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HELLLOOO!!! Happy Pday!!! This week was a good week and little rough but we made it! The trio is pushing a long here in Suncheon and working really hard to see some miracles. 


SO much Love for my Tongan Sisters

Adventures in Suncheon

This week we got a call from a girl that said she served in Suncheon 6 years ago and said she was coming back to visit some of her converts and members. So she said she wanted us to come with her. So this week we met her and went to visit a few of her converts. It was such an amazing opportunity to see her come back to an area years later and still have that strong connection with these people. I want to have that so bad. Where after being home for years, I still can come back anytime and these people are like family to me. I love the korean people with all my heart. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve here. 

Like the 711

Pink Hyundai Bus

Suncheon Bay

We are also helping a Sister in our Branch prepare for her mission. We met with her last night and went through her entire packet of mission stuff that she needs to do. It made me really look back to when I was preparing for my mission and how exciting and fun it was, but also how hard Satan works on us to do all he can to prevent us from serving a mission. It makes me so excited for her and that she is starting this journey, where I was in her position not too long ago but also my mission journey is half way over. That time is really going by like a blink of an eye and that every minute counts. I have learned a lot this week and am so grateful for my companions and all that they have taught me. They are extremely strong and hard workers! I know that as we exercise our faith we will be able to see a lot of miracles here in Suncheon. 

New Friends and smoothies are a perfect combination.

I dont have much to write this week, nothing too exciting happened. but I do have a funny story to share.....
So you know about our free gym. We went there the other night just to talk to the workers and we teach an english class there sometimes. The workers are so funny and potential investigators too. We haven't been to the gym for a while so when the workers saw us they were so happy. There is this one worker named "Atom" that is his english name. When we walked into the gym he saw us and ran up to us and gave me this BIG hug... hahah. I didn't know what to do.. the Elders were laughing so hard and my face just turned bright red haha. As a sister missionary of course you dont expect random boys trying to hold your hand or giving you a big hug.. thats for sure. hahah

Wings are everywhere here in Korea.

Korean Art is fun 

and funny...

and cute...

Then last night we were taking the sacrament with the Elders to a less active. We visit their family every week and so we went this time with the Elders and was able to be there when they blessed the sacrament and give it to her. That was a cool experience too. But as they were about to bless the bread they needed my pass off book with the sacrament prayer in it and so I stood up and as I stood up my foot slipped on the floor and made a "fart" noise... hahahah. Of course the Elders had to go and make a big deal about it in front of the members... ugh and they havent let it go since...hahah!!  please pray for me!

Yup!! They belong to me.

They tease me to death.

Package from My Grandpa Pak

The kids here melt my heart.

My favorite Grandma member. She spoils us.

Love you all!!!! I am always praying for you and hope you have the best week ever!!
태너 자매 ❤

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