Monday, January 25, 2016

20th BIRTHDAY in KOREA!!!~~


Sisters in the City

LOVE this book!

Yes, we are happy together!

Colonel Sanders loves Jesus too!

I love you all so much!!! Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes!! It was a cake-filled Birthday that's for sure!! But really it was the best day. I really felt the love from all of you at home and everyone here in Korea.
First it started on Tuesday, in our district meeting the Elders made this massive Icecream, Chocopie cake drizzled in chocolate syrup for me. Then that same night the other sisters we live with said they had to run outside and meet an investigator but then came back with the cutest strawberry cake for me because they know I love strawberries.^^ 

Chocopie cake from the elders

This is how the elders do cake

Strawberry cake from my sister roomies

So yummy!

 Then on my Birthday, I opened up the birthday packages from everyone. Thank you all so much!! I loved it all. Sister Kim also sent me something. She is the cutest, I miss her so much:( Then after that the zone leader called and told my companion and I that we needed to share a miracle about our week last week over conference call with our zone and I would have to do it in Korean. haha so that was a little stressful but then the whole zone sang happy birthday to me. After the call our Elders called and sang and then Sister Kim called and I got to talk to her for a little bit and catch up! After we went to our appointment with the Moms and kids that we teach english. They came with a cake and they bought me cute socks. It was the nicest thing because I have only known them really for 1 week and they show me so much love. I truly love the people of Korea so much. 

My newest friends in Suncheon

More cake

such a cutie!

Then after our appointment we met with our investigator "Yoonha kim". She told us that she was going to Seoul for school next week so we can't meet with her anymore:(
(that was the best bday present...not) hahah no but we told her to call us whenever she has time and we would love to meet with her again! She told us she doesn't want to go, she just wants to stay in Suncheon so she can meet with us! haha that was so good to hear! Then we went to dinner with the other sisters. We went to a Korean Food Buffet.... IT WAS DELICIOUS!! just picture all the korean food you can possibly eat in one restaraunt.. yes korean food paradise right there!! Then we ended the night at the Gym.

Birthday Dinner Buffet Style

Gym Mirror Selfie with my Sisters.

 The Elders investigator signed us missionaries up to teach an English class in the gym every night. It was really fun they sang again for me and we played games!! Overral it was the best birthday. I cant believe I am 20 years old. but in korea I actually am already 22 so i guess its not that different! Thank you again for all the birthday wishes!!!! I had an amazing day because of you all. This week was great as well. We are planning a Polynesian party for this weekend so a lot of our time is going into that to make this the best party that this Suncheon Branch has ever seen! The Tongan and Samoan sisters I am living with are making me dance with them.... if anyone knows me, they know that I can't dance... hahaha please pray for me~~

Party Planning is in full force. I'm learning to Hula for this Grand Event.

Anyways I will let you know how that goes next week and send lots of videos and pictures!!! Always remember how much I love you and praying for each one of you! But most importantly how much your Father in Heaven loves each one of you!! Talk to you next week!!!

Thank you again for all the birthday wishes!!!!


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  1. What a wonderful birthday and testimony! So much love and many birthday wishes being sent to you from California. Love, Sarah, Lauren, Zack, Spencer, Pinx and Dexter