Monday, April 18, 2016



This week was a great week here in Suncheon. I really love this area so much. I just laugh at myself and think back to when President told me that I was transferring to Suncheon and how worried I was and how much I cried.. haha thats nothing new.. I always cry. But still. It has been a huge testimony builder to me to always just trust in what the Lord has in store for us. We might not understand right at that moment but give it some time it all starts to just fall in to place. I will always remember my time in Suncheon and all the amazing people that I have met here that have forever changed my life. 

Suncheon has my heart.

This week we were able to meet with our sweet Mongolian sister and have a lesson with her. She is so prepared but due to the language barrier we thought it would be best to take things a little slower. So we set the date for May 15 for her baptism. We are really excited for her and her family. This family is one of a kind and I am so grateful that I get to be a small part of this family's journey to return back to our Heavenly Father. We can't communicate like a normal investigator in Korean or English.. but I have also come to know that language is not all that important sometimes. What is most important is LOVE. We can change a persons view on our church just buy them seeing the way that we live the gospel and how we LOVE. At times when I get frustrated with the language and I feel like I just am not progressing, I always just smile really big and find someone on the street that needs our service. Service through love often doesn't need talking. Just a big smile and that's it. I love having the opportunity to serve my brothers and sisters of Korea. They are so special to me and these people have changed my life forever. 

You remember our cute Grandma that we always visit, Right? So we went over to her house last night. She always makes me laugh so hard ahha. its always just a joy to go and visit her. We walked into her house and she said that she was going to feed us and we never really like to eat her food because you know its grandma food and not very good. haha so we were like "ohh we already ate.." and she was soooo mad, shes like "HEY I tell you to come hungry when you come to my house.. why you never listen?" hah. so we sat down and piled in as much of her food as we could that looked edible.. the rest we wrapped in toilet paper and stuffed in our backpacks.^^ Then we gave her these cooling pack things that you put on your back when it is sore and so we gave those to her and then my companion pulls out her lotion from her backpack and starts rubbing it on her hands then gives some to me and the grandma. Then she asked our grandma if she wanted to keep the lotion. Our cute little grandma just started crying.. she was so grateful that we came over that night and wanted to visit her.. plus buying her back stuff and giving her lotion. I have never seen her emotional like that before. Then she said to us, "if you two leave I am not going to church"..
Ya... we are still working on that. 

My Sweet Grandma friend.

I Love you all and I love this work, I love Suncheon but most importantly I love my Savior and He loves each of one us. Everything is possible because of Jesus Christ. We owe it all to him and just my year and a half service cant repay him for all that he has done for me but I am grateful for the opportunity that I do have to forget myself and go to work in this great cause! Thank you again for all the support and love!

태너 자매

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