Monday, March 28, 2016



안녕하세요!!~~ I hope you all had an amazing Easter!! Easter is not a very big Holiday in Korea. Which is really sad that the little kids here have never believed in the Easter Bunny:( haha but its okay we still ate hard boiled eggs yesterday after church. 


Birthday Katsu

Birthday cake a la mode

This week was a great week.. I learned a lot this week and let it be known that missionary work is not easy. We all expect, more dream of that story book baptism/miracle moment. and dont get me wrong they come but more often than others the hard times triumph. This week we met the girl that we met at English class last week and we were able to meet here one on one and teach her the first part of the first lesson. We taught her how to pray and the importance of prayer and her relationship with her Heavenly Father. It was a really good lesson and we felt the spirit strongly, she did too. She even pointed it out.. She is such a GOLDEN investigator. During the lesson she stops us and asks "whats this good feeling I am feeling", and we told her that was the spirit tesitfying to her that what we were teaching her was true. And if she wanted to continue to feel that spirit that she should come to church on Sunday. She said she would love to and at the end of the lesson she wanted to be the one to close the lesson in prayer. I could not think of any more perfect first lesson. Then... we tried following up to see if she was still able to come to church and she didn't reply.. she still hasn't replied to this day. I dont know what happened, but its been a little hard to accept that she hasn't been answering our calls after such a great lesson. But it has taught me a lot about having faith and relying on what we taught her in that lesson about PRAYER. I know that God has a plan for her and in His own time we will find her again and be able to continue to teach her~ its not always that easy but through our speed bumps we learn more and grow from them. As the new transfer begins we were thinking and praying that we could get her baptized, and we still have faith that we can! and along the way we might find someone even more prepared to recieve the gospel. Missions are alway full of unexpected miracles. 

sweater weather:)

Spring has arrived..

Taking a break Sister Faanunu??

Our family that we are teaching too, is progressing little by little every time. This week the mom said that she had to work so that we could teach the daughter with her dad. But because of mission rules us sisters cant just teach the dad, so we brought the Elders with us and when we did that we were able to get the son in on the lesson as well. They reall enjoyed it and the kids are listening well to our message. They both prayed and said that they will try to come to church next week. I love this family so much and it would just be the most amazing thing if they come to know that this church is true and accept to follow Jesus Christs example. As a family I couldn't think of anything more perfect. But we will keep praying and fasting for this family~ 

MY view at lunch

Sister Faanunu's View

My spring skirts are out in full force.

On Sunday a little girl in our Branch has been bringing her friend to church everyweek. We have played with them after church for the past 2 weeks and have really gained the cutest friendship. In sacrament they came and sat next to me and just played with my hair.. they tried to braid it but it just ended up their little hands getting lost in the Lion's mane. hah. They are the cutest girls and we are going to start the lessons with her friend next week. She practically is already a member and loves the missionaries. I am excited to see where this goes! I love this area and I am so grateful to be here. I have learned a lot and continue to learn and recognize my weaknesses but because of those weaknesses I have the opportunity to grown and learn more. 

Love this girls shop 

She is so pretty and we love her.

Haha....  Should I tell them its spelled wrong;)

There was a scripture I read in my personal study that I wanted to share..

3 Nephi 19:25
"And it came to pass that Jesus blessed them as they did pray unto him; and his countenance did smile upon them, and the light of his countenance did shine upon them.."

I know that as long as we are SMILING and letting Christ's light shine before others they will come to recognize that we are good, that we have something about us that is different and they will be ready to accept this message. I know that times aren't always easy the way that we picture or want them to be but if we just SMILE and make the best out of every day we will witness God's hand in our lives everyday. He loves us and wants us to be happy. I love this gospel and love you all! 

Gods army is strong!

I love this city!!
Happy Easter!!~


태너 자매

Sunday, March 20, 2016



Don't Mess with the Suncheon Squad..

Just Kidding... Were not so tough.

Beautiful Spring day.

Being Proper

NOT so Proper!!

Haha!!  Elder Vader

Joyous Jumping!

HELLO!!! There is so much to tell you but so little time!! 
This week was a really great week, it went by really fast~
Earlier this week we didn't have any appointments one day and so we wanted to try and meet the Mongolian less active and we called a member that is close to her to see if it was okay to just go over without calling her, and when we called the member she said, she was with her right now. SO that worked out perfectly. The member then came and picked us up and we went over to the Mongolian sisters house and looked at her photo album of pictures of her baptism, family and wedding. She is so beautiful and is one of those foreign girls that come here to marry middle aged korean men... and her husband is not a nice man and prohibts her from going to church so, that is why she is less active now. It has been such a miracle that we have been able to meet with her and spend time with her and her kids. They came to church yesterday too! I love this Branch so much. I was sitting in Sacrament yesterday and just started crying because of the love that I felt from all the members sitting in the congregation. It is a little branch but so strong and feels like a family. 

