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안녕하세요!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW what a week! We made it through our first full week of the new transfer here in Suncheon. It really is a good area and I know that there is a lot of work to do here and many miracles in store.

So this week we spent a lot of our time out trying to find people to teach. When I got here they had no investigators and my companion was going into her second transfer so she doesnt really know whats going on. It was a little struggle getting the hang of things but I know it will take some time until we feel comfortable in the area. This week we went and advertized our FREE english class and 1:1 english program. Throughout this whole week we recieved 15 numbers! I was always on the phone explaining our english program this week! It was truly a miracle! So we are praying really hard that this week we will be able to meet all of them. In Korea right now there is school vacation and it ends in February so right now all the students have so much time on their hands. SO the majority that called us were Girl Students.. *PERFECT* but that means we have to work really hard and fast!

Must be our Cute advertising flyer;)

This week we also had the craziest day. On Thursday we were planning on meeting this 2 students and they were coming to the church. They were known for cancelling their appointment right before and so it came time and they weren't answering their phone. Then all of a sudden, another number called and said, "I am coming to the church can you meet now?" So I was like woah... that never happens. YES COME! Then after I told her to come the student girls called and said they are almost to the church!!!!!!!!! ahahhah the most stressful thing ever. Two people were coming at the same time. Then the biggest miracle. The Elders show up to the church because they ran out of English advertisements. SO they were able to help us out and pick up on the appointments. So we were able to meet them all!

Star Wars in full force here in Korea.

Just a Selfie with my Companion

The City on Suncheon.

Friday we had Zone Conference! It was a really good meeting. The mission is really focussing out how to be Consecrated Missionaries and work really hard for President Shin because he only has 6 more months as Mission President. But as we were coming to Zone Conference, we got off the bus and I noticed I left my Book of Mormon. But luckily the front desk had it! Then we went to the meeting and president is so funny. He wanted to read something then he asked "oh who has a good voice?..." then points to me and makes me read it. hahah
Then we got something to eat and made the travel back to our area. When we got off that bus I noticed that I didn't have my planner!!!!!!!! I left it on the bus!!!!!! My planner that had all these numbers and addresses and appointments written down in it from all the calls that we had this week. So that was really great.. hah God was really testing me there to see if I could keep it together and handle the stress. ㅎㅎ Don't worry its ALL GOOD. I am grateful for the hard times because they make us work hard and we learn from those experiences. If things aren't hard we will never grow! I am so grateful for this experiece here in Suncheon. I might not know why I am here right now but I know that there is something/someone waiting here for us! Everyday is a new day full of unexpected opportunities! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.

Funny Story:
You all know that I am known for sleep talking.... yeah guess what...? I sleep talk in KOREAN!!! and sleep sing now... hahah.
Before leaving Yeousung, Sister Gordon told me that she woke up in the middle of the night because I was singing in my sleep and she was laughing so hard that it woke up the other sisters, everyone but me. So all the sisters are just awake and watching me sing in my sleep^^
Then here in Suncheon, cute Sister Faanunu said that she heard me talking in my sleep the other night but she didn't know what I was saying because it was in Korean!!

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!
사랑해요 ❤❤

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