Sunday, April 24, 2016


WEEK 50- MONDAY APRIL 25, 2016

HELLO!~~~ I don't even know where to start with this email right now. This week was so crazy and I am not really sure how to even put it into words.. but I will try my best.

These kids are the coolest!

Just doing the Lords work. Clipping her fingernails

Love this little grandma of ours.

First things first... The most unforgettable day of my mission so far...

On tuesday right after District meeting we got a call from a Recent Convert that was baptized sometime last year, but she moved to a different area so she no longer lives in Suncheon. So we hardly get to meet her. She is Chinese and came to korea and married a korean man but the korean man was terrible to her so they got a divorce and now she has another boyfriend, but is pregnant now.. yeah its kind of a mess.. but anyways.... She called us right after district meeting and said that she was coming to Suncheon and wanted to take us out to lunch because we hadn't seen her for a while. So she picked us up and we went to a Chinese restaraunt in the area. All the workers in the restaraunt were chinese and didn't really know any korean so, it was just Sister Faanunu and I just chillin eating food while they talked in Chinese. Then all of a sudden our friend looks at us like she just saw a ghost and starts screaming.. It was the scariest thing. She falls to the ground and starts shaking. We think she was having a seizure. So... the restaraunt workers hurry and grab her and put something in her mouth so that she doesn't hurt herself and they start yelling at us in Chinese!!!! we have no idea what to do at this point. So, I hurry and grab our phone and call their "911", its actually just "119" in korea. I hurry and call and in my broken and panicky korean trying to explain where we are and what is happening. I wasn't sure if they even understood me but then a few minutes past and we heard the sirens in the distant. I prayed so hard that they understood me and would come really fast. God answers prayers!! Then the ambulance came and put her in the car then they said "who called the ambulance" so I raised my hand and they said "Okay get in the car!!" Sister Faanunu and I jump in the ambulance and they drive us to the hospital. Oh man I can't explain to you how stressful that entire experience was. As we were driving to the hospital I was sitting up in front with the driver and he was trying to calm me down and say everything is okay, you did a good job. And so, then to calm my nerves I start to talk to him about the church and why we are here and how we are missionaries. haha. He begins to tell me about how he has heard about our church before and has been once. I was so surprised to hear that he had been so I tried to ask him a little bit more but then something happened in the back with our friend so we couldn't finish our conversation....  Then we got to the hospital and they roll her into the emergency room and at this point she has calmed down a little bit and is a little more responsive so we knew that she was going to be okay. We stayed at the hospital with her until her Mom came and took over. I will never forget this experience.. haha I know now that I can call an ambulance in korean, I will probably never eat that chinese food again, and I am determined to find that ambulance driver again and invite him to come back to our church.^^

With my home girl Faanunu.

Then after that experience we were a little shakin up, so we went to Mcdonalds and got some ice cream and just calmed down for a second. Then we got home and started our fast because as a district we decided to fast for some new investigators. As we started our fast my companion and I decided to try praying infront of the area map to see where we needed to go because for the rest of the day we didnt have any appointments so it was a time set just for some proselyting. As we prayed at the map we both recieved the same revelation to go to a certain area then we prayed again and again as we make our way to that area. We were able to see so many little miracles and talked to a lot of people. One girl we were able to meet later this week and talk a little bit more about our message. It was a truly big testimony builder about relying on the Lord and the spirit in every little direction we took. I know that we are not alone in this work. The spirit is guiding us throughout each little part. 

I just attract the kids everywhere I go. 

These cuties from the park

Last but not least our Mongolian investigator!! Everything is going really well with her. We were able to have a lesson with her this week and the spirit was so strong. When we were reviewing baptism again she said something to her daughter in mongolian and then her daughter translated it to us and said her mom said "I want to be baptized". hah IT was amazing we were so excited that she really has the desire herself to be baptized. Then as we came to the end of the lesson we were talking with her daughter that is the less active in our branch and she was saying that she talked to her little brother that served a mission in Mongolian and talked to him about their mom's baptism, And the brother was so excited and happy~! I guess they have been trying for years to get their mom baptized and they just told us they are so grateful for us but we told them we are doing nothing! Then our less active said that working together to teach her mom has given her the desire to do missionary work and she has an older sister that is not a member and she wants to start talking to her more about the church. It has been such an amazing experience to meet this family and be apart of their conversion. I will always remember my time spent with them. It is always the happiest time when we are with them.
Our less active was able to come to church yesterday with her kids.. they havent been able to lately because she works on sundays and so it was so good to see them there. I am looking forward to these next couple weeks as we finish the lessons and get her ready for her baptism in May. 

