Sunday, March 20, 2016



Don't Mess with the Suncheon Squad..

Just Kidding... Were not so tough.

Beautiful Spring day.

Being Proper

NOT so Proper!!

Haha!!  Elder Vader

Joyous Jumping!

HELLO!!! There is so much to tell you but so little time!! 
This week was a really great week, it went by really fast~
Earlier this week we didn't have any appointments one day and so we wanted to try and meet the Mongolian less active and we called a member that is close to her to see if it was okay to just go over without calling her, and when we called the member she said, she was with her right now. SO that worked out perfectly. The member then came and picked us up and we went over to the Mongolian sisters house and looked at her photo album of pictures of her baptism, family and wedding. She is so beautiful and is one of those foreign girls that come here to marry middle aged korean men... and her husband is not a nice man and prohibts her from going to church so, that is why she is less active now. It has been such a miracle that we have been able to meet with her and spend time with her and her kids. They came to church yesterday too! I love this Branch so much. I was sitting in Sacrament yesterday and just started crying because of the love that I felt from all the members sitting in the congregation. It is a little branch but so strong and feels like a family. 

At church yesterday the potential missionary that we have been helping lately gave her farewell testimony. She gave us the biggest shout out! haha. and just started bawling.. I will always remember that moment!! I didn't know that really spending that much time with her talking about the missionary lessons made such an impact on her. We have become really close and I am going to miss her so much. She leaves tomorrow for the MTC! We also had a Music Fireside in the YEOSU branch yesterday night and she came to help us with our districts skit and then she had to leave with her Dad to go home. She just came up to me and started crying again and I just hugged her. It was the saddest moment ever. I really know that we were suppose to be here at this time to help her. She is going to be such an amazing missionary! 

My favorite Missionary to be. So excited for her new journey that awaits her.

Saying goodbye is hard. Love my District!

Love these girls!

We have seen many unexpected miracles this week. We had our English class this week and the elders brought a girl that they met on the bus the other day to meet us. We got talking with her and asked her if she would like to meet one on one and told her about the message that we are sharing and she said she is very interested in hearing our message. When we were talking to her I could just feel the spirit radiating from her. She is so prepared to receive this gospel and I only met her once and literally talked to her for less than an hour. I know I really visualize everyone being baptized after the first time I meet them and then its a little hard on me when they drop or stop meeting us. But I know that with that faith that they can be baptized or visualizing the family that we are teaching all can being baptized and then going to the temple to be sealed for all eternity is not a bad thing to do. We are meeting the girl that came to english class this week and we are really excited to see how that goes! 

Funny story of the week: We went to go visit our Grandma again this week and we were talking to her and asking her to refer us to her Grandma friends... because she is actually really popular. haha. So she walked us over to another apartment by hers and she rang the door bell like 5 times until she answered the door. Then we just hung out with the Grandmas for a little bit. Our grandma always hits us too haha. She is so old and just hilarious. She was a recent convert when I got to this area and so we are still trying to review what she was taught when she got baptized. and we pointed to a picture of jesus and asked her who it was... and she replied...
"I dont know... is that like your church pastor or something?!" hahahahah oh man. 

Love the Grandmas. They make me laugh so much!

But it was a great week! oh we just got transfer calls and Sister Faanunu and I are both staying in this area for another transfer!! We are excited for another miracle filled transfer!! Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week and fun spring break!!! send lots of pictures and have lots of fun!!! 

This is what you call Korean style Chinese delivery.

Dining in style.

사랑해요!!! ❤❤❤

태너 자매

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  1. I see that Sister Faanunu is wearing short sleeves before May. This means that every single person she meets will be asking her, "Aren't you cold?" Hee hee.