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This week was a great week, a pretty normal week, nothing tooooo exciting happened but we did get to watch CONFERENCE finally!! It was so good!! Ah I dont know if it is just because i am a missionary, but I can sit and listen to 10 hours of talks and not even get sleepy. hahah. My eyes are just glued to the TV watching our living Prophet and Apostles bear their extremely strong testimonies of this gospel, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Its so awesome!! 


Some of things that really stood out to me was that a big theme of the Conference was just the simple principle that we are God's Children. He loves us so much and wants us to be happy and return to Him. And if we always remember that we are A CHILD OF GOD, we can do it! We can overcome our challenges and trials. We have the knowledge of the bigger picture. God does not want us to fail, He sent His Son to be a Savior for us. Jesus Christ is with us every step of the way.. or even lifting us up and putting us on His shoulders and carry us the way. 

Our AP trainer. Sister Oh.

Training lunch

This is the foodie life.

I loved our beloved Prophet's short but powerful words. Our choices are so important. They determine our destiny. But because God loves us he gives us the ability to choose. But because we are not along we can choose the right and be on the right path to Eternal Life with our Father in Heaven.

Speaking of FATHERS... D. Todd Christofferson's talk is what made the waterworks start. haha. Just like the last conference when Jeffery R. Holland talked about MOTHERS. (I must miss my parents or something)... haha anyways when he was testifying of the role and power of a Father, I couldnt help but think of my Dad. He has filled that important role in my life and I don't know where I would be without my dad. Fathers are a sense of protection and safety. It's true. Dad was the one that would always answer to the scream.. "KILL THE SPIDER, KILL IT!!", always be willing to help me in anyway if it didn't have to do with BOYS.. haha Throughout this talk I thought about my dad but also my grandpa and how because of him, my dad is the dad he is today. I feel my grandpa's presence and support everyday throughout my missionary work. And because of this missionary work my mom will be able to meet her real dad here in Korea. How great of a blessing is that? I love this gospel and the sweet knowledge of eternal families. We are not in this alone and we have been given our families to endure this life and be able to return to our heavenly family together for eternity. I just love teaching that principle to people in Korea with a big smile on my face telling them that they will live eternally with their families.

No matter how hard life gets, no matter how hard I think this work is in Korea, or I feel like no one is listening to our message, no one will let us mutter out any of our broken korean.. haha. We have a heaven above us that is watching over us and chearing us on! We are never in this alone, even if we may feel that way sometime. I am so grateful for General Conference and the opportunity to be at the feet of Apostolic authority and hear the words of God through them.
WE CAN DO IT! I love you all and hope we all continue to remember the words we felt and heard in Conference. To always strive to improve and love everyone!

My favorite Grandma here.

She does love me. I promise:)

~~~태너 자매선교사

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