Monday, November 2, 2015



Me after blowing up 100 balloons

balloons everywhere

I'm the good witch!

Halloween party hostesses

proud of our jack-o-lanturn poster

Bishops son

lady who we had baptism for last week and her sweet daughter

Mary Choi. the Filipino lady living in Korea.

I don't have too much time to write a big email! This week was a fun week! We spent most of our time getting ready for the Halloween party! It was a huge success! A lot of our investigators came and their kids had so much fun with all the games and the haunted house! Halloween is not a big holiday over here in Korea so we made it a big holiday!! haha it was a blast!! It was so amazing how much time we spent and such a relief that it all worked out the way we planned it! I love this ward that we are serving in. They helped the missionaries so much to truly make it the best party ever. Our investigators were able to come and get along with the members, such a blessing. We had one of our investigators come that was a referral from the Seoul missionaries. We met her once and she didn't really have interest in meeting 1 on 1 but just had interest in the English Class. But today she texted us and said the Party was so fun and her little daughter loved it and she wants to start the lessons again!! Such a miracle! So yes the big thing that happened this week was the Halloween party! ohhh.... and also...

The less active family, their 10 year old daughter is getting baptized in 2 weeks!!! We are so extremely excited for her and for her family to start coming back to church and feeling the blessings that come from church. Our little investigator is so excited about her baptismal and it is always so fun to teach her! She pays attention so well and answers our questions so cute. I am so grateful for all the members helping us and my companion that we were able to see this miracle!
I love this ward and area. I have learned so much from the members and everyone here.

I hope you all had a fun Halloween and got lots of candy!!!
sorry for the short email this week!!! I am praying for you all! Miss you!!! xoxo

Sister Tanner

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