to tell her who we were and she put her hand up and ran away. haha..
But really that comes with this work. It's hard and tedious sometimes. But oh so rewarding!! I want to become the best Missionary that I can. I only have 16 months here and I need to work as hard as I can and be obedient. This church is true!!! It's all the way over here in Korea! And I am a messenger of God to help these people come unto Christ! HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING!!!

I love you all so much and sorry it was so late! I am praying and thinking about you all everyday!!!! So happy to hear from you and I will talk to you next Monday!!! ahh so long away. hahah its okay!! I'm okay!! love you!!! sorry I'm so scattered. theres just so much going on.

XOXO, Tanner 자매의

We received this email from the Mission home today 7/21/15

Dear Brother and Sister  Tanner,
Sister Shin and I would like to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation to you for your wonderful daughter, Sister Sydney Lauren Tanner .  We met her at the airport upon her arrival in Korea and are happy to inform you that she is in good health and very excited to have begun her labors in the mission.
We know that Sister Tanner's love for her Heavenly Father and Savior, her testimony of the restoration, and her understanding of the gospel will grow as she teaches and shares her testimony with others.  As her love of Heavenly Father and the Savior increases, so will her love for her family.  We trust that your daughter will receive many blessings through her missionary service in Korea.
Sister Shin and I extend to you our sincere appreciation for sending us your precious daughter.  We look forward to a wonderful relationship with her.  It is an honor to serve with her at this time.

Yong-In S. Shin
Mission President
Sister Tanner with President and Sister Shin

Saturday, July 11, 2015



I honestly do not even know where to begin.. This week was an emotional Roller Coaster ride. And I know that is the feeling I am going to have throughout my mission.
This week was one of the best weeks here in the MTC and I love that because its our last week here. ITS OUR LAST WEEK IN AMERICA. That is really freaking me out. haha. 

Sister Cooper and I joyous jumping.

So lets start from last Pday. our last pday we had the opportunity to clean the Provo temple. How cool is that!? We got to clean the crystal chandeliers. It was the coolest experience. They only clean them twice a year and so we took each chandelier apart and cleaned each individual crystal piece. It was insane. Then the temple workers took all of us Sisters to the brides room and we all had a little moment..... haha. It was so fun!

Sneakers and Skirts- hottest new style

FRIDAY. oh my goodness!  So we had Skype TRC. Where we got to teach real members from Korea over Skype. We were Skyping a man that was from Seoul but I think was currently living in Daegu. It was the coolest thing ever. He was the nicest man and he had his son in the skype with him and we were talking to his whole family and they were asking us all these questions. And the man pulled out his phone and was showing us all these pictures he had taken, like of his Kimchi he had for his breakfast, or pictures of all his kids, pictures of Seoul, ah it was amazing. After he showed pictures of his family I remembered I had a picture of my family. I lifted it up to the screen and we started talking about my family and he asked if my Mom was Korean and then I told him about my Mom and Pak Jae Am. Then I pulled out the pictures that Mom sent me of her Uncle and his eyes got all wide and said "I know him!!" My heart sank. It was the coolest experience. It got me oh so excited for Korea. I have such a love for all the Korean people already. I just cant wait to get out there and talk to them. Even if I cant understand them!! The language of Christlike love is what matters most. I have come to learn that I really need to have patience with myself and this language. I swear this whole week, I dont know if I'm just faking myself out that it was our last week.. I have felt like I have lost everything I have learned with this language. Like teaching our investigators it was just mushy formulated sentences that didn't make any sense. But I know that I just need to work really really diligently and love the people that I serve. If I can do that the language will come. The lord will bless me with the knowledge to retain this language. 

My Mothers Uncle Pak, Jae Am and his family
This photo is about 30 yrs old. He passed away 
in July 1988 at the age of 57.

4th of JULY!!!!!!! Probably the funnest day here in the MTC. My district and I had the funnest day. We honestly have never laughed so hard then when we are together. I love it. The MTC had a 4th of July devotional and a flag parade. My companion was chosen to carry the Dutch flag because she is from the Netherlands and so me being her companion had the privilege of carrying it down with her. We were the first pair to come down the stairs in front of the 1800 missionaries. It was a really cool experience to see all the flags of where people were from and where they were serving all around the world. It amazes me to see how far the Church has come. To see how world wide it is, and how much it has blessed the lives of so many people. In the devotional the speaker talked a lot about ancestors. That we are standing on the shoulders of our ancestors. That because of their decisions and sacrifices, we are here today sitting in this MTC. After we were able to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks from the parking lot. It was the funnest thing ever. Some Sisters in our Branch had some Glow Sticks and everyone stuck them in my hair to hold a bun together. My hair looked like a big firework itself. I will try to get some pictures sent!!

