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Oh I miss the beach.

안녕하세요!! Well I dont really know where to start!! But this week was full of miracles!
We started the week off on Pday and went hiking to a look out spot here in Suncheon. It was so fun to get out and explore the area that we are serving in.  

peace out... going into the jungle. haha!!

stairway to heaven.

We're free as a bird in our jeans;)

The view is stunning from up here.

Look out point. 

Chasing waterfalls

Love this life of mine.

Throughout this week we continued to meet the family we are teaching and they are doing really well. Still haven't come to church yet, but we are working really hard on that. 

Then president contacted us and said that the Traveling Sister Training Leader was coming to stay with us for a week. It has been a really good week to learn from her experiences because she finishes her mission next week. So she has lots of experience and has shown us a really amazing example to follow and how to be consecrated missionaries. I'm grateful that she was able to come and stay with us for a little bit, so that we know what we need to work on to be better. With her help we were able to talk to lots of people and really "open our mouths". She makes it look so easy.. but let it be known.. she is korean and knows this language haha. Anyways... 

I love spring in Korea

the cherry blossom are in full bloom.


On Friday we had English Class but no one showed up so we had to think of something else that we could do in that time. We had the thought of calling the Mongolian Less active (Sister Soohee) that I talked about in my emails a couple weeks ago. So I gave her a call and she said to come on over. We went over and her husband and mom was there. Her husband is a korean man and he doesn;'t like religion or anything to do with church. That is why Soohee hasn't been able to come to church, thus leading her to be less active. So its been a huge miracle that we have even been given the opportunity to meet her again. So we went over and I was so surprised to see the husband there and I was expecting him to be really mean to us and not want us there. but he sat down next to us and started talking to us and asking questions about where we are from. I was not expecting that all.. but thats not it. SooHee's mom came here from Mongolia not too long ago and is planning on staying here in Korea until next year to help with the little kids. While we were visiting with the family we started talking to the little boy about being baptized because he is not baptism age. He said he wanted to, but then all of a sudden remembered something scary that happened with his dad and water and then didn't want to be baptized anymore haha. so as we tried to calm him down, Soohee was talking to her mom about be baptized as well and her mom said she wants to!! So we started teaching her about baptism with translation help from her daughter. Her mom does not know korean or english.. hahah so its all through translation. But after we taught about baptism we were able to set her baptismal date for the 17th of this month!!! It was the biggest miracle and I have never felt so much joy than when she agreed to be baptized. Soohee was smiling so big because her siblings and her have been talking and praying about her mom being baptized for years. Soohee's younger siblings both served missions in Mongolia and are strong members. Soohee was so confused why we called randomly and wanted to visit that night but she now knew that it was an answer to her family's prayers to set a date for her mom to finally be baptized. This is so amazing.. my heart was just pounding so fast because I was so happy to see Soohee so happy that her mom was heading on the path to follow Jesus Christ and that after this life they will be able to enjoy the blessing of an Eternal Family. There honestly is no greater joy than this. I love this gospel so much and being a missionary. I love the Suncheon area and every minute of my mission so far! I will always remember this time for the rest of my life and there is honestly no regret to the decision to serve a mission. 

Suncheon in Spring.

Sorry I don't have much more time to write all that I want to but I love you all and do all you can to share this gospel. Everyone is a missionary with or without a nametag. I know that we can find sooooooooooooo much joy through sharing this gospel. Love you all!! Have an amazing week!!


태너 자매

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