Sunday, June 5, 2016


WEEK 55- MONDAY MAY 30, 2016


The sun setting in my neck of the woods

Breath taking.

Can you believe its already summer?? It's almost June!? I can't believe it.. time is going by way too fast! This week was a good week.. a hard week but a good week! We still haven't found really any other investigators to teach yet. We have been trying to put up English advertisements but they seem to only call the Elders. hah. But I have a good feeling about this upcoming week! I know that our efforts are not wasted! We will find those prepared people to come unto Christ. I am mostly grateful for the harder times that bring me to my knees. These times I feel closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ more than ever. 

Oh Cohen.... You would die in this store. Gacha Shop!!

This week we went to meet a Less Active in our area. She recently moved to Suncheon and so we like to visit her at her Mochi store. We went and visited her but she told us it wasn't a very good day today. I thought.. "well than two sister missionaries can surely brighten your day:)" So we sat and talked to her for a little bit and she explained to us her life story and why she became less active and her life has not been easy. We all were just crying listening to her story and when we visited her last week she told us that she was so excited to start coming back to church and decided that she wanted to be fully active again. Then when we visited her this week, she had completely turned around. She told us that she doesn't understand the importance of going to church. That when she looks outside she sees so many people that their lives are much better than hers, she has no desire to go to the celestial kingdom and just doesn't have a purpose. It broke my heart to hear that someone doesn't have the desire to go to the celestial kingdom to live with our Heavenly Father as an eternal family. We didn't really know what to say.. but we just bore our testimonies and told her that her Heavenly Father loves her so much and wants her to come home. This was a very interesting experience and after hearing her, I really gained a strong witness through the spirit that our goal to reach the Celestial Kingdom is such a precious gift from our Heavenly Father. He wants nothing more than His children to come back to live with Him. This was not easy to hear but all we can do is pray for her that she comes to know God and that he lives. That he loves each and everyone of us and desires nothing but our happiness. I know this to be true, and I love the opportunity that I have to share this happy message to God's children of Korea. No matter how hard things get we have the eternal perspective. We know that if we Endure to the End, How Great shall be our Reward!! 

Last Zone Conference with President and Sister Shin before their release.

My Sistas.

My First Companion and Trainer Sister Lee

My sweet Companion Sister Park

Love you all so much!!~ Have a wonderful Summer Vacation, swim and eat lots of snowcones for me;)

This family in our branch

Another one of the great families I adore.

This man is half deaf and he inspires so many people.


태너 자매

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