Sunday, November 29, 2015



First Snowfall

Staying warm like an eskimo would.... Starbucks!!

Pizza Thanks giving!

Ya we are so cute.

As I have been out on my mission for 6 months now, I still really don't know what I am doing, still don't know the language, but I do know who my Savior is. Being on a mission I have come to know my Savior and Redeemer. HE LIVES! I couldn't do this work without Him. Throughout my mission I have relied on Jesus Christ countless amounts of times. Christ is the one person that knows exactly how we feel. He truly desires nothing but our happiness!

It's cold outside.  Still smiling:)

This being the first Christmas not spent with my family, I did not know how hard it really was going to be. But I truly have come to rely on the true meaning of this Holiday.
In John 3:16-17

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

Jesus Christ was born and because of Him and only Him we can have eternal life. I can't think of anything more important than being able to live eternally with my family. This Christmas is definitely going to be a different experience than past Christmas's. We won't have a lit up tree surrounded with presents, I won't be able to have a sibling sleepover and wake up early to see what Santa had left and I won't be able to eat my mom's famous Ebilskever's on Christmas morning. But I know that this Christmas I will feel closer to my family. But most importantly I am closer to my Savior. I am here in Korea serving a mission because of Christ. I honestly still think that this is all a dream. I am actually here. I wear Jesus Christ's name across my heart every single day. People always ask us why we are so happy and always smiling, It is because of this gospel.

During this Christmas Season I hope that we all remember and appreciate the greatest gift of all gifts- the gift of our Savior and Redeemer, that we might have eternal life.

I love you all so much. Thank you for all your love and support. My family and I are extremely lucky to have such amazing family and friends! 
Merry Christmas from Korea!

메리 크리스마스

Sunday, November 22, 2015



Okay so this week was a little rough. I caught a cold and lost my voiceㅠㅠ But that hasn't stopped us from working hard and trying to find people to teach. It's really interesting how transfers are. They are this big rollercoaster... you start at the bottom and then during the middle you get to the top and then you eventually have to go back to the bottom. haha. So we were at the top with a lot of investigators and our cute little investigator getting baptized and now we gotta go back to the bottom of the rollercoaster. We don't have as many investigators right now and because I got sick we stayed in one night so that I could get some rest so that I didn't get worse. But other than that this week was a good week to end off my 3rd transfer!

I love all of Gods Children.

The message the Savior wants me to share is for everyone. I truly believe everyone needs to hear it and know there is hope for them.
I get the opportunity to tell all his children about him.
Missionary Work is my Joy!
Alma 29:9
Our investigator (YoonMiJo) 윤미조 자매님 was a referral from the Seoul South missionaries. She originally lived in Incheon and moved to our area a few months ago! She is the cutest mom and has a 5 year old daughter. I have talked about her a little before. So last night we had FHE with her and our bishops family. The family with the 7 kids. I repeat 7 kids!!! In Korea that is outrageous haha. But it was so much fun and our investigator had a really fun time! I really learned that fellowshipping investigators with members is extremely important. This work is not just for a missionary.. anybody can do missionary work! And the missionaries can't do it without the help of the members! So really if you have any opportunity to help the missionaries please do:)

Sorry this weeks letter is gonna be a little lame. I don't have much to write, everything is about the same right now but I have a really good feeling about this transfer and all that God has in store for my companion and I! I am so grateful that I get to spend another 6 weeks here! I can't wait to see my family and call Grandpa here in Korea!!! That's gonna be so exciting!!!

I hope you all have an amazing THANKSGIVING!!! EATS LOTS OF TURKEY FOR ME!!


태너 자매

Monday, November 16, 2015



HIP HIP HOORAY FOR THE 6TH MONTH MARK! Can you believe it?? I sure can't..

My darling friend. And newest member of the church. 

Families are forever.

The whole family. Love this day so much!

