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WEEK 63- Monday July 25 2016

안녕하세요 여러분~~!! 저는 태너 자매선교사다 입니다~ 이번주 너무 더웠어요 ㅠㅠ 

Standing in Holy places.


This week was a great week! I can't believe I have already almost finished one transfer in Cheonan. Time really is going by soooo fast. I only have like 2 1/2 more transfers left! 

Farewell party for Elder Johnson

Bucket of Ice cream is the only way to celebrate.

Sharing is caring.

Farewell Elder!

After emailing last week we went to a E-mart (kind of like a Walmart or Target) and there were these massage chairs that you could try out and so I was sitting on one that was shaking my entire body and this little girl was sitting next to me. So we started talking and she was like "wait, you aren't from here are you?" I was like, No I'm from America and she said, "well then why are you so good at my language?" haha it was so cute. She said I was the first Foreigner that she has talked to and then her dad came up and said that they needed to go. So they left but then 5 minutes later they came back and the dad was so nice, he was like I'm so sorry she just kept saying how pretty you were and she wanted to see you again. The little girl ran up to me and gave me a big hug and asked if I could come to her house. haha So I explained that we are teaching free English and the dad about had a heart attack. He was so happy and invited us right over the next day. We met them twice this week and we are scheduled to meet them 3 times next week. This family is so cute. The dad is an angel and he introduced us to his oldest daughter that is our same age. It was such a miracle to meet them. When we went over the first time the little girl was staring at me and was like "how can you be so pretty?" and her dad drove us home and the little girl said that she had to sit next to me! I have only met this family twice but I already love them so much. It's amazing how fast I can love these people. The Korean people have such a special place in my heart. 

English class as a family.

The last pic of the Cheonan crew together :( 


Thank you Elder for all you taught me this past transfer.

Happy together!

Last night we went to visit our ward missionary, Sister Kim. She is Cheonan mission mom. She loves the missionaries so much and takes good care of us. We had dinner with her and then shared our message. We sang "Savior, Redeemer Of My Soul" for her and the spirit was so strong. The lyrics of that song are so powerful. There is a line that talks about Christ's love.. and this week I felt the savior's love in many ways. As we shared our message, I said that because we are members of this church we have the special opportunity to recognized and feel our Savior's love. There are so many people out there that have not experienced it or don't know how it feels. That is what breaks my heart. I love the special calling to be a missionary and to do all that I can to share the Love of Christ. There are so many times that I have felt that Love and I just want to share it with everyone. Everyone deserves to be happy and feel loved. I love this gospel and I know that this gospel can provide that happiness and love. 

Doesn't get much better than this:)

I love you all and thank you so so so much for all that you do for me and the LOVE that you show me!~ I have loved every second of my mission and can't wait to see what these next few transfers has in store! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves us so much. When I was studying the Book of Mormon in my personal study I came across the story about Alma and Amulek in Alma chapter 14. Alma and Amulek were faced with a great trial and they were going to be killed. But then in verse 12 and 13 is where I found a lot of comfort.

12 "Now Amulek said unto Alma: Behold, perhaps they will burn us also."
13 "And Alma said: Be it according to the will of the Lord. But, behold, our work is not finished; therefore they burn us not."
No matter the trial or hardship that we are facing, if we have the faith like Alma and trust in the will of the Lord I know that it will all work out. Because our work is not finished. God knows all and we all have a plan. If we always trust in that plan there is nothing to fear! I love my mission and all that I have learned so far! I am always praying for you all and hope you have a great week!


Sister Tanner

Monday, July 18, 2016


WEEK 62- MONDAY JULY 18 2016


This week was full of miracles!! I have come to realize that no matter the day or week it will always be full of miracles. Our lives are full of those tender mercies and it makes it easier to get through the harder times if we rely and recognize the little things that God gives us to let us know that we are not alone and He is there right beside us. This week I felt those tender mercies and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to write them down everyday in my journal. My journal has been such a precious thing on my mission. I don't think I have missed a day writing about the tender mercies that I see throughout the day.

President & Sister Madsen 

They know how to enjoy food as much as I do

Sure love getting to know them.

I encourage anybody to write down those tender mercies that you see in your lives and when you look back on those you are so overwhelmed with God's love for you. He is there and loves each of us soo much.
Some of those tender mercies/miracles this week:

District Meeting: This week we had our district meeting but we call it our family meeting because our district is our family. I know that we are never to feel alone in this work so God sends us a district, or a companion. Without these people I don't know what I would do. I am so grateful for each one of the missionaries that I have had the opportunity to serve with. They have helped and strengthened me in ways that I can't even explain. I can't imagine not serving a mission and not meeting these people. 