 LDS chapel in Suncheon

Well that is all I can recollect right now of this crazy memorable week. All is well here in Suncheon. I love it so much and am just finding more and more happiness everyday while serving a mission in Korea. Grandpa is coming to Suncheon today and I really just can't believe its happening and so fast. But I know that this is all part of my plan. I was called to korea for a specific reason. I love my calling and I can't thank God enough for sending me here. This experience I will treasure the rest of my life. I love you all and thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I am so glad to hear everything at home is going well. I am always always always praying for you~ have an amazing week! xoxo

ME and my Grandpa Park. (all the details coming next week)


Sister Tanner

Monday, April 18, 2016



This week was a great week here in Suncheon. I really love this area so much. I just laugh at myself and think back to when President told me that I was transferring to Suncheon and how worried I was and how much I cried.. haha thats nothing new.. I always cry. But still. It has been a huge testimony builder to me to always just trust in what the Lord has in store for us. We might not understand right at that moment but give it some time it all starts to just fall in to place. I will always remember my time in Suncheon and all the amazing people that I have met here that have forever changed my life. 

Suncheon has my heart.

This week we were able to meet with our sweet Mongolian sister and have a lesson with her. She is so prepared but due to the language barrier we thought it would be best to take things a little slower. So we set the date for May 15 for her baptism. We are really excited for her and her family. This family is one of a kind and I am so grateful that I get to be a small part of this family's journey to return back to our Heavenly Father. We can't communicate like a normal investigator in Korean or English.. but I have also come to know that language is not all that important sometimes. What is most important is LOVE. We can change a persons view on our church just buy them seeing the way that we live the gospel and how we LOVE. At times when I get frustrated with the language and I feel like I just am not progressing, I always just smile really big and find someone on the street that needs our service. Service through love often doesn't need talking. Just a big smile and that's it. I love having the opportunity to serve my brothers and sisters of Korea. They are so special to me and these people have changed my life forever. 

You remember our cute Grandma that we always visit, Right? So we went over to her house last night. She always makes me laugh so hard ahha. its always just a joy to go and visit her. We walked into her house and she said that she was going to feed us and we never really like to eat her food because you know its grandma food and not very good. haha so we were like "ohh we already ate.." and she was soooo mad, shes like "HEY I tell you to come hungry when you come to my house.. why you never listen?" hah. so we sat down and piled in as much of her food as we could that looked edible.. the rest we wrapped in toilet paper and stuffed in our backpacks.^^ Then we gave her these cooling pack things that you put on your back when it is sore and so we gave those to her and then my companion pulls out her lotion from her backpack and starts rubbing it on her hands then gives some to me and the grandma. Then she asked our grandma if she wanted to keep the lotion. Our cute little grandma just started crying.. she was so grateful that we came over that night and wanted to visit her.. plus buying her back stuff and giving her lotion. I have never seen her emotional like that before. Then she said to us, "if you two leave I am not going to church"..
Ya... we are still working on that. 

My Sweet Grandma friend.

I Love you all and I love this work, I love Suncheon but most importantly I love my Savior and He loves each of one us. Everything is possible because of Jesus Christ. We owe it all to him and just my year and a half service cant repay him for all that he has done for me but I am grateful for the opportunity that I do have to forget myself and go to work in this great cause! Thank you again for all the support and love!

태너 자매

Monday, April 11, 2016




This week was a great week, a pretty normal week, nothing tooooo exciting happened but we did get to watch CONFERENCE finally!! It was so good!! Ah I dont know if it is just because i am a missionary, but I can sit and listen to 10 hours of talks and not even get sleepy. hahah. My eyes are just glued to the TV watching our living Prophet and Apostles bear their extremely strong testimonies of this gospel, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Its so awesome!! 


Some of things that really stood out to me was that a big theme of the Conference was just the simple principle that we are God's Children. He loves us so much and wants us to be happy and return to Him. And if we always remember that we are A CHILD OF GOD, we can do it! We can overcome our challenges and trials. We have the knowledge of the bigger picture. God does not want us to fail, He sent His Son to be a Savior for us. Jesus Christ is with us every step of the way.. or even lifting us up and putting us on His shoulders and carry us the way. 

Our AP trainer. Sister Oh.

Training lunch

This is the foodie life.

I loved our beloved Prophet's short but powerful words. Our choices are so important. They determine our destiny. But because God loves us he gives us the ability to choose. But because we are not along we can choose the right and be on the right path to Eternal Life with our Father in Heaven.

