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안녕하세요!!~~ I hope you all had an amazing Easter!! Easter is not a very big Holiday in Korea. Which is really sad that the little kids here have never believed in the Easter Bunny:( haha but its okay we still ate hard boiled eggs yesterday after church. 


Birthday Katsu

Birthday cake a la mode

This week was a great week.. I learned a lot this week and let it be known that missionary work is not easy. We all expect, more dream of that story book baptism/miracle moment. and dont get me wrong they come but more often than others the hard times triumph. This week we met the girl that we met at English class last week and we were able to meet here one on one and teach her the first part of the first lesson. We taught her how to pray and the importance of prayer and her relationship with her Heavenly Father. It was a really good lesson and we felt the spirit strongly, she did too. She even pointed it out.. She is such a GOLDEN investigator. During the lesson she stops us and asks "whats this good feeling I am feeling", and we told her that was the spirit tesitfying to her that what we were teaching her was true. And if she wanted to continue to feel that spirit that she should come to church on Sunday. She said she would love to and at the end of the lesson she wanted to be the one to close the lesson in prayer. I could not think of any more perfect first lesson. Then... we tried following up to see if she was still able to come to church and she didn't reply.. she still hasn't replied to this day. I dont know what happened, but its been a little hard to accept that she hasn't been answering our calls after such a great lesson. But it has taught me a lot about having faith and relying on what we taught her in that lesson about PRAYER. I know that God has a plan for her and in His own time we will find her again and be able to continue to teach her~ its not always that easy but through our speed bumps we learn more and grow from them. As the new transfer begins we were thinking and praying that we could get her baptized, and we still have faith that we can! and along the way we might find someone even more prepared to recieve the gospel. Missions are alway full of unexpected miracles. 

sweater weather:)

Spring has arrived..

Taking a break Sister Faanunu??

Our family that we are teaching too, is progressing little by little every time. This week the mom said that she had to work so that we could teach the daughter with her dad. But because of mission rules us sisters cant just teach the dad, so we brought the Elders with us and when we did that we were able to get the son in on the lesson as well. They reall enjoyed it and the kids are listening well to our message. They both prayed and said that they will try to come to church next week. I love this family so much and it would just be the most amazing thing if they come to know that this church is true and accept to follow Jesus Christs example. As a family I couldn't think of anything more perfect. But we will keep praying and fasting for this family~ 

MY view at lunch

Sister Faanunu's View

My spring skirts are out in full force.

On Sunday a little girl in our Branch has been bringing her friend to church everyweek. We have played with them after church for the past 2 weeks and have really gained the cutest friendship. In sacrament they came and sat next to me and just played with my hair.. they tried to braid it but it just ended up their little hands getting lost in the Lion's mane. hah. They are the cutest girls and we are going to start the lessons with her friend next week. She practically is already a member and loves the missionaries. I am excited to see where this goes! I love this area and I am so grateful to be here. I have learned a lot and continue to learn and recognize my weaknesses but because of those weaknesses I have the opportunity to grown and learn more. 

Love this girls shop 

She is so pretty and we love her.

Haha....  Should I tell them its spelled wrong;)

There was a scripture I read in my personal study that I wanted to share..

3 Nephi 19:25
"And it came to pass that Jesus blessed them as they did pray unto him; and his countenance did smile upon them, and the light of his countenance did shine upon them.."

I know that as long as we are SMILING and letting Christ's light shine before others they will come to recognize that we are good, that we have something about us that is different and they will be ready to accept this message. I know that times aren't always easy the way that we picture or want them to be but if we just SMILE and make the best out of every day we will witness God's hand in our lives everyday. He loves us and wants us to be happy. I love this gospel and love you all! 

Gods army is strong!

I love this city!!
Happy Easter!!~


태너 자매

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