Monday, March 14, 2016



안녕하세요!!!! ❤❤❤

This week on P-day we walked through the door of our apartment and got a call from president. President started the call off by saying "this is an emergency call I need to talk to all 3 of you." hahah so many things were running through my mind, like oh no what did we do now, who died, whats going to happen to us. Then he said, "A sister needs to go home..." That's like all he said. My heart starts pounding and we all start freaking out a little bit. He then said "Sister Teekiu... you need to emergency transfer to Chunju." We all were thinking that Sister Teekiu had to go home or something but come to find out that a Sister in Chunju had to go home and so they needed another sister in that area so they took our Sister Teekiu:( SO you can imagine how stressful that Pday was trying to get her stuff packed in 2 hours and then trying to figure out how we were going to get her to Chunju. Then our Mission Leader Cho Joong Hyun(President Jo) called us and said that he would drive us in his car. Suncheon to Chunju is about 2 hours there and back. So we took a very unexpected road trip with our mission leader. hah.

Just me and Sister Faanunu now.

The work never stops for us Sisters.

The Elders just takes selfies;)

But during that time I had a very good conversation with him. I say "I" because both of my companions left me to sit up in shot gun with him and they fell asleep in the back..ugh. hahah
I learned a lot from that experience though. Our mission leader is amazing. He is also the first counselor to President Shin and pretty much started this Suncheon Branch. If he did not get baptized this Branch would not be the way it is now or might not be there at all. His conversion story is so amazing. I will have to explain that story later.. but from this experience I really came to know that I am suppose to be serving in this area. I love these members so much. They show so much love to us. After that 4 hour road trip with President Jo, I felt so close to him and could really talk and understand his story. It was a really neat experience. 

No hustle and bustle in the country.

And yesterday there was these Less Active's kids that came to church yesterday and the little boy really wanted someone to play with him. So President Jo was like oh I will play with you.. (let it be known that President Jo is kind of a grandpa)... haha so him and this little boy were chasing eachother around the parking lot with squirt guns shooting eachother. Then I ran outside and President Jo grabs me and uses me as a shield to protect him and the little boy just starts squirting me with water. hahah these little things make being a way from home in a foreign country away from my family.. feel like HOME. Its not easy but we are suppose to be in the areas that we have been called to for a reason. We might not see a huge baptism or some storybook miracle, but I know that no matter we are there is something from there that we need to learn to become that person/missionary that God knows that we can be. 

My new friend.

Haha... just smile for me:)

I dont have any dropping the cake like funny stories this week.. but we did go to one of our members houses in the country this week for dinner. Their house was soooo cool!! its completely decorated in the inside with expensive antiques from all over the world!! We felt like we were princesses. hah. and they fed us some very delicious food too! Love you all and hope you have the best week ever. 

Modern home in the country! Thats my kind of living:)

Nicest house I have seen here in Korea.

Beautiful Furniture

I loved the doll collection

clowns not so much.

Then the feast!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! 생일 축하합니다!!! 🎂❤


태너 자매


  1. There's a story about Brother Jo in the August 2007 Ensign, "It Started with a Pamphlet." (I think--pretty sure that's him). Awesome family.

    1. I will definitely look it up. Thanks for emailing her. She really thought is was so nice that you reached out to her. Judi(her mom)