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WEEK 11- MONDAY JULY 27 2015

I can't believe it's already my 2nd P-day. This week went by so fast!! But then also the Pdays go by like a blink of an eye and back to work we go!
This week was a good week!! But I also feel like we can do so much more. That just might be my "greenie" senses kicking in. Because I am a new missionary I just want things to happen happen happen!!! But I know it doesn't typically work out that way. I need to work as hard as I can and be obedient and we will see miracles. 

Rainy days are so nice 

This week we were able to help with the Stake Primary Activity. That was really fun! We had a station on missionary work. Quite hard though when I can't talk to the kids. They just look at me like who are you!? hahah. But its okay they are so cute!! 

The kids made Kimbap(korean sushi rolls)

I'm in love with these cute kids

We have been meeting with a Sister who is a student at Seoul University. She is the sweetest girl ever. We have met with her maybe twice and got to know her. She has met with missionaries a while ago and she is wanting to be an English major. ( oh i think I might have talked about her my last email) anyways.. She came to church on Sunday!! I had to give another 인사 말 씀 in the other ward that we serve in. So fun... not. hahah So we wanted her there for that to support me in my failing Korean. So she came and she seemed to enjoy it. It was a little long for her and she started to fall asleep. But c'mon we all do that here and there... hahah

On Saturday night we were able to go to a cafe and have a lesson with her. We watched a Mormon Message with her and my companion and we bore our testimonies to her. The spirit was so strong there. We really feel like she is ready for baptism but she doesnt find her self prepared enough or ready. So we are working really hard on her. We have faith that it will work out. We know we were suppose to meet her for a reason. If shes met with missionaries for years and now its her time. God has been preparing her to receive this Gospel. But we will just have to see what happens. Pray for her! 
Praying for baptism for this sweet Sister.

 Sunday.... it was so fun!! The 유성 ward is so amazing. They were so loving to me and really understanding. After my talk they all came up and hugged me and said my korean was so good. There was this returned missionary from the Seoul mission and he came up to me and asked me what my secret was? haha i was like, what secret..... uhhh weird. and hes like, your secret to learning languages!! YOU'VE BEEN HERE 2 WEEKS AND YOU SPEAK LIKE THAT!! REALLY HOW DO YOU DO IT!! hahahha... I replied, "gift of tongues." (missionary answer) ^^
But really I dont feel like I can speak that well, were I am constantly learning and wanting to improve. But when the Koreans tell me stuff like that, that really helps me keep going and gives me the confidence that I will learn this language it is just going to take some time. But once again I need to have patience with my self and stop trying to overwhelm myself. I have been here 2 weeks, I can't expect myself to be fluent already!! I've really had to rely on just showing Christlike love. Loving the people, smiling and just saying "Hi". The language of love could mean more than the words you say to anybody. They will remember how you made them feel over what you said to them. I am grateful for the Korean people and how loving they are. I am grateful for this experience of really forgetting about myself and putting others before me. Its not easy but it's worth it. 

Sister Lee an I on the streets 

Bus selfie

 I want to be a consecrated missionary. We focus a lot on that in our mission. I want to have NO regrets. To really look back on my mission and say, I gave everything I had to serving the Lord. I know I need to have NO fears. I cant fear what others think of me. I need to open my mouth and talk to everyone. There is a really great talk given by Tad R. Callister about being a consecrated missionary. He lists the characteristics of being that type of missionary.
He says, " Sometimes in life we just have to square our shoulders and do it, there is no magic pill that makes us courageous, no passage of time that strengthens us, no memorized approach that emboldens us." we are left with the compelling counsel of King Benjamin: "And now, if ye believe all these things, see that you do them" ( Mosiah 4:19)
that.."Consecrated missionaries preach by the way at all times and in all places, both day and night. Sometimes we have missionaries who are so worried about offending people that in the process they never ever save them."

Korean Art is so cute

 I don't want to be that missionary that was too afraid to speak my broken Korean, that in the process of me psyching myself out, I didn't save that person by sharing this Gospel with them. It's a learning process and I have a year and a half to really put all my time and efforts into this work!!
I love my family, I love this gospel and I love being a Missionary!!!

태너 자매

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