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안녕하세요 태너자매 선교사 입니다!! ^^ 
Okay.. where do I start?
We finally got to watch it this weekend at the Stake Center. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE TALK. I don't know maybe because I am a missionary or something, but this years Conference really left a deep impression on me. Every single talk seemed to answer some type of question that I had or just reminded me of I already knew but must have forgotten. 

I love this place!!

Beautiful wall art everywhere I go.

I wanted to share just a few of the talks and words that stood out to me the most!

Saturday Morning Session:

Dieter F. Uchtdorf
started off the meeting perfectly. He said "living the gospel doesn't need to be complicated". Those words are nothing but truth. This gospel is not complicated. It is so simple and such a happy ending. I am grateful that I have been raised in this gospel to know that it is nothing but truth, and that I get the opportunity to share that truth with the people of Korea. We aren't perfect even if we strive to be sometimes, but as our beloved Apostle stated, "God will take us as we are, He sees us with everlasting potential and a divine destiny."

Sister Neill F. Marriott
I loved her talk in her cute little southern accent saying the phrase.. "It will all work out". 5 simple words that have such a deeper meaning. Ever since I heard that phrase, it has been a comforting motto that I tend to keep in the back of my head throughout my mission. 

Larry R. Lawrence
I loved his talk. He expressed a lot of ways to reflect on ourselves and how we can progress. That through the spirit we can receive impressions on how to improve our lives and draw closer to the Savior. He challenged us to go home that night and pray to ask God specifically what is keeping us from progressing? what do I need to change? How can I do better? Then wait..
He promised that the spirit would give us customized, and direct revelation.
I went home that night and listened to his counsel and applied those questions to my nightly prayers. I waited to see what impressions I would receive. As I was waiting there in our dark, silent apartment, I had the word "인내 (patience)" come to mind, followed by the previous phrase "it will all work out". It was such an amazing experience to really rely and put my trust in the spirit. I now know what I need to work on and what will help me to progress in this work. He also gave an uplifting reminder.. "Be better today than yesterday, and better tomorrow than we are today"

Saturday Afternoon Session:

Jeffrey R. Holland
whelp... This one was when the waterworks started. His talk was so powerful I couldn't stop crying. Its so amazing when He speaks because instead of my pen glued to my notebook, it's my eyes are glued to the screen and I can't look away or I will miss one detail. His talk about Mothers was so amazing. The whole time I was thinking about my Mom. The role that a Mother plays no matter if you are apart of this church or not, a Mother's love is the same. A Mother would do anything for their child, and they sacrifice so much of their live's to support and nurture these children. I know I honestly would not be the person I am today without my Mother. My Mom, Dad & family have played the biggest role in my life. I think now that I'm miles and miles away from them I recognize how much they did for me. My Mom was the person there for me when I went through hard times with school or life in general. She was always there willing to be there to talk to me. I owe my Mom so much! The love a Mother has for a child is unconditional and I know that my Mom shows that love to each one of her kids. I have felt it everyday since being on my mission. She and my Dad and siblings are my biggest support. I couldn't do this without them. The message of eternal families is nothing to be taken lightly. I know that this message brings me so much comfort and peace that it makes me want to do all I can to share it. I love this Gospel so much and all the amazing blessings promised if we follow this simple but so profound Gospel. 

 I know that we have a living Prophet today. The Apostles and Prophet are guided by the spirit in order to relay God's word to us. We have so much guidance to keep going in this sometime difficult time we call mortality. But because God loves each one of us so much, He called a Prophet to lead and guide us. I am so grateful for General Conference and the opportunity we get to be spiritually enlightened to know how to be happy and endure to the end. 
할수있어요!!! (WE CAN DO IT) 

Haha, don't think its going to work out between us...

We are the same height;)

Weekly Baskin Robbins fix


I love this Gospel, I love you ALL, and I love being a Missionary!!


태너자매 선교사❤❤

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