Sunday, February 28, 2016



HELLLOOO!!! Happy Pday!!! This week was a good week and little rough but we made it! The trio is pushing a long here in Suncheon and working really hard to see some miracles. 


SO much Love for my Tongan Sisters

Adventures in Suncheon

This week we got a call from a girl that said she served in Suncheon 6 years ago and said she was coming back to visit some of her converts and members. So she said she wanted us to come with her. So this week we met her and went to visit a few of her converts. It was such an amazing opportunity to see her come back to an area years later and still have that strong connection with these people. I want to have that so bad. Where after being home for years, I still can come back anytime and these people are like family to me. I love the korean people with all my heart. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here. 

Like the 711

Pink Hyundai Bus

Suncheon Bay

We are also helping a Sister in our Branch prepare for her mission. We met with her last night and went through her entire packet of mission stuff that she needs to do. It made me really look back to when I was preparing for my mission and how exciting and fun it was, but also how hard Satan works on us to do all he can to prevent us from serving a mission. It makes me so excited for her and that she is starting this journey, where I was in her position not too long ago but also my mission journey is half way over. That time is really going by like a blink of an eye and that every minute counts. I have learned a lot this week and am so grateful for my companions and all that they have taught me. They are extremely strong and hard workers! I know that as we exercise our faith we will be able to see a lot of miracles here in Suncheon. 

New Friends and smoothies are a perfect combination.

I dont have much to write this week, nothing too exciting happened. but I do have a funny story to share.....
So you know about our free gym. We went there the other night just to talk to the workers and we teach an english class there sometimes. The workers are so funny and potential investigators too. We haven't been to the gym for a while so when the workers saw us they were so happy. There is this one worker named "Atom" that is his english name. When we walked into the gym he saw us and ran up to us and gave me this BIG hug... hahah. I didn't know what to do.. the Elders were laughing so hard and my face just turned bright red haha. As a sister missionary of course you dont expect random boys trying to hold your hand or giving you a big hug.. thats for sure. hahah

Wings are everywhere here in Korea.

Korean Art is fun 

and funny...

and cute...

Then last night we were taking the sacrament with the Elders to a less active. We visit their family every week and so we went this time with the Elders and was able to be there when they blessed the sacrament and give it to her. That was a cool experience too. But as they were about to bless the bread they needed my pass off book with the sacrament prayer in it and so I stood up and as I stood up my foot slipped on the floor and made a "fart" noise... hahahah. Of course the Elders had to go and make a big deal about it in front of the members... ugh and they havent let it go since...hahah!!  please pray for me!

Yup!! They belong to me.

They tease me to death.

Package from My Grandpa Pak

The kids here melt my heart.

My favorite Grandma member. She spoils us.

Love you all!!!! I am always praying for you and hope you have the best week ever!!
태너 자매 ❤

Sunday, February 21, 2016



안녕하세요 네 사랑하는 가족과친구들~~~~~~~ 

There is beauty in the city

I just love the view.

This week was a week full of revelation, the spirit and some magic... First off, this week we had the opportunity to have another MISSION TOUR!!! Elder Whiting from the Seventy came to speak to our mission! I love Mission Tours. The Apostles know exactly what we need at this time to reach our full potential as Christ's representatives. I learned a lot this week and really want to strive to reach that potential. Here are a few things that really stood out to me during that meeting.

Elder Whiting really emphasized not only the time now but the time after a mission. That in the long run our decisions to serve missions will not only benefit the people we serve right now in Korea, but will impact our lives after the mission. We will become better wives and mothers because of our experiences serving as a missionary. I loved hearing that because it is so true, because of our short service now, it will impact our lives for the better for years and years to come. So if any one is thinking about serving a mission. DO IT!! Don't look back just DO IT. You wont ever regret your choice to serve a mission!!

"This is the most carefree time of your life to just think about Christ."
Elder Whiting gave us a Q&A time to ask him any question. An Elder stood up and asked how he has been wondering how to always remember Christ. No matter what he is doing through out the day, and how to always keep focus on Jesus Christ. Elder Whiting's answer was to always be in the state of prayer. The amazing thing about prayer is that you can do it whenever, wherever. So when we are always in the state of prayer, a prayer always in our heart we will be able to remember our Savior.

