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I am so sorry I didn't send a weekly email last week! I don't know but I just ran out of time and spaced. haha But I will make it up this week!

This week was crazy! We had to move out of our apartment because the lease was up and so we moved to a new house with airconditioning!!! wahooo!~ but now the weather is really cool and we don't need the airconditioning.. haha just our luck! But the house is so nice! Really really clean and new! We love it! But the process of moving really killed me! The apartment we lived in before was soooooooooo big, and was a 4 sister house before. So you can imagine how much stuff was in that house. We took maybe 10 trips up and down the elevator just halling out garbage! haha it was quite the experience. Then we boxed up all of our stuff and the elders and elders from the mission home came to help us move it all out. We finally got it all moved into our new house and really love it. I know how my family will feel in the next few weeks when you move. Just know that I did my moving part even if I am all the way in Korea.^^ 

Our new home.

Thank you President Madsen!! We love it here.

When I think about all that I have experience on my mission, I really have learned so many things that will benefit my life forever. The little things like, living with a more dirty companion than me and my clean freak comes out and I think I was never like that before the mission and my mom would always get on my case about never helping out around the house. I know that I will change that. haha sorry mom and dad;) I am so grateful for my mission and all the many people that I have met and all the things that I have experience and learned. This week is my companions last week as a missionary.. in the mission field we say that they are dying. and because I am her last companion, I am "killing her". As I have spent this last transfer with her, it makes me really reflect on my mission and make me think that I will be in that same position soon. It kind of scares me a little because I love being a missionary and don't want to leave Korea. But I know that everything from my mission will be in my heart forever.

happy times

Fall is in the air.

Yesterday, Grandpa came to Cheonan to come to church with me! It was so amazing to sit next to him and be able to partake of the sacrament together. It truly was a precious moment. It's still such a miracle to me that I am here and I have met my Grandpa twice now. Its amazing the love you can have for someone without even knowing them for that long. I feel like type of love for these people here. The Koreans are a special people and I love them so much. I love the members and all the investigators that we have taught. The Cheonan members really made Grandpa feel welcomed and loved. Grandpa is extremely smart and has such a good memory. He remembers so much of the history behind the church and the members loved talking to him! It was so good to see him though and spend some time with him for a little bit. I know that my call to Korea was inspired. I am suppose to be here for a multiple reasons. I know that Heavenly Father loves His children and we all have the potential to be like Him. 

SO happy to see him again.

My Grandpa Pak.

There has been many times this transfer where I have felt weak and not worth it, where Satan has tried to get me to give up. But those are the times I have felt so close to my Savior, Jesus Christ. He knows us individually and everything we are going through. The atonement is real and can heal any hurting soul. Alma 7:11~13 has given me a lot of comfort during my mission about the atonement. No matter how hard it may seem, Christ has already born it for us and he loves us so much. I am not perfect and I have many weakness but God doesn't expect us to be perfect. He expects us to keep on trying~ I love this gospel and all the comfort and guidance it provides to help us endure to the end. We are never alone.. Heavenly Father is right there waiting for us, to lift us up and carry us home! 

Love the YSA

Love you all so much. Thank you for all the support and love you have given me on my mission!!~ I would not be here without it! Have a great week and always remember that you are a CHILD OF GOD and HE LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY! 


태너 자매

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