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Wow 2 weeks without talking to you all, a little two long... but it's okay I am still alive!! But I have so much to tell you! This past week was sooo amazing, I have learned so much these past couple weeks.

dressed for success.

"Hi" to my family!

Love you all!

Beautiful together!

Where do I start...So the start of this transfer we were feeling good about our investigators that we had set up from last transfer but as we started the new transfer we had a big majority of our investigators all of a sudden drop and said they were to busy to meet. That is the absolute worst, when you think you have investigators that are progressing and you are planning the rest of the lessons for them and then all of a sudden they drop you. But I have learned that, that is part of this work. It doesn't come as easy and we want it to be sometimes. And that is also not what we are here for, not here to just have easy work because we don't learn or grow from that. 

This week we spent a lot of time putting up English advertisements and trying to find people to teach. So the whole week we were lacking on our teaching lessons and so it was getting a little frustrating but we didn't give up. Then this is where the miracle came into place..
 This miracle I named the "incompletely, totally unpredictable day!"
It was Friday this week and we had appointments set up and we were feeling good about the day. Then of course, unexpectedly all the appointments cancelled so we had an entire day fully open. We had one appointment that was set with a Less Active so we were still able to go meet with her. She lives in a town called TECHNOVALLEY. Technovalley is a farther area from our apartment so we don't travel there very often but we wanted to visit this Less-Active. Her name is 이지연 자매님! Her and her family have been less active for years now and she hasn't let missionaries come visit her either. So it was already a miracle that she let us come over. We arrived in Technovalley a little early so we started talking to some people on the street. As we were waiting for the light to change to cross the street I said Hi to a lady and she stopped and said "oh where are you from? wait are you LDS?" and we were like YESSSSS. So we started talking to her and her name was 최마리(mary choi). She is from the Philippians, she has lived in Korea for 12 years now. Her brother is a member of our church and she said that she has seen missionaries before in the Philippians but we were the first missionaries she has seen since being here in Korea. She speaks fluent Korean, English, and Tagolic. SO amazing!! We are meeting with her this week and we are so excited! It was definitely a miracle that we met her! 

New shoes and cardi.

My Mommy knows what I like!

Then we met with the Less Active~ she is so pretty and her family is the cutest. She said that her and her family were coming to Stake Conference on Sunday!!! They haven't been back to church in a while. SO that was a miracle too. We were able to see them on Sunday and then our Bishop told us to come and talk to him and the family after the meeting. They were discussing have their daughter receive the missionary lessons so that she can get baptized. And through our lessons hopefully reactivate the family and gain relationship with the members through member lessons. IT was such a miracle to see that they want us to teach her daughter and hopefully receive baptism by the end of this transfer! We were definitely not expecting any of this to happen! 

Making a halloween party invite.... making my Daddy proud!

Then continuing on that unpredictable day we received a referral from the Seoul South missionaries about 2 weeks ago and met her one night and she has the cutest daughter, their family is pretty young and they live in our area. She said she was learning English from the missionaries there but stopped because she moved and still doesn't really have time to meet so we were sad they she didn't really want to continually meet. So we wanted to invite her to the Halloween Party that we are having so we went to apartment and put an invitation on her door. Then as we were getting on the elevator, they walk out! SO we got to talk to her and her daughter and tell them to come to the party!! They said they most likely will be able to!!

She is so cute.

Then after that encounter we were coming back to our area for dinner and we ran into our investigator on the street!! She hasn't been really wanting to meet as much but as we met her on the street randomly we got to talk to her and set up an appointment.
Then as the night was still open we tried calling all of the past investigators to see if one of them would want to meet missionaries again. And we got one to agree to have us over for a quick message. She has been taught all the lessons but doesn't have much interest right now but was the sweetest lady. Then as we left her house one of our members called us and invited us over and they happen to be living in the same apartment!! 

A sister being baptized in our area.

Baptisms are my favorite.

The whole day just worked out to every hour of the day!! IT was such an amazing experience!! I know that God is watching over every aspect of our missions. This is His work not ours!! I am so grateful for this experience to be a missionary and to get to meet these amazing people of Korea. These past 2 weeks have been a testimony builder for sure. I am grateful for my companion and our relationship. Without each other and our constant support for each other we couldn't do this work by our selves. 
I love you all so much and missed you a lot this week!! I am so excited that I will be able to call My Korean Grandpa on Christmas. Such a miracle as well!! PRAY REALLY HARD THAT MY KOREAN IMPROVES.  hahah I have faith that it will all work out the way it is suppose!!! Sorry there is never enough time to write everything but I love you!!!!!
태너 자매❤

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