Sunday, May 22, 2016


WEEK 54- MAY 23 2016

"SEMBENO" ~~~!! (That is HELLO in Mongolian)

My newest Companion Sister Park

View from our apartment.

joy in the little things

This week was a really hot week of walking all over Suncheon. After the baptism we all of a sudden just lost a lot of investigators and so this week has been mostly finding... but it also has been the hottest week ever. SUMMER IS HERE ㅠㅠ
Not having any investigators or appointments we were lead to areas to try and visit less actives and previous investigators who had met with missionaries in the past. But we had no luck with that and so we continued to walk all over our area.. I cant really feel my legs right now. These weeks really help me rely on my savior and humble myself to ask God for help.

Love and Peace in Suncheon

Sister TANner lines:)

After long hot days of proselyting we were able to get some phone numbers and talk to a lot of people. Not much showed interest to meet again but I know that "NO EFFORT IS WAISTED". If we work as hard as we can, I know that God will take care of the rest. This week was full of many tender mercies. One of them was the other day, and we were walking and then my companion answered the phone to someone calling to ask for "태너" (Tanner). So she handed me the phone and it was a girl I had met when we were in the Trio. She said she hasn't been able to contact us for some personal reasons but was calling off of her friends phone because she wanted to talk to me! It was such a simple tender mercy to even hear from her. And then when we were on our way home last night we ran into her on the street!!!~ I don't really even know this girl but I know that if she can't meet with us now that she will be able to later. Missionaries will find her again and she will prepared to receive this gospel in a heart beat. I am grateful for the hard times in missionary work because it is not always easy.. and there is not always baptisms. But because of these challenging times I learn more. I learned that no matter how tiring something is, no matter how hard something might seem right then, if we have a positive attitude and laugh.. everything doesn't seem to bad after all. 

We made our own dinner.

Thanks Sister Park

So grateful for her cooking skills

If you tickle him. He will smile:)

I came across this scripture after a long day in the heat.. I found it perfectly fitting^^
1 Nephi 21:10
"They shall not hunger nor thirst, neither shall the heat nor the sun smite them; for he that hath mercy on them shall lead them, even by the springs of water shall he guide them." 

My daily inspiration. 

Our savior has experienced everything for us already. Let us trust in him and let God do the rest!
I love you all so much!!~ sorry this email was short!! I hope you have an amazing week!! 

Photo op with my fav.

These girls keep us hip.

helshteshoo!! ( mongolian...) i think...

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