Okay where do I start.. This week was such a great week! We had our baptism for our investigator 한규원자매님. She is 10 years old and part of an In-active family. She is the cutest little girl in the world. I have loved teaching her, and have learned so much from her. She has the strongest testimony and love for God. Before we started teaching her, she had not been to church in a long time because of her In-active family. So she was really excited for us to come to her house and teach her every week. Her old her sister (12 years old) would listen to the lessons with her and they would ask us the cutest questions. It really strengthened my testimony by teaching these sweet daughters of Our Heavenly Father. And yesterday she was baptized!! Her Grandpa and Grandma were there. Her Grandpa's older brother was a translator for the Korean Book of Mormon. So they are really involved in the church and I was able to talk to the Grandpa for a little bit and turns out he worked with Pak Jae Am and knows him really well. It's so amazing when people know him and my family here in Korea! anyways.. our cute little investigator got baptized and was so happy when she came out of the water. Her older sister said she remembers her baptism but wants to do it again. haha it was so cute. They are amazing. They have shown their family such outstanding examples of wanting to follow Christ's example and be baptized and come to church. The family has been In-active for years now and its a miracle that we were even able to meet with them. After the baptism the Grandfather came up to me and His face of pure joy, just looked at me and said "태너 자매님 감사합니다". I will never forget the look on his face as he expressed his appreciation to us for teaching and getting his precious Granddaughter baptized. I have learned so much this transfer and we have seen some unforgettable miracles. This work is God's work and I am extremely grateful to be apart of it. 

Beyond Grateful for my companionship.

This week was a little rough for the other Sisters we are living with. So we had to go on a split twice this week to help them get some space. This past transfer I have never learned more about companionship relationship. Seeing the other sisters and what they have gone through really has made me stop and think. I am extremely grateful for the companions that I have had and my companion now. She is so supportive and if a companionship doesn't get along its impossible to feel the spirit. I have tried all that I can to help them. Earlier this week we went on a split. My old Trainer went with me to a proselyting activity in my areas ward and then my companion went with Sister Gordon to her area for an investigator lesson. It just made me so sad how different they were once they were with different sisters. Me and my trainer on our split we had so much fun and talked to everyone on our proselyting activity! We met a foreigner from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!(Little tender mercy because Dad served his mission there^-^). It was a really good time. And I was able to talk to my trainer and talk to her to see what has been going on and how to help her the best that I possibly could. She told me that anybody was lucky to have me as a companion and that I sound like a Native Korean speaker... hahahah JOKE! but it was still good to hear that from her. I just want both of them to be happy! Then yesterday after our baptism we had the other Elders of a different area come to our ward to use our Baptismal font and so the sisters came from their area to our ward and Sister Gordon was crying and she didn't look very good. So at the end of the meeting she got a priesthood blessing and went home. Then me and my companion talked to Sister Shin and sister Shin said to go on another split. So I stayed home with Sister Gordon and we just talked for 3 hours. She really has been hurting.. She's been getting sick and throwing up because of the amount of stress put on her from my trainer... its so bad. I hate to see them like this. But the new transfer is starting this week and so they will most likely get new companions and transferred! This experience has taught me a lot. That this time is so short that we can't let our pride get in the way of the Lord's work. We are here to serve and preach this gospel to God's children of Korea and that's all. I am so grateful for this gospel and all the comfort it brings in my life.
THIS CHURCH IS TRUE. and I want everyone to know that. I am so blessed to be here. 

Fall is beautiful here.


This morning in my personal study I studied the Atonement. The atonement is for each one of us, personally. There was a story about a Big Fire in America. There was one fireman running in and out of the building cradling and pulling a child out one at a time of this burning building. Then when everyone said that there were no more kids in the building, the one fireman said, "No I saw a baby cradle, I'm going back in." As soon as the Fireman disappeared into the smoke, the building came crashing down. A few hours later, the other fireman found the courageous fireman's body in the midst of ash and rubble, huddling, and cradling a perfectly unscratched, untouched child. 
The sacrifice and heroism of that Fireman is like our Savior did for us. Our Savior wants us to endure the Fire and come out unscratched and untouched. But only through the Atonement is that possible! Our Hero, our Savior, Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for each one of us and wants nothing more than for us to be happy! I love you all so much and desire each one of your happiness. I have the most amazing family and I miss you every single day.
 I got a letter from Madeline the other day and her dad told her whenever she gets homesick to step out of your apartment and look at the horizon and think to yourself.. "when am I ever going to be here again?" When am I ever going to be a missionary in Korea? never. This is the time to make it all count! I am not perfect and I have so many weaknesses. But through Christ we can do all things. WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!

Much LOVE from KOREA

태너 자매

Monday, November 9, 2015



안녕하세요 ❤
This week was a great week! We picked up 2 new investigators and the work is picking up again. It's interesting how you can have a really good couple weeks of the transfer and then a new transfer starts and then you have nothing at all and then give it another week or two and everything seems to just be falling into place. We are at that stage of everything seeming to fall into place... but.. the transfer ends in a week... haha. So thats fun! 