The indicator of Success:
Elder Whiting made it clear that is it important not to recognize and measure success by the number of baptisms. The indicator of success is inviting as many people to come unto Christ. We must invite as many people to come unto Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost. And when we know that we have done our part, we will know that we have been a successful missionary.

Sister Trio companionships are beautiful.

Then Elder Whiting took some time to just talk to the Sisters. He said that he loves all the missionaries but he has a special love for the Sister Missionaries. He told us that he finds a common barrier that often keeps Sisters from progressing... Discouragement. It takes our natural abilities and makes us turn inward. When we don't do things perfectly, we tend to give up and think we are weak. When Elders they don't care and don't remember what even happened the next day.. haha. But we dwell on it and it eventually tears us down. But It is okay if it is hard. We are suppose to stretch and grow. It is okay to have hard experiences . It is not okay to get stuck and stop ourselves from progressing. We cant let Satan pull us down.

"Embarrassed feelings are effects of the Natural Man." I know that once we lose ourselves, it is a lot easier to not feel ashamed or embarrassed. This is not about ME. We are Christ's representatives, this mission is not about me. Even when its Hot or freezing COLD, I should not care. Because I have only one thing to do, to REPRESENT CHRIST.

"You can be different today, you can change!"
I am so grateful for this mission tour and all of the inspired revelation that we were able to recieve! I know that this gospel is true and I want nothing else to do that represent Christ to the best of my ability!

We are his Army.

the streets we walk

It was LOVE at first sight...

This week was such a great week. We are still trying to find God's prepared children here in Suncheon. I have a funny story though...
We were coming home from the mission tour in Gwangju. Its about an hour away from our area so we have to catch a bus at the terminal. So when we were traveling home, we had assigned seats and 17 year old boy sat next to me. After coming from this mission tour we of course were hyped on the spirit and were ready to talk to anybody. So I was eating a korean snack and offered one to the boy next to me. He then said "thank you" and I replied in korean and he was so surprised that I could speak korean. So we got talking about why I was here and what missionaries are doing here. I was able to give him and book of mormon and testify to him about it. Then he turns to me and asks if i want to see some magic tricks... haha he pulls out his deck of cards and uses the book of mormon as his playing table... haha. Let me remind you.. this is an hour bus ride of these magic tricks. Then we got talking about the gospel again.. OK NOW WAIT FOR IT... just randomly he looks at my hand and says.. "oh your hand is so small.." THEN GRABS MY HAND AND TRIES TO HOLD IT!!! I REPEAT... this highschool boy is trying to hold a sister missionaries hand on the bus!!! SOS!!! hahaha I did not even know what to do... It was so awkward!!! #SorryMisterImASister 

My buddy Finn seems to follow me everywhere

What time is it??


Always ready on Transfer day;)

Peace out!

hahah I love and miss you all!! hope you had an amazing week!! Always remember that you have prayers coming your way from Korea!!!

사랑해요!!!! ❤

태너 자매

Sunday, February 14, 2016



안녕하세요!!!! ^^
We have officially passed the halfway mark hump!!! Can't believe it! I made it through my first transfer here in Suncheon and we are starting another one! The last transfer was full of miracles and I know this next one we will see many more. Sister Peseta (Samoan sister) was transferred to my first area! She will love it there, and president kept us sisters here. So now I am in a trio with the 2 Tongan Sisters.. just call me MAMA TONGA!!^^ haha I love it. They are the best sisters ever. We will have so much fun this transfer and learn a lot from eachother. This week was crayzy because of the Korean New Year Holiday and transfers. So nobody was on the streets or could meet with us. and we had to send Sister Peseta off to the train station at like 4 in the morning this week, and trying to figure out how to work in a Trio. Its been quite and exhausting week. We have really no investigators right now and our investigators that we did have they all of a sudden can't or don't want to meet anymore. But we haven't given up!! This weekend we have experience some amazing miracles that really have testified to me that God is watching over us every second. He knows what we need and puts in our path a miracle as long as we are being obedient and willing to follow the promptings of the spirit. Everything just falls into place! 

