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아녕하세요 사랑하는 제 가족!!! (Hello my beloved family)wow this week seemed quite long but its already P-day, I dont get it!! We had another good week! We don't have very many investigators right now so our Stats are a little low. But thats okay! Gives us something to work towards and work really hard for the new week. 

GOT to LOVE public Transportation. OUR way around the city

We met and had meals with a few members this week. They feed us so well... its the best. And you know what else is the best, after Sacrament meeting they have a feast!! WHY we dont do that in America I will never know. haha Anyways. So because of our low investigators we have been out trying to find people. One day we spent the night on the underground subway and went back and forth to talk to people. Its the best place because they cant run away from you. They are stuck there and have to talk!! 

A little Ice Cream to cool us off.

Made our lunch today. PP&J


Opening my mouth to speak Korean isn't easy but the more I just do it and not worry about how I sound or that I don't know much it becomes easier and comfortable. I was really worried about the language and still am but we met with a member in our 공주 ward. She is Hawaiian and served her mission In Seoul. She is the best!! Very down to earth and just knows what to say to sister missionaries, well because she was one. She asked me how I was doing and I said I'm good just really want to get this language down. And she turned to me and said, that isn't why you are here though. And that really hit me. Because that isn't why I am here! My soul purpose isn't to just learn Korean. I know I can't necessarily fulfill my purpose without being able to communicate with people but as I have patience then it will come!! 

View from our shoe box.

 Melon Goodness.

This week we had T&T!! It is where all the "Greenies" go back to the mission home and have a training and just a review of what they have learned so far! It was so fun to see the Elders from the MTC again. We got to talk to President and learned a lot. It was a good meeting. 

MY MTC Elders

Being proper

We never stop eating!

MY companion 

I'm sorry this week has been such a blur, I feel like we never have enough time to write about it!! And I forget everything that we did!! Overrall it was a good week, and I am looking forward to what this week has in store for us!! It is Senior week and so I have to do a lot of the planning and talking to people on the phone so thats going to be interesting!!

I have a thing for monkey's

We are eating our way though the city.

Street markets are the best.

OH yummy!

This City is amazing. (Yuseoung)

We are meeting with our Seoul University Student today and going shopping with her before she leaves this week! It will be fun to spend some time with her before we wont see her for a while. Also we are meeting with the Sister we met with at the bus stop. The one that lived in Mississippi for 3 years and speaks really good English. We are praying that it goes well and that we could potentially ask her what she feels about the church and baptism. So pray for Christina(her american name) 미선 자매님(korean name, sounds like "Meesun") ! 

Going to miss this girl:(

Our Pday out with Christina.

I love you all so much!! Sorry this email is kind of lame!! We were in a rush this morning!!! Next week will be better!!! Also this transfer is almost over. so I might be in a different area in 2 weeks. We will see!!

태너 자매

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