Monday, August 24, 2015



I made it through my First Transfer!!!! *HIP HIP HOORAY* This week was such an amazing week!! Definitely full of miracles! The lord is watching out for us and this is His work! He has it all planned out!


Starting with Tuesday, We had our District meeting and we talked a lot about our Goals and what we wanted to achieve as a District and so we needed to step it up and go the extra mile. We set a goal to get 10 phone numbers this week, more teaching time and also to pray for unplanned opportunities to serve and find people to teach.As we were leaving our District Meeting we saw a lady in a wheelchair on the road. We immediately ran up and started pushing her. We didn't know where she was going but just followed her lead. She directed us the Lotteria (a Korean burger place) and she bought us fries and lemonade. We then just had a lesson with her right there and were able to get her number. We told her to call us if she needed any help at all! Such a miracle!!
This same day we were able to get 4 phone numbers. Everything just seemed to fall right into place one after another. And I was in charge of the phone because of Senior week so I would just randomly talk to someone and try to ask them for their number and they WOULD!! like WHAT!?

Waffle breakfast.

Next miracle we saw. In our area Gongju. The Elders had 2 baptisms out of the blue! They called us asking for the Womens baptism dress and we were like what why do you need it!? and they said we are have a baptism for our investigators tomorrow night! Their investigator was moving to Seoul that week and so they called president and told him the situation and he said okay. baptize her now pretty much haha. So we went to that and it was amazing! I cant wait until that's our investigators getting baptized!!

Baptism is beautiful!

NEW INVESTIGATOR!! yay. 유선욱 자매님!! She was a referral from the Elders that talked to her and found her on the street when they were walking home. We met with her at her office one day and she wanted us to meet her daughter. Her daughter is a student In Seoul but comes home every weekend. So this weekend they took us out to lunch on Saturday. SO MUCH FOOD!!! we had our noodles and meat for lunch and then after they took us for dessert and then she was like "Now, lets go eat grapes at my office!" hahaha so funny. But while we were eating our dessert in a little cafe, the daughter told us that she had a "stupid question" that she wanted to ask us. and we were like oh okay.. theres no stupid questions but yes ask away!! and she asked "what is the difference between your church/gospel and all the other churches here in Korea?" NOT A STUPID QUESTION AT ALL. THE PERFECT QUESTION ACTUALLY!! and so we began to explain about the Godhead being 3 separate beings and she agreed with us.. her mom and family are Catholic and so when she said she agreed with that we looked at her mom and said oh does your mom know you believe that haha and they laughed it off and then we started talking about the Book of Mormon. She was so fascinated by the book. When I told her she could have it as a gift, her face lit up and was so excited! This truly was a miracle! It all fell into place that we were suppose to meet her daughter and will meet with her again this weekend and hopefully be able to teach her daughter the lessons!! 

I love this Gospel!

Being a missionary definitely has its ups and downs! But over all UPS!! I am grateful for this opportunity that I get to be a missionary in Korea. No matter how hard times get I always need to take a step back and look at where I am!! To always have a positive attitude and love everyone. It's not always that easy but I have see when I do that, everything changes!

My newest BFF.

God and Jesus Christ has done so much for me and my family and I am glad that I get to serve his children for a year and a half! Thank you for all the love and support you are giving me. I couldn't do this without you!! Always remember the bigger picture! That we are going to have hard days but theres always good days too. To always recognize Gods hand and the miracles in our lives! They are signs of Gods love and that he knows each and everyone of us and is watching over us. I love this gospel. I love korea. and i love being a missionary!!


태너 자매

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