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LET the 11 out of 12 transfers begin!!!~~~

LOVE these Sisters!!

Sister Gordon

Sister Mckay

ahh I can't believe I only have 9 more weeks of my mission. This week was really fun! I went on a split with the other sisters and that was a very needed split. I am so grateful for the sisters in this mission. I know that each one that I have become so close to has made such an impact on my life and I know that I have made some forever friends through serving a mission. I know that God puts certain people in our paths that we need at that moment. That moment has happened to me continuously throughout my mission. But specifically right now. I have the best new companions. I can't thank Heavenly Father enough for sending them to me.

This week we got the transfer call and the Aps called and told me that I will be in a Trio with Sister Yoo and a Greenie. That Sister Yoo and I would be training and Sister Training Leaders. I was so excited to hear that. So we went to Daejeon on Thursday to meet who we would be training. We have only spent a few days together but I already love these sisters so much. I am so happy and I know that Heavenly Father knows exactly what I need at this moment in order to finish my mission off strong. 

The Trio. Sister Haddock and Sister Yoo

Bus rides with this beauty

Lunch time

Sister Power!

It has been a really good experience to be with a new missionary. It makes me reflect on when that was me and how much I have grown since then to now. I wouldn't want to change anything about my mission. I have loved every second of this experience. It hasn't been easy but I know that deciding to serve a mission was the best decision ever. I love and miss my family so much but I don't want to go home yet! This experience of being a missionary is so hard to put into words. I love being a missionary.

Our first sunday as companions:
It was stake conference so we had to travel to Cheongju to the stake center. It was such an amazing meeting. All the most recent returned missionaries in the stake spoke. Their talks were so good and really answered a lot of questions that I seemed to have. It was so fun to see the members as well. They all came up to me and hug me and just showed me so much love. I think they all could tell that I was a lot happier now haha. I love Cheonan ward.. they are my family. I have never really felt this close to the members or have them show me so much love and care. Because of transfers I have 2 new companions and the Elders were also whitewashed. So its only me that knows the members or the area. hah its been fun! I have such a good feeling about this next transfer. Heavenly Father knows me and has a plan for my mission. He is watching over me every second and sending me things that he knows I can handle. 

Reunited with Sister Teekiu

These gorgeous YSA girls

My buddy

Love these girls

I am grateful for the opportunity I have to train Sister Haddock with Sister Yoo. These sisters are amazing and I am the Grandma of the bunch but I am learning so much from them already.

I wanted to share something that I found in my personal study today. I was reading the October 2015 Liahona and there was a talk in there about The Plan of Salvation. And how the plan of salvation is a gift from our Loving Heavenly Father. He did not send us to earth blinded with no way to return back to him. In order for us to choose wisely here on earth, God has revealed His plan of Redemtion and has provided commandments, the Ligh of Christ, and the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Yet even with all of these gifts, everyone of us in this fallen world commits sin, and so we are all incapable of entering the presence of God on our own merits. That is why His merciful plan provides a Savior. Through our Savior, Jesus Christ we can be clean again.

Bishop and his beautiful family

This family has a piece of my heart forever.

"Each of us comes to this fallen world with weaknesses or challenge inherent in the human condition- understanding God's plan enables us to see all human frailties- including attractions and desires inconsistent with his plan. It is our status as a son or daughter of God- not our frailties or tendencies-that is the true source of our identity."

We all our a Daughter and Son of God. President Madsen has challenged all the missionaries everyday to look in the mirror and say "I am a Child of God" and at the end of the day to say "I did my best." We are not perfect... missionaries are far from perfect, and we struggle everyday with discouragement and with our own weaknesses. But I have come to know that as I remember my true Identity as a daughter of God I will always be able to feel God's love for me. I am extremely lacking and far from perfect but through God's plan and the atonement all of us can strive to be perfect and live with our Father in Heaven once again. 

He is the Coolest kid.

Elder Warrens buddy.

I love this gospel and love my mission! I love korea, I love the people of Korea. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior. I love you all! Have a great week!!


태너 자매

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  1. Awww! I never got to train. When my husband and I went over to teach (in Cheonan!) I told him that he got to be my greenie. :) Have fun!