Monday, January 25, 2016

20th BIRTHDAY in KOREA!!!~~


Sisters in the City

LOVE this book!

Yes, we are happy together!

Colonel Sanders loves Jesus too!

I love you all so much!!! Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes!! It was a cake-filled Birthday that's for sure!! But really it was the best day. I really felt the love from all of you at home and everyone here in Korea.
First it started on Tuesday, in our district meeting the Elders made this massive Icecream, Chocopie cake drizzled in chocolate syrup for me. Then that same night the other sisters we live with said they had to run outside and meet an investigator but then came back with the cutest strawberry cake for me because they know I love strawberries.^^ 

Chocopie cake from the elders

This is how the elders do cake

Strawberry cake from my sister roomies

So yummy!

 Then on my Birthday, I opened up the birthday packages from everyone. Thank you all so much!! I loved it all. Sister Kim also sent me something. She is the cutest, I miss her so much:( Then after that the zone leader called and told my companion and I that we needed to share a miracle about our week last week over conference call with our zone and I would have to do it in Korean. haha so that was a little stressful but then the whole zone sang happy birthday to me. After the call our Elders called and sang and then Sister Kim called and I got to talk to her for a little bit and catch up! After we went to our appointment with the Moms and kids that we teach english. They came with a cake and they bought me cute socks. It was the nicest thing because I have only known them really for 1 week and they show me so much love. I truly love the people of Korea so much. 

My newest friends in Suncheon

More cake

such a cutie!

Then after our appointment we met with our investigator "Yoonha kim". She told us that she was going to Seoul for school next week so we can't meet with her anymore:(
(that was the best bday present...not) hahah no but we told her to call us whenever she has time and we would love to meet with her again! She told us she doesn't want to go, she just wants to stay in Suncheon so she can meet with us! haha that was so good to hear! Then we went to dinner with the other sisters. We went to a Korean Food Buffet.... IT WAS DELICIOUS!! just picture all the korean food you can possibly eat in one restaraunt.. yes korean food paradise right there!! Then we ended the night at the Gym.

Birthday Dinner Buffet Style

Gym Mirror Selfie with my Sisters.

 The Elders investigator signed us missionaries up to teach an English class in the gym every night. It was really fun they sang again for me and we played games!! Overral it was the best birthday. I cant believe I am 20 years old. but in korea I actually am already 22 so i guess its not that different! Thank you again for all the birthday wishes!!!! I had an amazing day because of you all. This week was great as well. We are planning a Polynesian party for this weekend so a lot of our time is going into that to make this the best party that this Suncheon Branch has ever seen! The Tongan and Samoan sisters I am living with are making me dance with them.... if anyone knows me, they know that I can't dance... hahaha please pray for me~~

Party Planning is in full force. I'm learning to Hula for this Grand Event.

Anyways I will let you know how that goes next week and send lots of videos and pictures!!! Always remember how much I love you and praying for each one of you! But most importantly how much your Father in Heaven loves each one of you!! Talk to you next week!!!

Thank you again for all the birthday wishes!!!!


Monday, January 18, 2016



Family is everything to her.

Happy 20th Birthday Sydney L. Tanner

I don't even know where to start this email, to try and put this week into a short email might be a little difficult but I will try! 

I've had God's love constantly throughout this week. There were miracle after miracles this week. I don't know what even happened....

