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안녕하세요 네 사랑하는 가족과친구들~~~~~~~ 

There is beauty in the city

I just love the view.

This week was a week full of revelation, the spirit and some magic... First off, this week we had the opportunity to have another MISSION TOUR!!! Elder Whiting from the Seventy came to speak to our mission! I love Mission Tours. The Apostles know exactly what we need at this time to reach our full potential as Christ's representatives. I learned a lot this week and really want to strive to reach that potential. Here are a few things that really stood out to me during that meeting.

Elder Whiting really emphasized not only the time now but the time after a mission. That in the long run our decisions to serve missions will not only benefit the people we serve right now in Korea, but will impact our lives after the mission. We will become better wives and mothers because of our experiences serving as a missionary. I loved hearing that because it is so true, because of our short service now, it will impact our lives for the better for years and years to come. So if any one is thinking about serving a mission. DO IT!! Don't look back just DO IT. You wont ever regret your choice to serve a mission!!

"This is the most carefree time of your life to just think about Christ."
Elder Whiting gave us a Q&A time to ask him any question. An Elder stood up and asked how he has been wondering how to always remember Christ. No matter what he is doing through out the day, and how to always keep focus on Jesus Christ. Elder Whiting's answer was to always be in the state of prayer. The amazing thing about prayer is that you can do it whenever, wherever. So when we are always in the state of prayer, a prayer always in our heart we will be able to remember our Savior.

The indicator of Success:
Elder Whiting made it clear that is it important not to recognize and measure success by the number of baptisms. The indicator of success is inviting as many people to come unto Christ. We must invite as many people to come unto Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost. And when we know that we have done our part, we will know that we have been a successful missionary.

Sister Trio companionships are beautiful.

Then Elder Whiting took some time to just talk to the Sisters. He said that he loves all the missionaries but he has a special love for the Sister Missionaries. He told us that he finds a common barrier that often keeps Sisters from progressing... Discouragement. It takes our natural abilities and makes us turn inward. When we don't do things perfectly, we tend to give up and think we are weak. When Elders they don't care and don't remember what even happened the next day.. haha. But we dwell on it and it eventually tears us down. But It is okay if it is hard. We are suppose to stretch and grow. It is okay to have hard experiences . It is not okay to get stuck and stop ourselves from progressing. We cant let Satan pull us down.

"Embarrassed feelings are effects of the Natural Man." I know that once we lose ourselves, it is a lot easier to not feel ashamed or embarrassed. This is not about ME. We are Christ's representatives, this mission is not about me. Even when its Hot or freezing COLD, I should not care. Because I have only one thing to do, to REPRESENT CHRIST.

"You can be different today, you can change!"
I am so grateful for this mission tour and all of the inspired revelation that we were able to recieve! I know that this gospel is true and I want nothing else to do that represent Christ to the best of my ability!

We are his Army.

the streets we walk

It was LOVE at first sight...

This week was such a great week. We are still trying to find God's prepared children here in Suncheon. I have a funny story though...
We were coming home from the mission tour in Gwangju. Its about an hour away from our area so we have to catch a bus at the terminal. So when we were traveling home, we had assigned seats and 17 year old boy sat next to me. After coming from this mission tour we of course were hyped on the spirit and were ready to talk to anybody. So I was eating a korean snack and offered one to the boy next to me. He then said "thank you" and I replied in korean and he was so surprised that I could speak korean. So we got talking about why I was here and what missionaries are doing here. I was able to give him and book of mormon and testify to him about it. Then he turns to me and asks if i want to see some magic tricks... haha he pulls out his deck of cards and uses the book of mormon as his playing table... haha. Let me remind you.. this is an hour bus ride of these magic tricks. Then we got talking about the gospel again.. OK NOW WAIT FOR IT... just randomly he looks at my hand and says.. "oh your hand is so small.." THEN GRABS MY HAND AND TRIES TO HOLD IT!!! I REPEAT... this highschool boy is trying to hold a sister missionaries hand on the bus!!! SOS!!! hahaha I did not even know what to do... It was so awkward!!! #SorryMisterImASister 

My buddy Finn seems to follow me everywhere

What time is it??


Always ready on Transfer day;)

Peace out!

hahah I love and miss you all!! hope you had an amazing week!! Always remember that you have prayers coming your way from Korea!!!

사랑해요!!!! ❤

태너 자매

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