4th of JULY celebration out in the parking lot watching the  Stadium of Fire fireworks (best MTC holiday)

My favorite girls: Sister Cooper & Johns

  SUNDAY: Fast Sunday... WOW. Didn't think it'd be so hard. haha but I have come to really grow a testimony of fasting. It really helps me focus on my Savior and the more important things in life when you are sacrificing your meals. But by the end of the day I get a little shaky haha, other than that we are ALLL GOOD:) But no, Sunday was amazing. I've told you that there hasn't been a bad Sunday here. It's impossible. So this Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting. Last testimony meeting we made it a goal to be able to stand up there and bear our testimonies in Korean. It was so scary but even if my two lines I could say in Korean were that I know the church is true and that Christ is my Savior, than that is what matters. I know that to be true. This Sundays meeting was really special. We Sisters were sitting together talking... like oh do you think you will get up?... blah blah and I was like oh I don't know I bore my testimony last time. But the meeting was coming to a close and the next thing I knew I was standing up there bearing my testimony and just crying. haha I got up there and spoke mostly English but the thing was that I had thought and kind of prepared a testimony in Korean before all week and when I got up there I didn't say one thing that I had planned on saying. The spirit directed my in a completely different way and it was amazing. I got up and shared the quote I shared in my farewell talk by Lucy Mack Smith. I felt so impelled to shared that with our branch. I felt the spirit so strongly in that meeting, and after it was over all these people came up to me and wanted that quote and said that it made them cry. LISTEN TO THE PROMPTINGS OF THE SPIRIT. You honestly might never know why you had that feeling or you might know after the fact. But never doubt the feeling of the spirit. It is our constant comfort and guidance through this life. 

My farewell quote by Lucy Mack Smith.

AHHH this week was just full of experiences. We had the chance to read Joseph Smith History the other day in class. It was really interesting because I don't think I've really had the chance to ponder the story of Joseph Smith. I have a testimony of Joseph Smith and I know that He translated the Book of Mormon, but I guess that I haven't really pondered the thought to know exactly for myself. And so I had the chance to... We have had the opportunity as a class to memorize the first vision in our mission language. We stand up at the beginning of each class and say it together. After studying, praying, and pondering the story of Joseph smith.. the next day we stood up and did our regular routine. But this time as we were reciting the First Vision I had such a testifying feeling that this is true. That Joseph Smith was telling the truth. He saw God and the Son. And was called of God to be a prophet. The First Vision is powerful. Testifying of the truthfulness of Joseph Smith can set up how everything else just falls into place in this gospel. Because Joseph Smith is a true Prophet than the Book of Mormon must be true!!! Its so great!!!!

Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove. 

Alright.. the last experience that I will share this week. There is just so much to share! 
Sister Markus and I were studying during our companionship study and we starting talking. I could kind of tell she wasn't really paying attention and was having a hard time staying focused. We started on this long conversation about leaving and our experience here in the MTC. She was talking to me about some weaknesses she thought she had and noticed since being on a mission. I told her about the scripture in Ether 12:27. Its so true though. Since being on a mission every single one of your weaknesses are made so prominent to you and often it makes times very discouraging. I honestly just felt like I was talking and talking and right now I can hardly remember what I even said to her but after she told me that I was such a good 'counselor' and good listener. It was really sweet of her. I reflected and realized what just happened. I love talking to people. I love getting to know people. I love hearing peoples life stories and being able to talk to them about it. to be able to relate and give them hope and comfort...

I have grown to love this girl so much!

I love you all and I can't believe that I am already leaving for KOREA!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh. 

I will get to call you when we are in the airport!! I cant wait for that day!!! you can hear my terrible korean!!! haha. It's gonna be great. but sad. ahhhh so many emotions.

Cute Nigerian couple who taught our class.
               The Elders

last temple picture with everyone:(

Some of my favorite quotes from this week:

"There is no physical pain, no spiritual wound, no anguish of soul or heartache, no infirmity or weakness you or I ever confront in mortality that the savior did not experience first. In a moment of weakness we may cry out, 'no one knows what it is like. no one understands.' But the Son of God perfectly knows and understands, for he has felt and borne our individual burdens."
- Elder David A. Bednar

"The gospel is a fountain of knowledge that never runs dry. There is always something new to learn and feel each Sunday, in every meeting, and in every verse of scripture."