So it all started at the beginning of last week where we had no investigators and so we spent a lot of our time trying to find people and putting up English Advertisements. All last week we were able to get a lot of calls from the advertisements and set up a lot of appointments for the following week. So, we were praying really hard that they wouldn't fall through and we would be able to still meet them. The week started and everything seemed to just work out perfectly. Everyone wanted to still meet and then they wanted to meet more than once during the week too!
As a District we were thinking of ways to help find investigators and make our English class better. We decided to start a new English Class. Throughout the week we did a bunch of proselyting activities and handed out our number so that we could get a lot of new people to come to our class. We had so many people call and were interested! When we were putting our english advertisements up around the town a man stopped and was like "oh free english?!" so he took an advertisement and walked away. Then when the english class was about to start, that same man walked in with his wife and little son!!! That was the biggest miracle. And my companion and I were in charge of teaching the beginner level of English so we taught the little kids. It was the funnest time ever. I might consider teaching English like that for a major when I get home... ah its just crazy how everything seems to just be falling into place in a matter of 1 week.
Another unexpected miracle was we were meeting this one lady and her 10 year old son because she wants him to learn english and she doesn't really have that much gospel interest and so it was kind of hard to teach both. So we brought the elders with us to teach the son English and we would focus on the mom to teach her the gospel. While we were there, there was another little girl running around us, so interested that we were foreigners. So she sat down next to us and her mom was like oh im sorry and then we started talking to the mom and we are now meeting the mom 3 times a week, starting next week. And the mom has been to our church before, one of her best friends is a member but moved to Seoul and when she moved she hasn't really had any other contact with our church since!

When I came here I had a really hard time in the beginning and was a little nervous. But as I put my fears away and took this as an opportunity to learn and grow. I've truly come to understand my purpose in doing this work.We had absolutely zero investigators now we have 8!!! like what just happened!!! I have never experienced anything like this before! I really feel like I am doing missionary work now and it makes me so happy! I prayed so hard and was really worried about everything coming to this new area but, God has blessed us way more than I could ever imagine! I lOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!!
My companion is so great, all the sisters are so cute! They told me yesterday they want to be just like me hahah. it was the cutest thing ever. Before I came they didn't feel like they were doing real missionary work but they said as soon as I came it all changed. I really appreciated those words and made me realize that I am SUPPOSE to be here. Everything is going great and we are just working really hard to help all of these people to progress towards baptism!

 I can't put into words the joy that you get from missionary work. Its an undescribable feeling sharing this gospel! I love you all and thank you for all the Birthday wishes!!! I know that I will have the best Birthday ever!! 

Korea had No idea what Goodness was heading their way.

 HBD Sister Tanner!!

sorry this email was all over the place! I have no time but so much to write!! I will continue next week!! Have a great week!! love you all!!! 


태너 자매

Monday, January 11, 2016




안녕하세요!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW what a week! We made it through our first full week of the new transfer here in Suncheon. It really is a good area and I know that there is a lot of work to do here and many miracles in store.

So this week we spent a lot of our time out trying to find people to teach. When I got here they had no investigators and my companion was going into her second transfer so she doesnt really know whats going on. It was a little struggle getting the hang of things but I know it will take some time until we feel comfortable in the area. This week we went and advertized our FREE english class and 1:1 english program. Throughout this whole week we recieved 15 numbers! I was always on the phone explaining our english program this week! It was truly a miracle! So we are praying really hard that this week we will be able to meet all of them. In Korea right now there is school vacation and it ends in February so right now all the students have so much time on their hands. SO the majority that called us were Girl Students.. *PERFECT* but that means we have to work really hard and fast!

Must be our Cute advertising flyer;)

This week we also had the craziest day. On Thursday we were planning on meeting this 2 students and they were coming to the church. They were known for cancelling their appointment right before and so it came time and they weren't answering their phone. Then all of a sudden, another number called and said, "I am coming to the church can you meet now?" So I was like woah... that never happens. YES COME! Then after I told her to come the student girls called and said they are almost to the church!!!!!!!!! ahahhah the most stressful thing ever. Two people were coming at the same time. Then the biggest miracle. The Elders show up to the church because they ran out of English advertisements. SO they were able to help us out and pick up on the appointments. So we were able to meet them all!

Star Wars in full force here in Korea.

Just a Selfie with my Companion

The City on Suncheon.