At church yesterday the potential missionary that we have been helping lately gave her farewell testimony. She gave us the biggest shout out! haha. and just started bawling.. I will always remember that moment!! I didn't know that really spending that much time with her talking about the missionary lessons made such an impact on her. We have become really close and I am going to miss her so much. She leaves tomorrow for the MTC! We also had a Music Fireside in the YEOSU branch yesterday night and she came to help us with our districts skit and then she had to leave with her Dad to go home. She just came up to me and started crying again and I just hugged her. It was the saddest moment ever. I really know that we were suppose to be here at this time to help her. She is going to be such an amazing missionary! 

My favorite Missionary to be. So excited for her new journey that awaits her.

Saying goodbye is hard. Love my District!

Love these girls!

We have seen many unexpected miracles this week. We had our English class this week and the elders brought a girl that they met on the bus the other day to meet us. We got talking with her and asked her if she would like to meet one on one and told her about the message that we are sharing and she said she is very interested in hearing our message. When we were talking to her I could just feel the spirit radiating from her. She is so prepared to receive this gospel and I only met her once and literally talked to her for less than an hour. I know I really visualize everyone being baptized after the first time I meet them and then its a little hard on me when they drop or stop meeting us. But I know that with that faith that they can be baptized or visualizing the family that we are teaching all can being baptized and then going to the temple to be sealed for all eternity is not a bad thing to do. We are meeting the girl that came to english class this week and we are really excited to see how that goes! 

Funny story of the week: We went to go visit our Grandma again this week and we were talking to her and asking her to refer us to her Grandma friends... because she is actually really popular. haha. So she walked us over to another apartment by hers and she rang the door bell like 5 times until she answered the door. Then we just hung out with the Grandmas for a little bit. Our grandma always hits us too haha. She is so old and just hilarious. She was a recent convert when I got to this area and so we are still trying to review what she was taught when she got baptized. and we pointed to a picture of jesus and asked her who it was... and she replied...
"I dont know... is that like your church pastor or something?!" hahahahah oh man. 

Love the Grandmas. They make me laugh so much!

But it was a great week! oh we just got transfer calls and Sister Faanunu and I are both staying in this area for another transfer!! We are excited for another miracle filled transfer!! Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week and fun spring break!!! send lots of pictures and have lots of fun!!! 

This is what you call Korean style Chinese delivery.

Dining in style.

사랑해요!!! ❤❤❤

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Monday, March 14, 2016



안녕하세요!!!! ❤❤❤

This week on P-day we walked through the door of our apartment and got a call from president. President started the call off by saying "this is an emergency call I need to talk to all 3 of you." hahah so many things were running through my mind, like oh no what did we do now, who died, whats going to happen to us. Then he said, "A sister needs to go home..." That's like all he said. My heart starts pounding and we all start freaking out a little bit. He then said "Sister Teekiu... you need to emergency transfer to Chunju." We all were thinking that Sister Teekiu had to go home or something but come to find out that a Sister in Chunju had to go home and so they needed another sister in that area so they took our Sister Teekiu:( SO you can imagine how stressful that Pday was trying to get her stuff packed in 2 hours and then trying to figure out how we were going to get her to Chunju. Then our Mission Leader Cho Joong Hyun(President Jo) called us and said that he would drive us in his car. Suncheon to Chunju is about 2 hours there and back. So we took a very unexpected road trip with our mission leader. hah.

Just me and Sister Faanunu now.

The work never stops for us Sisters.

The Elders just takes selfies;)

But during that time I had a very good conversation with him. I say "I" because both of my companions left me to sit up in shot gun with him and they fell asleep in the back..ugh. hahah
I learned a lot from that experience though. Our mission leader is amazing. He is also the first counselor to President Shin and pretty much started this Suncheon Branch. If he did not get baptized this Branch would not be the way it is now or might not be there at all. His conversion story is so amazing. I will have to explain that story later.. but from this experience I really came to know that I am suppose to be serving in this area. I love these members so much. They show so much love to us. After that 4 hour road trip with President Jo, I felt so close to him and could really talk and understand his story. It was a really neat experience. 

No hustle and bustle in the country.

And yesterday there was these Less Active's kids that came to church yesterday and the little boy really wanted someone to play with him. So President Jo was like oh I will play with you.. (let it be known that President Jo is kind of a grandpa)... haha so him and this little boy were chasing eachother around the parking lot with squirt guns shooting eachother. Then I ran outside and President Jo grabs me and uses me as a shield to protect him and the little boy just starts squirting me with water. hahah these little things make being a way from home in a foreign country away from my family.. feel like HOME. Its not easy but we are suppose to be in the areas that we have been called to for a reason. We might not see a huge baptism or some storybook miracle, but I know that no matter we are there is something from there that we need to learn to become that person/missionary that God knows that we can be. 

My new friend.