Speaking of FATHERS... D. Todd Christofferson's talk is what made the waterworks start. haha. Just like the last conference when Jeffery R. Holland talked about MOTHERS. (I must miss my parents or something)... haha anyways when he was testifying of the role and power of a Father, I couldnt help but think of my Dad. He has filled that important role in my life and I don't know where I would be without my dad. Fathers are a sense of protection and safety. It's true. Dad was the one that would always answer to the scream.. "KILL THE SPIDER, KILL IT!!", always be willing to help me in anyway if it didn't have to do with BOYS.. haha Throughout this talk I thought about my dad but also my grandpa and how because of him, my dad is the dad he is today. I feel my grandpa's presence and support everyday throughout my missionary work. And because of this missionary work my mom will be able to meet her real dad here in Korea. How great of a blessing is that? I love this gospel and the sweet knowledge of eternal families. We are not in this alone and we have been given our families to endure this life and be able to return to our heavenly family together for eternity. I just love teaching that principle to people in Korea with a big smile on my face telling them that they will live eternally with their families.

No matter how hard life gets, no matter how hard I think this work is in Korea, or I feel like no one is listening to our message, no one will let us mutter out any of our broken korean.. haha. We have a heaven above us that is watching over us and chearing us on! We are never in this alone, even if we may feel that way sometime. I am so grateful for General Conference and the opportunity to be at the feet of Apostolic authority and hear the words of God through them.
WE CAN DO IT! I love you all and hope we all continue to remember the words we felt and heard in Conference. To always strive to improve and love everyone!

My favorite Grandma here.

She does love me. I promise:)

~~~태너 자매선교사

Sunday, April 3, 2016



Oh I miss the beach.

안녕하세요!! Well I dont really know where to start!! But this week was full of miracles!
We started the week off on Pday and went hiking to a look out spot here in Suncheon. It was so fun to get out and explore the area that we are serving in.  

peace out... going into the jungle. haha!!

stairway to heaven.

We're free as a bird in our jeans;)

The view is stunning from up here.

Look out point. 

Chasing waterfalls

Love this life of mine.

Throughout this week we continued to meet the family we are teaching and they are doing really well. Still haven't come to church yet, but we are working really hard on that. 

Then president contacted us and said that the Traveling Sister Training Leader was coming to stay with us for a week. It has been a really good week to learn from her experiences because she finishes her mission next week. So she has lots of experience and has shown us a really amazing example to follow and how to be consecrated missionaries. I'm grateful that she was able to come and stay with us for a little bit, so that we know what we need to work on to be better. With her help we were able to talk to lots of people and really "open our mouths". She makes it look so easy.. but let it be known.. she is korean and knows this language haha. Anyways... 

I love spring in Korea

the cherry blossom are in full bloom.


On Friday we had English Class but no one showed up so we had to think of something else that we could do in that time. We had the thought of calling the Mongolian Less active (Sister Soohee) that I talked about in my emails a couple weeks ago. So I gave her a call and she said to come on over. We went over and her husband and mom was there. Her husband is a korean man and he doesn;'t like religion or anything to do with church. That is why Soohee hasn't been able to come to church, thus leading her to be less active. So its been a huge miracle that we have even been given the opportunity to meet her again. So we went over and I was so surprised to see the husband there and I was expecting him to be really mean to us and not want us there. but he sat down next to us and started talking to us and asking questions about where we are from. I was not expecting that all.. but thats not it. SooHee's mom came here from Mongolia not too long ago and is planning on staying here in Korea until next year to help with the little kids. While we were visiting with the family we started talking to the little boy about being baptized because he is not baptism age. He said he wanted to, but then all of a sudden remembered something scary that happened with his dad and water and then didn't want to be baptized anymore haha. so as we tried to calm him down, Soohee was talking to her mom about be baptized as well and her mom said she wants to!! So we started teaching her about baptism with translation help from her daughter. Her mom does not know korean or english.. hahah so its all through translation. But after we taught about baptism we were able to set her baptismal date for the 17th of this month!!! It was the biggest miracle and I have never felt so much joy than when she agreed to be baptized. Soohee was smiling so big because her siblings and her have been talking and praying about her mom being baptized for years. Soohee's younger siblings both served missions in Mongolia and are strong members. Soohee was so confused why we called randomly and wanted to visit that night but she now knew that it was an answer to her family's prayers to set a date for her mom to finally be baptized. This is so amazing.. my heart was just pounding so fast because I was so happy to see Soohee so happy that her mom was heading on the path to follow Jesus Christ and that after this life they will be able to enjoy the blessing of an Eternal Family. There honestly is no greater joy than this. I love this gospel so much and being a missionary. I love the Suncheon area and every minute of my mission so far! I will always remember this time for the rest of my life and there is honestly no regret to the decision to serve a mission. 

Suncheon in Spring.

Sorry I don't have much more time to write all that I want to but I love you all and do all you can to share this gospel. Everyone is a missionary with or without a nametag. I know that we can find sooooooooooooo much joy through sharing this gospel. Love you all!! Have an amazing week!!


태너 자매