Friday we had Zone Conference! It was a really good meeting. The mission is really focussing out how to be Consecrated Missionaries and work really hard for President Shin because he only has 6 more months as Mission President. But as we were coming to Zone Conference, we got off the bus and I noticed I left my Book of Mormon. But luckily the front desk had it! Then we went to the meeting and president is so funny. He wanted to read something then he asked "oh who has a good voice?..." then points to me and makes me read it. hahah
Then we got something to eat and made the travel back to our area. When we got off that bus I noticed that I didn't have my planner!!!!!!!! I left it on the bus!!!!!! My planner that had all these numbers and addresses and appointments written down in it from all the calls that we had this week. So that was really great.. hah God was really testing me there to see if I could keep it together and handle the stress. ㅎㅎ Don't worry its ALL GOOD. I am grateful for the hard times because they make us work hard and we learn from those experiences. If things aren't hard we will never grow! I am so grateful for this experiece here in Suncheon. I might not know why I am here right now but I know that there is something/someone waiting here for us! Everyday is a new day full of unexpected opportunities! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.

Funny Story:
You all know that I am known for sleep talking.... yeah guess what...? I sleep talk in KOREAN!!! and sleep sing now... hahah.
Before leaving Yeousung, Sister Gordon told me that she woke up in the middle of the night because I was singing in my sleep and she was laughing so hard that it woke up the other sisters, everyone but me. So all the sisters are just awake and watching me sing in my sleep^^
Then here in Suncheon, cute Sister Faanunu said that she heard me talking in my sleep the other night but she didn't know what I was saying because it was in Korean!!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!
사랑해요 ❤❤

Sunday, January 3, 2016

MADE IT THROUGH MY 1ST TRANSFER!(and only cried a little bit) Haha!!


I Love Suncheon.

Suncheon is near the bay.

안녕하세요!!!! Well this was a really long week!!! But we made it!! Thank you so much for all your prayers. I could really feel them. I received a lot of peace and strength through this new transfer! 

So it started off packing all week after we got the transfer calls. Then we had a lot of dinners and lunches with members and investigators to say goodbye to them:( It was the hardest thing saying goodbye to my first area! I didn't imagine it being that hard!! But we had the elders baptism on Wednesday! And the cool part is that as a mission we were trying to achieve a goal of 200 baptisms for the year of 2015. And as of the week before we had 199!! And when we went to go visit a member the week before, she had a less active member and her son come over too for dinner with us. The less active's son has been taking the missionary lessons but didn't want to get baptized yet until 2016.. SO out of nowhere at this dinner, his mom asked him if he would want to be the 200th baptism of 2015 and he said YES! hahah so we had a very spontaneous baptism on Wednesday and that is where I was able to say goodbye to a lot of the members! I really am going to miss them!! 

These people have changed my life!

saying goodbye to my ward in Yeousung:(

Transfer Day!!! We went to the mission home for the transfer meeting and I met another sister that I was travelling with. Then we got lunch with Sister Kim and her new companion, then headed off to our new area! It was an hour and a half bus ride to a bus terminal where I met Sister Teekiu, then another hour to our area! We traveled all day!! But we finally arrived!

MY New companion here in Suncheon. Sister Teekiu From Tonga

My roomies are Samoan and Tongan.

How blessed I am!

We have a lot of work to do here!

The next day we met some Less Actives and they showed me the area a little bit. Its a really fun area. The people are nice and they really compliment our Korean all the time! My companion is honestly an Angel. She wants to do missionary work but I think the Language and how she was trained has been holding her back! So I am excited to be with her this transfer and to really help her become the missionary that she wants to become! I am grateful for this opportunity. Before I was really nervous and quite scared to be taking on this responsibility, but because of this I know I will learn more than I have before. I know that I should never be afraid, the Lord knows exactly what we are feeling and he knows what we are capable of! I just need to have faith that I can do it! I know I won't be able to do it alone, but I know I am not alone! 

Finn and Jake gives me so much joy even in Korea!

sailing away to my new adventure in Suncheon

Haha!! Love that monkey!

Sorry I have so much to tell and write but no time at all!! And when I get on the computer I just forget everything!! ahah
But just know that everything is going well! Its going to take sometime to kick into gear and get used to things! But we are learning as we go! Thank you for your prayers and support!!! Double the prayers are coming your way from KOREA!!! love you all!!!


태너 자매