Haha... just smile for me:)

I dont have any dropping the cake like funny stories this week.. but we did go to one of our members houses in the country this week for dinner. Their house was soooo cool!! its completely decorated in the inside with expensive antiques from all over the world!! We felt like we were princesses. hah. and they fed us some very delicious food too! Love you all and hope you have the best week ever. 

Modern home in the country! Thats my kind of living:)

Nicest house I have seen here in Korea.

Beautiful Furniture

I loved the doll collection

clowns not so much.

Then the feast!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! 생일 축하합니다!!! 🎂❤


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Monday, March 7, 2016



HELLO!!!! HAPPY PDAY!! This week was quite the week. I cant wait to tell you all about it.

I'm double tagged just in case you didn't know who I was and who I represent:)

Peace from the Sisters

Walking all over this city

We will start off with the funny story this week...
It was an elder in our districts birthday on tuesday, so us sisters wanted to buy him a cake and bring it to our district meeting. We went and bought one and we are always late to district meeting. haha so the elders call us and ask where we were. Then we all start running to the church and I am carrying the cake and as I am running... OUT OF NOWHERE... this boy comes from behind a car and we literally body slam and I go flying straight to the ground the cake is on the other side of the street and I can't remember where I am.. hahahaha. This poor korean boy then helps me stand up but has no clue what to say to me,so he grabs the cake and gives it to me then runs away!!! OH it was a disaster. I started crying so hard because I was thinking that we had to give this destroyed cake to this elder on his birthday and how it was ruined now. hahha. but partly of why I was crying was that I was laughing so hard because of course only something like this would happen to me. hahah.
anyways the meeting ends and we run and grab the cake, stick some candles in and bring it and start singing. I honestly could not stop laughing. The elders were dying.. they were like what happened to the cake!?!? DID YOU DROP IT?? yes.... Sister Tanner dropped the birthday cake. hahah let it be known... but we got a good laugh out of it and it was probably the most memorable mission birthday ever.

Yes!!! "Sister Tanner Dropped the cake:("

Sorry Elder!! It was intact for about 10 mins;)

Now on to my spiritual nugget of the week.. haha.. yes, I just said nugget.
This week our companionship was praying really hard to find new investigators and not just any new investigators but ones that have real potential of listening to our message. We found 3 new investigators this week. I know that God will answer our prayers if we humble ourselves and ask! 

Gimbap is so good!!

But this week we had a miracle! We recieved a call earlier this week from a lady that saw our ENGLISH advertisement. She said that her daughter was a high school student and she wanted her to learn english. after explaining who we are and what we do and our teaching program she then told me that she would call us back later. After hearing "I will call you back later" several times, you know that its a "you will never hear from me again" line. hahah but the miracle!!! she called back randomly one night and asked if we could meet her by our house. So we hurrying and finished dinner and ran to meet her. We were standing there waiting for this woman and then an entire family shows up. The dad, mom and daughter. They were the cutest most down to earth family I have met so far in korea. The mom doesnt wear alot of make up like all the other korean woman and she doesn't force this crazy strong education on her kids like the rest of the koreans. We were able to sit down and talk to the familiy for a little bit and tell them about missionaries and why we are here. We told them about our program that we teach english but we also share this message. and they were totally okay with it! ahh it was such a miracle. and it's a family too!! This gospel is all about families!! I have been praying so hard to know exactly how to teach them and to really help them come to know that this gospel is true. We will meet them almost everynight so its been a huge blessing to teach this family. We want to get members involved and to really fellowship this family into the Suncheon Branch. I have such a good feeling about this family and really believe that they all can come unto this gospel. Please pray for them and us that we will be directed by the spirit in order to know how to teach them! I love this work so much. It makes me so happy and just the blessings that we recieve from this gospel is unlimited! We have only met this family twice now and I already love them so much and desire nothing but their happiness and for them to recieve baptism and conversion unto this gospel. When we were teaching english we asked the mom the question, "What do you want to be in the future?" and she answered " I want to be happy everyday in the future." I know that through this gospel we have that blessing. Life is not easy but because we have the knowledge that we do we can find so much joy!!! I love this gospel with all my heart and the opportunity to share it with the people of Korea!! 

I have a special love for the kids here.

My Korean Grandpa sent some language CDs. 

You all are in my prayers everyday and I am so blessed to have you in my life. I was reading the May 2013 General Conference Liahona. There was a talk by Thomas S. Monson titled "Come, All Ye Sons of God." There was a quote in it that I wanted to share. He said, "I hope you appreciate the sacrifices which your parents so willingly make in order for you to serve. Their labors will sustain you, their faith encourage you, their prayers uphold you. A mission is a family affair. Though the expanse of continents or oceans may seperate, hearts are as one." 
I know that this is to be true. I love my family so much and so grateful for all that you have done for me!
I hope you have the best week ever!! 

Hearts from Korea!!


태너 자매