Putting my artistic talents to good use. 

Just practicing for the upcoming music concert:)

YSA activity

Rita:Rita is a young mom that we met at the bank this week. I saw a baby in a stroller and it was an american baby! haha I was so surprised so I asked the mom if the dad was american and she said yeah.. and im Chinese. But she spoke fluent Korean. So we got a long right away and started talking a little bit. Then she left the bank and we were walking out of the bank a few minutes after and she was still outside of the bank so we said "hey lets go get ice cream!" she was soo happy and she took us to Baskin Robbins! She is the sweetest woman I have ever met. She just has that light. Then the next day we went to a buffet and the fountains with two member families with her. It was perfect.. she really got a long with the members and told us that she wants to come to church. She just sees this light in us and said she is so happy around us. But she is leaving for china next week for 2 months:( Its okay I know that we were suppose to meet her for a reason and when she gets home we will meet her for sure and she said she will come to church! This was such a miracle to have met her and to learn to rely on Gods timing as well. We dont know for sure what is going to happen when she gets home from China but its a time to exercise our faith and rely on what God has in store for her! 

Our sweet new friend Rita

She is gorgeous!!

Had a blast spending the day with her.

This baby's eyes.

Grandpa: This week I got two letters from my grandpa and he wrote about his family and his past in the church. Like when and where he was baptized. So I have had the feeling to continue to call him and treat him like I would treat an investigator haha. Just to always follow up with him and just tell him that I love him. Two days ago I called him when we were eating dinner and he told me that he was committing to going back to church. Sunday night I called him again to see how church was and he said "I went to church Sydney!! it's been 40 years.. and i went!" 
haha it was so cute. I am so proud of him and the effort that he is doing to get back to church. It just is a miracle alone knowing that he is a member. I had no idea that he was baptized and so just the opportunity I get to help him get active again has been such a blessing to me. I love my Grandpa and my family so much and I just want them to be happy. I don't have much time left in Korea and so I wan't to make every second count. I am so grateful for the decision to serve a mission!

Fountain fun

Oh my cute kids.

He is the coolest kid around.

I love you all so much and pray for you everyday! Thank you also for all your prayers for me and your support. I hope you all have a great week and recognize the tender mercies that Heavenly Father sends us everyday! 


태너 자매

Sunday, July 10, 2016


WEEK 61- MONDAY JULY 11 2016

I am going to try my hardest to put all my thoughts about this week into an email. This week was a really great week and I learned a lot and felt Heavenly Fathers love very strongly this week. 

President and Sister Madsen and the Northern Missionaries

Don't mind the blur. Just elder Hiatt.

Oh man, This Elder will never smile.

This week we met our New Mission President!! It was sooo much fun to meet him and his wife. There is just a new feeling to the mission.. there are going to be a lot of changes and I am a little bummed that I don't get more time with him but I am grateful for the time that I do have to end my mission with them. So this week we went to Daejeon and I got to see Sister Kim, Sister Gordon and Elder Warren and Elder Hiatt again. It could be the last time I see them before we all go home so it was a special reunion. Then when we got back to Cheonan and got to the bus terminal and it was raining SO hard so we hurry and ran into a gas station to wait out the rain. There was a boy working there and my companion was on the phone so I started talking to him and he was very interested in missionaries because he said he has seen the Elders before but didn't really know what we were doing here. So I started telling him why were are here in Korea and what missionaries do. He said he has been attending a church with his family since he was born and so he has really strong faith and was really curious about our church. Then he pointed to the Book of Mormon that I was carrying and he asked what it was and so I began to explain it and I gave him a copy. He grabbed the book and held it to his chest and said "I can really have this?" It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. This experience really strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I know without a doubt that anyone that just reads the Book of Mormon with a desire to understand it they can be converted. This book is nothing but true and it can change lives. When I saw the look on that boys face when he accepted the Book of Mormon that was God confirming to me that this is a precious book. 

