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GOOODDD MORNING!!! More than halfway through the MTC!! That just seems unreal. I cant believe how fast time is flying by. We have 3 more weeks left here. That stresses me out a little but also gets me so excited!!!
I received an email from my mission president today:

Dear Sister Tanner,

The time is fast approaching for your arrival here in Korea. We look forward to meeting you on 14 Jul 2015 at the Incheon International Airport.

We hope your experience at the MTC has been enjoyable. We know you have had great teachers and the opportunity to hear from some of our great Church leaders. Now it is time to put all that language learning and spiritual development to work in Korea.

Upon your arrival, you will spend your first two nights in Korea (Tuesday and Wednesday) at the mission home in Daejeon. Pack a carry-on bag with your night-clothes, toothbrush, shampoo, bath towel, change of clothing, and whatever else you need for this two night stay, such as your scriptures, Preach My Gospel, and your study journal for taking notes. Your luggage will be stored at the church. Carry your necessary things in this manner for your stay. On Thursday morning you will leave for your first area.

Thank you for your hard work and diligence at the MTC. Soon you will be walking on the streets of Korea with your trainer. That will be a great day.

We love you and best wishes,

Yong-In Shin
Mission President

President Yong-In S. Shin and Hyo-Sun Camila Shin
S. Korea, Daejeon Mission President

"Soon you will be walking on the streets of Korea with your trainer"
LIKE WHAT!!!!! That is so crazy!! I can't even believe that in 3 weeks I will be in Korea!!! I need to really really study hard these last couple of weeks to really feel somewhat comfortable with this language. I have felt that we as a district were really learning and studying so hard when we got here but then now we are kind of chugging along. We are kind of losing some focus and really love just telling stories about our lives before the mission. We have really come so close. This is my little family here and I love them so much. We have planned so many trips after the mission and hope to stay really close.
Cant believe its only 3 weeks away.

My Korean Sisters

  I had a really great experience, I think it was on Sunday. I wrote Dad a letter and this experience is included in that letter so sorry dad you will have to read it twice.
BTW: HAPPY FATHERS DAY ON SUNDAY!!!!! WAHOOOO. you will get my letter by then I hope. I love you!!!
아마튼(anyways)... So our topic for Sunday was BAPTISM. It was a really amazing Sabbath Day to reflect on when I was baptized and the importance it has in missionary work!! 
I began to reflect on my baptism and how much it really meant to me. I began to remember how long ago that was and if I really understood the importance of that day. That day I was clean. My sins were washed away and I was confirmed a member of this amazing church. But most important I was given the gift of the holy ghost as a constant companionship, if I chose to live worthily and keep the commandments of god. 
 Without the Holy Ghost we cannot endure to the end. It is impossible! I am extremely grateful for this gift. Christ endured to the end for each one of us. He didn't quit. That gives me so much comfort. That I cannot and will not quit. Christ endured to the end just like we will. But with his help. We are not alone in this journey here on earth. We have the example of our savior Jesus Christ and with the gift of the holy ghost after we were baptized, will help and guide us in the right direction. We are constantly watched over and he loves each one of us unconditionally.

My claim to fame. I'm on a LDS Baptism card.

 I love Sundays because we get to partake of the sacrament. That is the time to reflect on your life or week. Take it step by step and ask yourself:

"Who am I?

What am I doing?
How am I living?
Where am I going?
What should I be accomplishing?"

 The sacrament not only renews the covenants we have made at baptisms but also the temple covenants we have made. Isn't that so cool!?! I love our sundays here and being able to reflect and remember Christ and the sacrifice he made for ME.

"If today you are a little better than yesterday, than that is enough. If tomorrow you are a little better than today, than that is enough."(I love quotes)

The Savior passing the sacrament. OH how I love this!

So yes, Sundays are my favorite but it's a little more stressful and nerve wracking because we are almost the oldest district here now so we get called on for talks in Korean:/ ah...

  But no, I told you I had a really cool experience. So sunday night one of the sisters in our district wasn't feeling very well. The Elders offered to give her a priesthood blessing. My companion and I and the other sisters went into an empty room and waiting for the elders to come back. They then came in and ask like who she wanted to preform the blessing. The proceeded to consecrate the oil and give her the blessing. I felt the spirit so strongly in that room. I just started crying(happy cry).  It was such a testimony builder on the power of the priesthood. That we have such worthy elders to be willing to give a blessing like that. Some being their first blessing ever. But how powerful the priesthood is amazes me. We are going to ask the elders to give us blessings before we leave I think. Because we all want one now hah.

  All the weeks are a blurrrrrrrrr!!! I cant remember anything I feel like haha. But all is well here in the MTC!!! Thank you so much for the Package!!!!!!! honestly loved every single thing in it. I loved that journal. oh my goodness. thank you! Loved everyones letters. I cant believe its summer. I hope you are enjoying that pool for me!!!

  The language is coming along. There are good days and there are bad. I don't think I ever told you. So we teach investigators and then we have TRC and that is when we teach members or nonmembers that speak Korean. My companion and I taught these two Sisters and they served in DAEJEON. It was honestly the best. So we aren't suppose to speak english and we just teach a lesson to them. So we talked about the different ways we can feel the spirit. and then out of no where I whipped out my hymn book and we started singing a hymn in Korean. The spirit was so strong. After our lesson was over and after we prayed. We broke our Korean and just sat for 30 minutes talking about Daejeon. It was so comforting to hear from these sisters all about the mission.
Korean Book of Mormon 모르 몬 교도의 책

  So we moved all our stuff to a new residence today. A way nicer one!! and I weighed my luggaged after just throwing everything in there real fast and it didn't even way 50 lbs. But I still didn't have a lot in there. So I'm just worried that they are going to be so heavy!! haha
I opened up the luggage with the winter stuff and one of the sisters was like, oh you are already packed?.. and I was like uhhh no these are clothes I haven't even touched. and she honestly was judging me so hard.. hahahhahaha. She has like 3 shirts, 3 skirts and 2 pairs of shoes and thats all. I LOVE CLOTHES OKAY!! IM A SISTER MISSIONARY GIVE ME A BREAK HAHA.  

 Thank you for the Korean names. I will try to see if someone can help me with family history, I just feel like we have no time!!

I love my siblings!! I miss you guys so much!! And think about you all the time. Have a fun summer for me!!!

ME and MY Daddy!

사랑합니다!!!!! (Love you)

Tanner 자매

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