Missionary work in a nutshell

This Saturday we had absolutely no appointments and so we were at loss of what to and how to use our time effectively. So we took the open time to go throught the old investigator books and try and visit their homes. But we had no luck for hours. Then we went home for dinner and then went to the bus stop to catch our bus so we could go to the church for our Misionary Meeting with our Missionary Leader. As we were waiting at the bus the Elders called and said that the meeting was cancelled so we let the bus pass. Then we were talking at the bus stop to see what we could do until it was time to go home and then our miracle came and sat next to us at the bus stop. She was a 26 year old girl coming back from the library and on her way to work. We got talking to her and she was so nice! I couldn't really even believe that she was wanting to talk to us after a full day of rejection! Then the bus came and we all got on, and I was able to get her number just incase we were getting off different stops. Then she tapped me and said to come sit by her. She said that she didn't have to go to work for another hour so she said she wanted to take us to a Cafe and talk for a little bit. It was so amazing. haha it also was pouring rain so we did not want to be outside walking around. We then went to the cafe and just talked about everything. She was so interested in why we are here and what we are doing. She was definitely an answer to our prayers.

The next day we had a Branch conference. All the branches came to Suncheon for this conference. President and Sister Shin also were there to speak. It was a really amazing spirtual filled sabbath day. After church we went home to eat, after we went out side to hang up english advertisements. The weather was really nice earlier this week but all of a suddent got SUPER COLD again!!! so we were in pain all day just walking around in the freezing cold weather. Then the elders called us and said walk to the church and we will do an Proselyting activity.. I say walk to church because our MSF funds didn't come in until today so the other sisters had no bus card so we walked over there. Then we got to the church and did the activity. Because it was so cold nobody really wanted to talk, we then decided to pack it up and head back home. As we were waiting for the bus to come, the elders caught their bus and we continued to wait. Then another miracle decided to show up. 2 high school student girls came up to us and started to speak english.. they said.. "welcome to the Koreas" hahah. so cute! we started talking to them about why we are here and how long we were going to be in Korea. They then told us to wait and they ran into the nearby mart and came out with candy bars and drinks for us. Then just wrapped us in the biggest hugs. Right then I felt our Saviors love through these adorable girls. They made us feel worth it. That our efforts all day were not a waste. We weren't able to get their numbers but we gave them ours and are praying really hard that they call us soon. This weekend was full of little miracles that have testified to our companionship that we can do this. As long as we work as hard as we can, be obedient and never get discouraged, GOD will show unto us a miracle, right when we think that there is nothing coming our way. I love this gospel with all my heart and I am grateful that I get to experience these tender mercies of God's love throughout my mission. 

We do a lot of walking:)

This book is my daily guidance.

The feeling you get from missionary work is undescribable. I love serving the people of Korea and growing closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. I am ETERNALLY grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission in Korea. I am now passed the half-way mark and I can't believe how fast time has gone!~ Looking forward to see what else is in store! love you all!!!

태너 자매선교사

Monday, February 8, 2016



So today in Korea is 설날 The Korean New Year, is officially today! Everything in Korea is closed today! and because nobody can meet or there is not one soul on the streets we have the opportunity tonight to stay in our apartments and study PMG and roleplay! It should be really fun! Anyways this week not much happened. This transfer ends this week so we are really curious what will happen here in Suncheon. I will most likely not be going anywhere until the Summer! After this area I will have one more area until I finish my mission. It's really crazy how fast time is going!
This week we didn't meet a lot of our investigators. Because they are High School and College students, they are really busy and can't meet with us anymore:( so its been a little rough here with investigators and trying to find people to teach!

