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   AHHHHHHHHHHH it is P-Day!!!!! hooorrrayyy. Every Wednesday night it honestly feels like Christmas Eve. All of us Sisters get all hyper and can't get to sleep because we just cant wait to get up the next morning and talk to our friends and family. I don't know what it was but we were all so hyper and slap happy last night and could not fall asleep. We just laughed and laughed until it was silent and we all were out. haha. 

    ya... sooo I talk in my sleep.. you all knew that.. haha. But its bad!! Sister Hall sleeps in the bunk bed next to my companion and I. She wakes up every morning and turns to me and said "I heard you talking in your sleep last night... you were screaming about a printer.." DONT ASK. I have absolutely no idea what I was dreaming about haha. And then last night the Sisters heard me again just mumbling away. whoops:)

  This week was so great!!! We had D. Todd Christofferson speak to us at our Tuesday Devotional!! 2 general authorities in a row!! We are truly blessed. They asked who was here in the MTC the longest so, we all raised our hands and they said, we are in store for some really amazing things here at the MTC. So that is pretty exciting!!! His talk was really inspiring. He titled it.. QUESTIONS OF THE FIELD:(I will give you a brief overview) He answered questions from..

Q: How do I get along better with my companion?

A: Pray for them, for their happiness, success, protection, and care for them. Serve them.. YOU GROW TO LOVE THOSE YOU SERVE. 

* That seems to be directed straight to ME. hah. My companion really is such a sweet heart. Shes so hilarious and has a strong testimony. We both and most missionaries are just having a harder time warming up and breaking our selves into the missionary life and having to do every thing together, every waking moment. But ya know.. There are no coincidences.. God put me and my companion together first off, for a reason. He knows my strength, weaknesses and knows how this will change me and help me throughout my mission. Not saying my companion is difficult.. but in the future on my mission this will hopefully teach me how to handle future companions. which is a really good thing to learn now

Q: How do I know I am doing enough?

A: If this question consumes you then that means you are thinking about yourself. Work hard and open your mouths. IF you think and know you are and have done your best and have been completely obedient than you are doing enough. God will bless you for your efforts. 

Q: What can I do when I am feeling discouraged?

A: Discouragement is inevitable on a mission. If missionaries havent already felt it here in the MTC, they will later on. It just comes with the package. haha. But quitting won't make you feel better. 

* We have to ask ourselves.. Do I need to change? What do I need to rethink? Just keep your eye on the outcome and KEEP WORKING!

  IT was such an amazing talk and really inspiring to hear. Because we all ask ourselves those same questions. A mission is hard. It has been really hard and I've only been out 3 weeks!! OY

                                                             The Elders
                                                          District Selfie:)
I Love Temple days!

  But I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I have never felt the spirit SO strong in my life. Like when we go to teach a lesson and we don't have that much time to prepare before but, we say a pray before and go in with a good attitude and come out like, what did we even say? were we even speaking a language? But it's a feeling I can't even describe. It's hard now to try and teach lessons because we don't know how to carry on a conversation or let alone answers questions the investigators have because.. uh we can't understand them hah. But its still just so fun!!! I cant wait until I can speak fluent Korean. 
I would really love to do something with the language when I get home as well. We will see:)

   OOOOHH OH OHOHOHOHO... Ahhhh guess what!!!!!!!!
okay, So our district got to host yesterday for all the new missionaries coming in. It was the funnest thing ever. Brought back so many memories though and I've come to notice I'm a sympathetic crier. So, when I saw all these missionaries and their moms get out crying I would just stand there and cry too. But the first Sister I hosted was an early arrival and just her Mom dropped her off and she was just the cutest little thing, but she was just crying and crying and crying and ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug and told her it was going to be okay. She said,"Thank you!" and wouldn't let me go of me.
(Tender mercy)

My Host and I (3 weeks ago)

  I then hosted 2 other sisters, it was the best. Kinda pathetic though.. my arms are sore from carrying their HEAVY suitcases up to the 4th floor of their Residence Halls haha. But dont you worry Mom, I have been running and doing the elliptical in our gym time and I try to study the language when I am doing that haha. (multi-tasking at its best!)

reunited with my Mads

  So as I was hosting my first Sister.. THERE IS MADELINE(Sister Whetten)!!!!!! right there. ahhhhhhh I ran to her and WE embraced in this big hug and just cried!!! hysterically crying as we were just hugging and hugging for it felt like 10 minutes. My poor sister I was hosting was just standing there and she was crying and was like,"that was the greatest thing ever!" haha. I said, I'm so sorry thats just My best friend and I have been waiting so long for her to get here. It was so awesome! I can't wait to see her again. because our encounter was super short.

Sister Fiso from Australia (Sisters for life)

  Sister FISO left:( Their whole district sang a song on Sunday because they were leaving on Monday and I don"t know if I have cried so hard in a Sacrament meeting before. The spirit was so strong. I could even hear the Elders behind me sniffling. But as they were singing I was crying and Sister Fiso looks up and sees me and starts to hysterically bawl. I was like ah shoot IM SORRY!!! my bad. But they were the best district to have as examples and some one to lean on and I just want to be like that for the younger sisters. Because Everyone needs and friend.

  Thank you sooooooooo much for the package!!!!!! it was the cutest!!!!! I really needed everything in it!!!!! The Sisters loved the cupcakes! haha We won't pass up a delicious treat haha. And Thank you for the letters. Really though keep sending them! EVERYONE SEND ME A LETTER. (this isn't me being selfish I promise) haha I just want to hear from you all!!

 April 9, 2015  Mt. Timpanogos Temple 

  MOM and DAD. I lOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Thank you for everything. For teaching me and raising me in this gospel. I wouldn't be here without you.
Mom thank you for your cards. I cling to your words and copy them down so I can remember them forever. I loved the title of the card.. "Be Bold and Brave in your Heart"
and how you told me about people reading my emails and how "MY work is going beyond the MTC walls." I cant explain how much that means..... Being on a mission is amazing and being able to see the change in peoples life is indescribable and seeing the change in MY life as well. 

Another quote from my mommy. "The love of Christ is so contagious, and you are living, breathing proof that He does change lives." I cling to your encouraging and uplifting words. They keep me going and strong!!


  Love you all with all my heart!!!!!
Have a fantastic week! You are in my prayers and not a second goes by that I am not thinking about you and your safety. Thank you for the packages and love. I will talk to you next Pday!!!!

Tanner 자매

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