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WEEK 50- MONDAY APRIL 25, 2016

HELLO!~~~ I don't even know where to start with this email right now. This week was so crazy and I am not really sure how to even put it into words.. but I will try my best.

These kids are the coolest!

Just doing the Lords work. Clipping her fingernails

Love this little grandma of ours.

First things first... The most unforgettable day of my mission so far...

On tuesday right after District meeting we got a call from a Recent Convert that was baptized sometime last year, but she moved to a different area so she no longer lives in Suncheon. So we hardly get to meet her. She is Chinese and came to korea and married a korean man but the korean man was terrible to her so they got a divorce and now she has another boyfriend, but is pregnant now.. yeah its kind of a mess.. but anyways.... She called us right after district meeting and said that she was coming to Suncheon and wanted to take us out to lunch because we hadn't seen her for a while. So she picked us up and we went to a Chinese restaraunt in the area. All the workers in the restaraunt were chinese and didn't really know any korean so, it was just Sister Faanunu and I just chillin eating food while they talked in Chinese. Then all of a sudden our friend looks at us like she just saw a ghost and starts screaming.. It was the scariest thing. She falls to the ground and starts shaking. We think she was having a seizure. So... the restaraunt workers hurry and grab her and put something in her mouth so that she doesn't hurt herself and they start yelling at us in Chinese!!!! we have no idea what to do at this point. So, I hurry and grab our phone and call their "911", its actually just "119" in korea. I hurry and call and in my broken and panicky korean trying to explain where we are and what is happening. I wasn't sure if they even understood me but then a few minutes past and we heard the sirens in the distant. I prayed so hard that they understood me and would come really fast. God answers prayers!! Then the ambulance came and put her in the car then they said "who called the ambulance" so I raised my hand and they said "Okay get in the car!!" Sister Faanunu and I jump in the ambulance and they drive us to the hospital. Oh man I can't explain to you how stressful that entire experience was. As we were driving to the hospital I was sitting up in front with the driver and he was trying to calm me down and say everything is okay, you did a good job. And so, then to calm my nerves I start to talk to him about the church and why we are here and how we are missionaries. haha. He begins to tell me about how he has heard about our church before and has been once. I was so surprised to hear that he had been so I tried to ask him a little bit more but then something happened in the back with our friend so we couldn't finish our conversation....  Then we got to the hospital and they roll her into the emergency room and at this point she has calmed down a little bit and is a little more responsive so we knew that she was going to be okay. We stayed at the hospital with her until her Mom came and took over. I will never forget this experience.. haha I know now that I can call an ambulance in korean, I will probably never eat that chinese food again, and I am determined to find that ambulance driver again and invite him to come back to our church.^^

With my home girl Faanunu.

Then after that experience we were a little shakin up, so we went to Mcdonalds and got some ice cream and just calmed down for a second. Then we got home and started our fast because as a district we decided to fast for some new investigators. As we started our fast my companion and I decided to try praying infront of the area map to see where we needed to go because for the rest of the day we didnt have any appointments so it was a time set just for some proselyting. As we prayed at the map we both recieved the same revelation to go to a certain area then we prayed again and again as we make our way to that area. We were able to see so many little miracles and talked to a lot of people. One girl we were able to meet later this week and talk a little bit more about our message. It was a truly big testimony builder about relying on the Lord and the spirit in every little direction we took. I know that we are not alone in this work. The spirit is guiding us throughout each little part. 

I just attract the kids everywhere I go. 

These cuties from the park

Last but not least our Mongolian investigator!! Everything is going really well with her. We were able to have a lesson with her this week and the spirit was so strong. When we were reviewing baptism again she said something to her daughter in mongolian and then her daughter translated it to us and said her mom said "I want to be baptized". hah IT was amazing we were so excited that she really has the desire herself to be baptized. Then as we came to the end of the lesson we were talking with her daughter that is the less active in our branch and she was saying that she talked to her little brother that served a mission in Mongolian and talked to him about their mom's baptism, And the brother was so excited and happy~! I guess they have been trying for years to get their mom baptized and they just told us they are so grateful for us but we told them we are doing nothing! Then our less active said that working together to teach her mom has given her the desire to do missionary work and she has an older sister that is not a member and she wants to start talking to her more about the church. It has been such an amazing experience to meet this family and be apart of their conversion. I will always remember my time spent with them. It is always the happiest time when we are with them.
Our less active was able to come to church yesterday with her kids.. they havent been able to lately because she works on sundays and so it was so good to see them there. I am looking forward to these next couple weeks as we finish the lessons and get her ready for her baptism in May. 

 LDS chapel in Suncheon

Well that is all I can recollect right now of this crazy memorable week. All is well here in Suncheon. I love it so much and am just finding more and more happiness everyday while serving a mission in Korea. Grandpa is coming to Suncheon today and I really just can't believe its happening and so fast. But I know that this is all part of my plan. I was called to korea for a specific reason. I love my calling and I can't thank God enough for sending me here. This experience I will treasure the rest of my life. I love you all and thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I am so glad to hear everything at home is going well. I am always always always praying for you~ have an amazing week! xoxo

ME and my Grandpa Park. (all the details coming next week)


Sister Tanner

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