The other day we were talking to the Elders and our entire district just seems exhausted and so we were trying to cheer each other up and we asked the Elder what was wrong and one of the Elders says.. I don't I just feel like I need to repent." At first when I heard him say that I was super surprised but then I thought for a second and was like... oh wait yeah so do I. haha. Sometimes when I think of Repentance I think of it having to be connected to some big Sin or problem. But yesterday at church I learned that I doesn't always have to be. We have been given the gift of repentance because we are not perfect people. We fall and make mistakes but yesterday I had a special experience during sacrament meeting. I came to really understand the importance of the sacrament and what it means to me. I am so grateful for the opportunity once a week to remember the covenants we made at baptism, and to have that clean feeling again. I think it's impossible for me to be sad or upset during the sacrament. Because I partook of the sacrament I have that fresh start each week. Because we are not perfect, we all need a fresh start every once in a while. 

I love Sundays and I love the Cheonan ward. They are so loving to me and I am truly blessed to be here. Yesterday during gospel principles class our Missionary leader taught. He is an amazing teacher and truly teaches by the spirit. He was teaching about Jesus Christ's life and mission. Then he asked a recent convert what her mission was.. and she answered back.. "Mission Impossible". Everyone laughed but then came back to the point of his question. We at times might think that this earthly mission might be "impossible" sometimes. But with patience and effort we can make this MISSION POSSIBLE. That through prayer we know that we are not on this mission alone. We have a constant companionship and a heavenly father that loves us and is watching over us. I have seen God's hand in my life constant amount of times and I know that we can make this MISSION IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE!!

For my favorite Bro at home. 

Such a lovely night

Love you all and thank you so much for your prayers and support. I felt them a lot this week and I know that I don't have much time left, neither does my companion. So we don't want to waist anytime or worry about the little things that don't matter in the long run. I love this gospel so much and so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission.


태너 자매



Renewing the Visa on Pday

Learning so much from this amazing sister.

My District in Cheonan

HEY!!~~ Happy 4th of July🎆
This week went by really fast! I have a feeling that is going to be the feeling up until I am on the plane headed back to America. It's kind of scary how fast time is going by! I wish it could slow down just a little bit.. I like being a missionary! haha 

Feeling so Gucci!!

She gave me that sweet backpack.

We saw lots of miracles this week!~ Our investigators that we have right now are Elementary School students that are a member referral. The members mom is a teacher at their school in the country part of Cheonan. So we have been working with them to teach their friends and a couple weeks ago we were able to set baptismal dates with them for this past Sunday. Every week we have been going to the country and doing FHE with them.

FHE in the country makes it all worth while.

Elders are the coolest!

This week our District leader came with us and was able to finish the baptismal interview with them both. But with one of the girls(이은서s) we weren't able to get permission from her dad yet to be baptized so she couldn't be baptized yesterday with her friend:( But with the other friend (한상은s) her dad gave us the "ok" and said "keep teaching my daughter good things". haha it was so cute. And she was able to be baptized yesterday! It was truly a miracle to see her enter the waters of baptism... twice. hahah We didn't really explain that well how to be baptized and the first time her feet went straight out of the water! Next week we are praying that her friend will be able to be baptized and get permission from her dad. Please pray that her dads heart will be opened and softened that his daughter will be able to receive baptism! The work is great here in Cheonan. I have only been here two weeks but I already really love the area and all the members and investigators so much. 

Baptism days are my fav!!

These cute friends.

She was happy!!

Sucker bouquets for the baptism.

As a district we have been focusing on LOVE this week. So I have been focusing on loving my companion and the people around me more. Elder Brown an Elder in my district shared this scripture with us yesterday after church.

Moroni 8:16
"... Behold, I speak with boldness, having authority from God; and I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear." 

Lunch with ward members.

Of course. I can't resist a cute kid.

Love this face!

When we were discussing about the work in Cheonan with our ward mission leader, he was telling us that as missionaries we have a special authority and power that other members don't have.
And this power doesn't last very long and so he just told us that we can't fear we just have to give it our all because with that power the lord will work miracles. This gave me a lot of comfort and strength because I have been feeling like I am powerless.. that my companions personality triumphs over mine and I am just getting lost in the dust.. but I have that power and If I focus on loving others and stop focusing so much on myself and my weaknesses.. that love with cast away my fears. This transfer has not been easy but I have received so much love and support since being here and I know that it is my responsibility to show that same love back. I am so imperfect and have many different weaknesses but I know God does not expect us to perfect.. He expects us to try and keep going. We are never expected to do it alone either. I love this gospel so much and the peace that it brings to my life. I love you all and thank you for the love and prayers!!~ I hope you have a wonderful week!!!


태너 자매