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Wow. This week I have been in Korea for 1 month!! Time is really flying by. I cant believe it! 

Waffle Luv kind of;)

This week was another great week, but a bumpy week as well. We have a few investigators right now that we have been meeting and teaching. They are so sweet and very understanding with me learning the language. I think I told you about 류지수 the Seoul University Student. So about a week ago we invited her to be baptized and she rejected the invite. It was heartbreaking to see her not wanted to accept this gospel. But we know she is ready even if she doesnt think so. She has met with missionaries for a while now and so the seed is planted. So she is leaving for school in a week or two and so its been hard for her to fully try to accept our message. But we have faith that in the future she will.

Trying to beat the heat with a smile:)

Then our other investigator that we met through a referral from the Elders, she is really good with English and has also met with the missionaries in the past. She has really bad anxiety though.. hahah really kind of stresses me out to teach her. Shes like the squirrel in Hoodwinked after drinking too much coffee. It's so funny. She is super sweet though, shes helped me with my Korean and I have been trying to practice teaching her the lessons in Korean on my own. But the other day we called her to see if she was going to attend church with us and she said that she just wasn't ready to meet all those people and come to our church yet. So she dropped us:(
yeah, so two investigators that we have been teaching dropped us and don't really want to do anything with the gospel right now but just like us as really close friends. That was really hard at first and quite discouraging to have that happen all in one night. So that happened when we were out on the street proselyting and so I just said a quick prayer in my heart to bless those two investigators and to help us be guided to someone to talk to tonight as we were proselyting.
It was coming up on 9:00 when we needed to be home and we stopped at a bus stop to put up our English class advertisement and there was a young woman sitting there by herself and so I said "Hi" and she replied back in English. So apparently spent 3 years in Mississippi and had been to Salt Lake before. We talked for like 20 minutes and we were able to get her phone number and talk about our church a little bit. She said she would love to attend our church one sunday when she has time. It was quite a miracle. And an answer to my prayer because I could talk to her in English and really express my feelings!! Then yesterday she texted us first!! She said she really loved meeting us and wants to "hang out" sometime. hahah So we are hoping that this leads to something. I have a good feeling about her. 

My District

Sunday!! In our ward we had a baptism for this little girl that just turned 8. I had to give the closing prayer.*Scary* But it went well. anyways.. During that Baptism I felt the spirit so strongly I just started to bawl... as always. hahah But the little girls Dad baptized her and then her cute Korean Grandpa confirmed her. That really made me remember and think about my Baptism. When my Dad baptized me and Grandpa gave me the confirmation blessing. It was so touching and made me realize how amazing Baptism is. That moment when you come out of the water and you are completely clean. And after you are confirmed with the Gift of The Holy Ghost. It's such an amazing thing!! And I just want everyone here in Korea to experience that.
There is a scripture I came across in D&C 84:88
"And whoso receiveth you there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts and mine angels round about you, to bear you up."
I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are with the Missionaries in everything. We could not do this without Him. That scripture gave me so much comfort. I know that the Spirit is what guides us and makes miracles happen. That his Angels.. Grandpa, Is here with me. They will not see me fall, they will lift me up in times of need. 

Food is my religion. haha!!



태너 자매

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