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안녕하세요!!!! ^^
We have officially passed the halfway mark hump!!! Can't believe it! I made it through my first transfer here in Suncheon and we are starting another one! The last transfer was full of miracles and I know this next one we will see many more. Sister Peseta (Samoan sister) was transferred to my first area! She will love it there, and president kept us sisters here. So now I am in a trio with the 2 Tongan Sisters.. just call me MAMA TONGA!!^^ haha I love it. They are the best sisters ever. We will have so much fun this transfer and learn a lot from eachother. This week was crayzy because of the Korean New Year Holiday and transfers. So nobody was on the streets or could meet with us. and we had to send Sister Peseta off to the train station at like 4 in the morning this week, and trying to figure out how to work in a Trio. Its been quite and exhausting week. We have really no investigators right now and our investigators that we did have they all of a sudden can't or don't want to meet anymore. But we haven't given up!! This weekend we have experience some amazing miracles that really have testified to me that God is watching over us every second. He knows what we need and puts in our path a miracle as long as we are being obedient and willing to follow the promptings of the spirit. Everything just falls into place! 

Missionary work in a nutshell

This Saturday we had absolutely no appointments and so we were at loss of what to and how to use our time effectively. So we took the open time to go throught the old investigator books and try and visit their homes. But we had no luck for hours. Then we went home for dinner and then went to the bus stop to catch our bus so we could go to the church for our Misionary Meeting with our Missionary Leader. As we were waiting at the bus the Elders called and said that the meeting was cancelled so we let the bus pass. Then we were talking at the bus stop to see what we could do until it was time to go home and then our miracle came and sat next to us at the bus stop. She was a 26 year old girl coming back from the library and on her way to work. We got talking to her and she was so nice! I couldn't really even believe that she was wanting to talk to us after a full day of rejection! Then the bus came and we all got on, and I was able to get her number just incase we were getting off different stops. Then she tapped me and said to come sit by her. She said that she didn't have to go to work for another hour so she said she wanted to take us to a Cafe and talk for a little bit. It was so amazing. haha it also was pouring rain so we did not want to be outside walking around. We then went to the cafe and just talked about everything. She was so interested in why we are here and what we are doing. She was definitely an answer to our prayers.

The next day we had a Branch conference. All the branches came to Suncheon for this conference. President and Sister Shin also were there to speak. It was a really amazing spirtual filled sabbath day. After church we went home to eat, after we went out side to hang up english advertisements. The weather was really nice earlier this week but all of a suddent got SUPER COLD again!!! so we were in pain all day just walking around in the freezing cold weather. Then the elders called us and said walk to the church and we will do an Proselyting activity.. I say walk to church because our MSF funds didn't come in until today so the other sisters had no bus card so we walked over there. Then we got to the church and did the activity. Because it was so cold nobody really wanted to talk, we then decided to pack it up and head back home. As we were waiting for the bus to come, the elders caught their bus and we continued to wait. Then another miracle decided to show up. 2 high school student girls came up to us and started to speak english.. they said.. "welcome to the Koreas" hahah. so cute! we started talking to them about why we are here and how long we were going to be in Korea. They then told us to wait and they ran into the nearby mart and came out with candy bars and drinks for us. Then just wrapped us in the biggest hugs. Right then I felt our Saviors love through these adorable girls. They made us feel worth it. That our efforts all day were not a waste. We weren't able to get their numbers but we gave them ours and are praying really hard that they call us soon. This weekend was full of little miracles that have testified to our companionship that we can do this. As long as we work as hard as we can, be obedient and never get discouraged, GOD will show unto us a miracle, right when we think that there is nothing coming our way. I love this gospel with all my heart and I am grateful that I get to experience these tender mercies of God's love throughout my mission. 

We do a lot of walking:)

This book is my daily guidance.

The feeling you get from missionary work is undescribable. I love serving the people of Korea and growing closer to my Savior Jesus Christ. I am ETERNALLY grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission in Korea. I am now passed the half-way mark and I can't believe how fast time has gone!~ Looking forward to see what else is in store! love you all!!!

태너 자매선교사

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