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 Good Morning my beautiful family and friends!! I sure can't express how much I look forward to P-day... and letters/packages.. so please keep sending them haha. Thank you so so much for what you have sent me so far and everything you have done for me. The support honestly means so much and is really helping me stay strong and keep going.

 This week was great!! Jeffery R. Holland spoke at our Tuesdays devotional!!!! A true celebrity here at the MTC. It was amazing and we all really needed to hear what he had to say to us. One thing that he said was," This is your conversion, your commitment, your devotion." Everyone that I have talked to said that you are your #1 convert on your mission. IF you do not have any baptisms, what really matters is your conversion and your testimony of our savior and this gospel. 

This is My conversion

We are technically on our 3rd week here in the MTC about 6 more to go. The MTC really is such an amazing place.

                                         I Love MY District.......  This is my Life!

 I sit in class and look at my District and feel like I have known all these Elders and Sisters before. Its crazy. We all get along so well and made it a long term goal that if we are all around Utah when we get home we will try our best to keep in touch and make some K-Town temple runs. (we call our zone and like the lunch table we sit at, "K-Town") Our Branch is the best! Our Rooms are on the top floor of every building, so we are called the Celestial Branch. The Koreans have a very respective culture and they have been teaching us that throughout our classes here. 

The Celestial Branch :)

 Your letters and packages have honestly come at the perfect times and have made me the happiest SISTER MISH there could ever be! Our District leader Elder Orndorff always jokes around with me and tells our whole district that I guess I am the most loved.. haha 
 The Elders tease me a lot.. Yesterday I just randomly started singing "head, shoulders, knees and toes'" in Korean (thank you Soon Haddock for teaching her when she was 2 yrs old) and they thought it was so cool and now they think I am hiding my ability to speak Korean... haha just because I am Korean they tease me all the time and think I am some crazy wizard that knows how to speak this crazy language. haha. But really I love this language and love this culture. 

MY District

  I gave the prayer in sacrament meeting as well, and everyone thinks I can speak it so well. But really I just have the same prayer memorized haha. Dangit.. I gotta learn a new one cuz they will keep asking me to pray.

  I have such an amazing family heritage and story that I just want to share with everyone!!! THOSE pictures you sent me of my Great Uncle..  I cried when they fell out of the card. These past couple of days I have been filled with so much emotion. because I truly feel like I am coming to understand my purpose, why I decided to serve a mission, and of all places I could have been called to. I was called to Korea. It honestly is so amazing! It makes me SO emotional and SO happy to just see where I am and where I am headed and what journey I am going to have. The letter I got from Elder DeMille's Mother was really something I needed to read. I feel so bad for the sisters in my room haha they probably are like WHY DO YOU HAVE TO CRY SO MUCH!!! hah. but its a Happy cry!!
 I have been called to Korea for a reason and I cant wait to see exactly why? While being here in the MTC I have come to know how much my family means to me. how much I love them and pray for them every second.

I'm Going HERE!!

My companion and I are getting along a lot better. She is so funny!! She is always asking me little things about America and why we do that? She thought it was crazy that we had 3 warm meals a day.. YES we eat all the time! that is why we are getting fat! hah. just kidding. but its great. My District and Branch is amazing. I love being a Missionary and the mass amount of lessons I am learning here!

MY Companion from the Netherlands

IN the Sunday Devotional we had Brother and Sister Allen spoke. They are MTC representatives, and Sister Allen said, "We are away from our families for only a short time. Just like we are away from our Father in Heaven, but we will return home to our Father in Heaven and with our families together forever." That has given me SO much comfort when I feel homesick. I am here to help the people of Korea come to the understanding that through this Gospel we have the opportunity to live with our families and loved ones for all Eternity!! ISNT THAT AWESOME!?!?!? ah I love it! I love this Gospel and the joy it brings in my life!

 I also love the Temple. Ahh yay we get to go today!!! Last Temple trip was so amazing. I was praying and praying for comfort and peace while I went through a session. As we were approaching the end of our session, a cute Brother that was a temple worker exchanged a sly thumbs up to me in the Celestial room, and that right there I knew it was all going to be okay. haha. The little tender mercies like that really brighten my day. They help me, "Walk Tall, Keep the Faith and Finish the Fight." (thank you Lisa DeMille)

                      MY Cousin: Sister Carter (Helsinki, Finland Mission) <3 her!!

The Carters also sent me a package too!!! Ah tell them I loved it and thank you so much!! I havent seen Karissa in a little while but I will tell her too. It really is GOLD!! Again Thank you so much for your love and Support and I'm so blessed to have you all in my life!

XoXo, Sister Tanner

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