"If you aren't doing anything scary than you aren't growing"

"There's no comfort in the growing zone, There's no growth in the comfort zone."

LOVE YOU!!!!! xoxoxooxoox
Talk to you on Monday!!!!! Be available!!! around 7ish... I think?? maybe 8? not positive!!
Next Email will be from Korea!!!!
Can you believe it?!

Thursday, July 2, 2015



  I honestly can't wrap my head around the fact that I only have less than 11 days in the MTC.. not just the MTC.. AMERICA IN GENERAL!!!!
This week has been great! We only have 1 more P-day before we leave!! AHHHHH FREAKIN OUT!!! IM GOING TO KOREA!!!!!

I have probably said this before, but sometimes I sit in class or lay in bed at night and just think of how blessed I am.. I have been called to Korea. Of all the many bazillion missions in the world, I have been called to Korea. It just does not 
seem real at all. I love it.

Alright. This week was a normal MTC week I would say, I just feel like there is so much to do that its so overwhelming but so exciting at the same time. haha.

Okay lets start with Sunday..... Sundays still to this day are my favorite day here in the MTC. It just an extra spiritual day that really helps me get through the next upcoming week. This Sunday our topic was "Enduring To The End". I was asked to teach Relief Society. So that was a good experience. We had both the presidency's wives in our class so that was a little intimidating. But the lesson went well! I found this Priesthood lesson online and modified it to be a Relief 

Society lesson/discussion. It worked out pretty well actually. It was about understanding how to endure to the end through the challenges and hardships of mortality. It was a really good topic to study and learn about. I really got to reflect on how things are going to be really hard and frustrating but we can't give up. The Savior did not give up on us, so we owe him all we can to endure to the end to return to our Father in Heaven. 

I laugh a lot.....

 Since being here in the MTC I have grown so close to my Savior. I just can not imagine giving up on him.. thinking about all he did for me. I do not want to give into the challenges of mortality. I know I have not really had to endure any huge/dramatic trials in life so far. During the lesson we talked about how in our Heavenly Fathers presence we accepted the trials and plan God set out for us. That he knows what we can and cannot handle. That every trial that we will face, is there for us to grow and become closer to our Savior; our ultimate example of enduring to the end. When I was preparing my lesson, I was trying to think of a personal story or example in my life of this topic. And immediately the example of my Mother came to mind... Mom you are the strongest person I know. When hardships come your way, you always look at them with a positive attitude and outcome. I told the Sisters the hardship of when you tore your ACL 
recently. That was such an extremely hard time for you and you pressed forward with faith that everything was going to work out. That you would be back in the gym again. That you would be able to walk around and provide for your family and kids. I admire your example every single day. Why I am the person I am today is because of my amazing parents. The way they raised me in this gospel and the outstanding examples of how to endure the hardships of mortality and to look at them with a purpose. That is the part of life and our plan here on earth to go through trials. That we will reflect back on those, and how we are better people and disciples of Christ because we know we can overcome them. 

Yup.... They belong to me.

  During my personal study the other day. I was reading the Ensign of the most recent General Conference and I came across the talk titled "Therefore they hushed their fears" given by Elder David A. Bednar. It is such a good talk, and I really needed to read it at that moment. I have been really nervous about leaving for Korea in just about 11 days. The talk was just about the difference between godly fear and worldly fear. When we worry about the worldly things or fear the worldly things then we arent putting our faith in christ. When we subject our will to the lord we will come to know that everything will work out. (Phillipians 4:7)

  My Mom always tells me that it is not worth worrying/fearing about something that you cannot control. So recently this past week as I worried that I will not be in America in 2 weeks, that I wont be 40 minutes away from my family anymore. So, I have had to really just calm down and recognize that my fear of leaving for Korea is a worldly fear. That I am leaving no matter what, so I need to put my trust in the lord and it will be okay!!

My Mama age 4 in Korea

  We had a devotional on Tuesday from Brother Sitati of the Seventy. It was a really great devotional. He talked a lot about Not giving up on your mission when times get hard. Here are a few things that really stuck out to me during his talk:


-Your mission: spiritual, mental and personal growth. Make this period of your life count!-Your mission will build a foundation. what are you prepared to build that foundation? what are you willing to give up? how close do you feel to the lord?
-Do not be overtaken by fear. Go forth with courage!
-Feel confidence in his presence

My New Korean name Badge(its official)

I love you all so much!!! Thank you for the letters this week and the support as always! Only one more P-day!!! Korea I am coming for you!!!!

Sister Tanner