HOME is where the heart is.

Anyways.. You might be wondering why I titled the email "Happy Butterfly" ^^.. Well one of the new investigators that we picked up this week is an English interest for her 8 year old daughter. She is the cutest little girl ever. She loves to speak English too. So when we were teaching her she wanted to sing a song. So we taught her the "Happy Llama" song. Then she said she wanted to make up her own song. Which was "Happy Butterfly". She then went to go find some paper and a pencil then set it down in front of me and said "you are the foreigner, you write" hahahah it was the funniest thing. So I listened to the little girl and wrote down her song.. 

Butterfly song

She the perfect butterfly girl!

​Another funny experience was last night. We were proselyting around our area and I said, "Hi" to a lady that was walking in the other direction than we were going and she stop and was like "아이고 예쁘다.. (ohhhhhh pretty)" and then I said thank you and then we began to walk away because it was raining. Then we crossed the street and began to walk back towards our apartment. Then I said, "HI" to someone and it was the same lady!! She was walking with her mom and then all of a sudden she grabs my face and was like,  "mom look at her, its the girl I was talking about!!" hahah so it's just me and my companion on the side of the road in the rain with these two ladies stroking my face telling me I am so pretty. It was hilarious. So we used that to our advantage and told them who are and what we do. They weren't really interested. hahaha but really a small "hello" can open many doors!

Our cute investigators from our ward.

Since hearing of my Moms illness this past week, I have prayed for her so much and last week really worried me. So I fasted on Thursday for her and my companion wanted to do it with me. And we told the Elders in our district that we were fasting so we couldn't eat with them and a member and they said oh we want to fast for your mom as well. It honestly was the sweetest thing ever. Everyone was so supportive. Then the Elders I guess told our mission leader and he called us and told him that he put her name on the mission prayer list so the whole ward is praying for her health and the nasty rash to go away. It was such a tender mercy to see how the ward that I am serving in is so supportive and shows so much love towards me and my family whom they have never met before! :)
We pray everyday for you mama!

It's been really rainy the past couple of days and so I thought of the quote that mom sent me in the MTC...

"How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain."  Dieter F. Uchtdorf

I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary. I have learned so much in these past 5 months and I am looking forward for the 1 year that I have left to preach the Gospel in Korea! Thank you for all your support and love! Sorry that my emails are not the best! I just get really stressed out with no time and then forget everything that happened during the week! haha its quite a problem. But can't wait to skype for Christmas!! It's coming so fast~!!! Love you all!! 
태너 자매

Monday, November 2, 2015



Me after blowing up 100 balloons

balloons everywhere

I'm the good witch!

Halloween party hostesses

proud of our jack-o-lanturn poster

Bishops son

lady who we had baptism for last week and her sweet daughter

Mary Choi. the Filipino lady living in Korea.

I don't have too much time to write a big email! This week was a fun week! We spent most of our time getting ready for the Halloween party! It was a huge success! A lot of our investigators came and their kids had so much fun with all the games and the haunted house! Halloween is not a big holiday over here in Korea so we made it a big holiday!! haha it was a blast!! It was so amazing how much time we spent and such a relief that it all worked out the way we planned it! I love this ward that we are serving in. They helped the missionaries so much to truly make it the best party ever. Our investigators were able to come and get along with the members, such a blessing. We had one of our investigators come that was a referral from the Seoul missionaries. We met her once and she didn't really have interest in meeting 1 on 1 but just had interest in the English Class. But today she texted us and said the Party was so fun and her little daughter loved it and she wants to start the lessons again!! Such a miracle! So yes the big thing that happened this week was the Halloween party! ohhh.... and also...

The less active family, their 10 year old daughter is getting baptized in 2 weeks!!! We are so extremely excited for her and for her family to start coming back to church and feeling the blessings that come from church. Our little investigator is so excited about her baptismal and it is always so fun to teach her! She pays attention so well and answers our questions so cute. I am so grateful for all the members helping us and my companion that we were able to see this miracle!
I love this ward and area. I have learned so much from the members and everyone here.

I hope you all had a fun Halloween and got lots of candy!!!
sorry for the short email this week!!! I am praying for you all! Miss you!!! xoxo

Sister Tanner