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So today in Korea is 설날 The Korean New Year, is officially today! Everything in Korea is closed today! and because nobody can meet or there is not one soul on the streets we have the opportunity tonight to stay in our apartments and study PMG and roleplay! It should be really fun! Anyways this week not much happened. This transfer ends this week so we are really curious what will happen here in Suncheon. I will most likely not be going anywhere until the Summer! After this area I will have one more area until I finish my mission. It's really crazy how fast time is going!
This week we didn't meet a lot of our investigators. Because they are High School and College students, they are really busy and can't meet with us anymore:( so its been a little rough here with investigators and trying to find people to teach!

Korean Angel:)

One day this week we had absolutely nothing planned. Nobody could meet so we had a completely open schedule! So we decided to go through the past investigators record and the Less Actives in the branch! We found a couple that we wanted to visit by just knocking on their door. We were able to meet with a less active, but we had no luck with the past investigators. After walking around the city for hours we wanted to visit one more less active in the area. We knocked on her door and she answered and was like "oh Sister missionaries... come in!" We were so relieved that someone finally invited us in! This Less active was the nicest lady ever. She is a teacher and we sat and visited with her for about an hour. She told us her conversion story and how she came to know that this church is true. Her kids both live in America and her son has served a mission and is now in Idaho for school. Her daughter went to BYU and met a returned missionary from Korea and they are married now living in Oregon.
 She said that because of this gospel her family would not be like how they are now. She is so grateful for this gospel and the missionaries that taught them years ago. Her family was all baptized on the same day and she hold that day really near to her heart. She explained to us that she hasn't been able to come to church lately because of her work. She teaches students at her home and in Korea they are crazy on education so they study on Saturdays and Sunday. So she cant come to church. I explained to her that we can have the Sacrament brought to her house and she said that because the time of sacrament meeting switched, she might be able to make it now. I know that she has a strong foundation in this church and wants to come. So we will continue to meet her because I felt the spirit so strongly when we were visiting her. When listening to her story it gave me goosebumps. There is no doubt in my mind that this church is true and people are waiting out there to receive it! When we were there at her house, she kept saying that this was such a blessing that we came over. She told us that usually at that time she is teaching but because of the Holiday the parents came and picked up the kids early. So it was a miracle that we were able to meet her. She said that its been years that she has had missionaries in her house and it made her so happy.

She's my favorite Grandma who loves her Green pants.

 I am so grateful for this experience and it was a big testimony builder for me. If we continue to try harder, God will lead us to the people that need us in their lives at that time. At first we had no plan at all but when we exercised our faith and went out with the mind set that we were going to see miracles... we did! I love this work! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! Stay warm and do something nice for someone!! you wont regret it:) 

I miss my little minions at home.

Church before the New year.

The back of the bus

사랑해요!!!! ❤
~Sister Tanner

Funny Story: I have these Plan of Salvation pictures that are used to teach that lesson. The kingdoms are huge castles and so the Elders wanted to borrow them to make them for themselves. so they copied and colored them. They told me that they colored the Celestial Kingdom castle BLUE and I was so upset.. hahah I was like no its the Celestial Kingdom not Candy Land!! anyways the Sisters told me that the other night I was sleep talking again and I was screaming... "not blue, dont color it blue!!" hahahah I dont know why I sleep talk so much. They say they hear me all the time! Most of the time its me talking in korean, singing, or one night I just Laughed and laughed haha.

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