Korean Angel:)

One day this week we had absolutely nothing planned. Nobody could meet so we had a completely open schedule! So we decided to go through the past investigators record and the Less Actives in the branch! We found a couple that we wanted to visit by just knocking on their door. We were able to meet with a less active, but we had no luck with the past investigators. After walking around the city for hours we wanted to visit one more less active in the area. We knocked on her door and she answered and was like "oh Sister missionaries... come in!" We were so relieved that someone finally invited us in! This Less active was the nicest lady ever. She is a teacher and we sat and visited with her for about an hour. She told us her conversion story and how she came to know that this church is true. Her kids both live in America and her son has served a mission and is now in Idaho for school. Her daughter went to BYU and met a returned missionary from Korea and they are married now living in Oregon.
 She said that because of this gospel her family would not be like how they are now. She is so grateful for this gospel and the missionaries that taught them years ago. Her family was all baptized on the same day and she hold that day really near to her heart. She explained to us that she hasn't been able to come to church lately because of her work. She teaches students at her home and in Korea they are crazy on education so they study on Saturdays and Sunday. So she cant come to church. I explained to her that we can have the Sacrament brought to her house and she said that because the time of sacrament meeting switched, she might be able to make it now. I know that she has a strong foundation in this church and wants to come. So we will continue to meet her because I felt the spirit so strongly when we were visiting her. When listening to her story it gave me goosebumps. There is no doubt in my mind that this church is true and people are waiting out there to receive it! When we were there at her house, she kept saying that this was such a blessing that we came over. She told us that usually at that time she is teaching but because of the Holiday the parents came and picked up the kids early. So it was a miracle that we were able to meet her. She said that its been years that she has had missionaries in her house and it made her so happy.

She's my favorite Grandma who loves her Green pants.

 I am so grateful for this experience and it was a big testimony builder for me. If we continue to try harder, God will lead us to the people that need us in their lives at that time. At first we had no plan at all but when we exercised our faith and went out with the mind set that we were going to see miracles... we did! I love this work! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! Stay warm and do something nice for someone!! you wont regret it:) 

I miss my little minions at home.

Church before the New year.

The back of the bus

사랑해요!!!! ❤
~Sister Tanner

Funny Story: I have these Plan of Salvation pictures that are used to teach that lesson. The kingdoms are huge castles and so the Elders wanted to borrow them to make them for themselves. so they copied and colored them. They told me that they colored the Celestial Kingdom castle BLUE and I was so upset.. hahah I was like no its the Celestial Kingdom not Candy Land!! anyways the Sisters told me that the other night I was sleep talking again and I was screaming... "not blue, dont color it blue!!" hahahah I dont know why I sleep talk so much. They say they hear me all the time! Most of the time its me talking in korean, singing, or one night I just Laughed and laughed haha.

Monday, February 1, 2016



ALOHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🌸

We brought Polynesian flavor to Korea! The party was such a success!! The members loved it and we felt like celebrities all night because everyone kept taking pictures with us. haha It was so fun to be on the islands for a night. I never thought I would be Hula Dancing infront of the entire branch on my mission in Korea. Definitely a once in a life time opportunity. We were able to get a lot of less actives and investigators to come out and have a fun Luau. I am so grateful for all the help from the members and all the other missionaries. We could not have done this without everyone's help. 

I learned to Hula. Thanks to my island girls who were so patient with me.

Such a fun night with our members.

We danced.....

and danced....

with the district 

The Elders and our branch President doing a Haka.

Limbo with the elderly is fun!

IT was a complete success!!

So the party started and we had a lot of food. (what is a luau without food right?). Then we started the night off with an introduction dance, then a samoan dance, tongan dance, then I danced with Sister Pasetta. We did a Samoan Hula... but kind of looked like the CHICKEN DANCE:) then our branch president and some priesthood men and then elders all did the HAKA together. It was the funniest thing! After the HAKA we LIMBO'd!!!! That was the funnest thing ever. All of our cute Korean grandmas were limbo'ing but then came to church the next day saying that their backs hurt! haha. THen we ended off the night with the classic Hawaiian Hula. All four of us sisters danced the night away! It was such a fun night to show Korea a little bit of these amazing sister's culture. 

They amaze me more and more everyday. I am so grateful to be serving with them. They don't have much but they are here serving in Korea and giving it their whole heart! I love this gospel and I love being a missionary! I am learning so much about myself what I never knew I could do before. and what I need to work on to be a better person and to be more like Christ! I am extremely grateful for all of my experiences so far on my mission and can't wait to see what else is in store! Love you all so much and talk to you next week!!! 

OFA ATU!!! (tongan)
ALOFA ATU!!! (samoan)
I LOVE YOU!!! ❤❤❤