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This all just doesn't seem real... do I really only have 2 more weeks?? WHAT?? I cant believe this!

I'm so Lucky!!



Well this week was amazing! I felt the spirit so strongly everyday this whole week. That feeling of feeling the spirit is so indescribable. It's in those times where I don't want to go home, I don't want to not be a missionary! haha. 

I will miss these Sisters of mine.

So much love in this pic!!

This week we met with all our investigators and each lesson, to be honest, we weren't very prepared or we had a plan but we didn't really feel solid on it. But I have noticed that every lesson we have taught this week, went in a completely different direction then what we had planned and it went 100x better than anything we could of planned. I have learned to really focus and follow the promptings of the spirit. Its amazing to me what things come out my mouth sometimes and how we as a companionship work as one and can see the change in our investigators. It truly is something that words cannot describe. We had a lesson with our investigator that we have met maybe 3 times now and she is very interested in the gospel. Seriously every lesson we had with our investigators this week was an overload of the spirit. That feeling where your heart is just pounding and all you can do is smile. I will never forget the way I felt this week! 

ELDER BEDNAR~ another thing to top off the spiritual overload this week.
Elder Bednar's visit was unforgettable. It was such a privilege to sit at the feet of an apostle in our mission. I learned so much from the spirit that day. He made it very clear that it was not him teaching us, it was the spirit. He didn't want our nose burried in our notebooks but to only write down the things the spirit put into our hearts. As I focussed on that, I got wayyyy more out of the meeting than I would have if I just wrote every word down.

Throughout the meeting I noticed one thing that he made an emphasis on. He talked about consistency in the simple things. We are already doing all we can now. But we can always do a little bit better everyday. We need to just relax and take it step by step and not expect after we pray or exercise our faith to expect some big thing to happen or big reveal answer from God right away. Faith is not wishful thinking. As we continue in consistency we will see the results, we will see progression. Impatience will never bring progression. We must be consisten in all our doings, working towards the Savior and trusting in God's will and timing.

As Elder Bednar closed the meeting he told some experiences of testimony meetings he attended at BYUI. That at first he didn't want to attend because he felt that these YSA testimony meetings were just students trying to get attention. Then he said a testimony meeting should be testifying of simple truths that you personally know to be true. After he told the YSA that, they had 88 testimonies in 60 minutes, and it was the most powerful testimony meeting that he had ever been too. Then he closed with his short, powerful testimony and said "I bless you to be spiritually consistent." I loved the way he ended the meeting and having the blessing of Elder Bednar, a blessing from our Father in Heaven that he is watching over This work and His missionaries. During this meeting, my testimony of living prophets and apostles was strengthened. I know that God has called these men to lead and guide our church and its members. We are so blessed to have these leaders and be able to recieve the revelation that they bring to us through the spirit. 

Lunch in the park

Pizza and wings



This week was one to remember. I am so grateful for my time to serve a mission and will give everything I have to continue and finish strong. I can't wait to see my family and be able to share the joy that I have found in Korea with them. I love you and and thank you again for all the love and support you have given me!

MY farewell concert:(

태너 자매

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