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  I honestly can't wrap my head around the fact that I only have less than 11 days in the MTC.. not just the MTC.. AMERICA IN GENERAL!!!!
This week has been great! We only have 1 more P-day before we leave!! AHHHHH FREAKIN OUT!!! IM GOING TO KOREA!!!!!

I have probably said this before, but sometimes I sit in class or lay in bed at night and just think of how blessed I am.. I have been called to Korea. Of all the many bazillion missions in the world, I have been called to Korea. It just does not 
seem real at all. I love it.

Alright. This week was a normal MTC week I would say, I just feel like there is so much to do that its so overwhelming but so exciting at the same time. haha.

Okay lets start with Sunday..... Sundays still to this day are my favorite day here in the MTC. It just an extra spiritual day that really helps me get through the next upcoming week. This Sunday our topic was "Enduring To The End". I was asked to teach Relief Society. So that was a good experience. We had both the presidency's wives in our class so that was a little intimidating. But the lesson went well! I found this Priesthood lesson online and modified it to be a Relief 

Society lesson/discussion. It worked out pretty well actually. It was about understanding how to endure to the end through the challenges and hardships of mortality. It was a really good topic to study and learn about. I really got to reflect on how things are going to be really hard and frustrating but we can't give up. The Savior did not give up on us, so we owe him all we can to endure to the end to return to our Father in Heaven. 

I laugh a lot.....

 Since being here in the MTC I have grown so close to my Savior. I just can not imagine giving up on him.. thinking about all he did for me. I do not want to give into the challenges of mortality. I know I have not really had to endure any huge/dramatic trials in life so far. During the lesson we talked about how in our Heavenly Fathers presence we accepted the trials and plan God set out for us. That he knows what we can and cannot handle. That every trial that we will face, is there for us to grow and become closer to our Savior; our ultimate example of enduring to the end. When I was preparing my lesson, I was trying to think of a personal story or example in my life of this topic. And immediately the example of my Mother came to mind... Mom you are the strongest person I know. When hardships come your way, you always look at them with a positive attitude and outcome. I told the Sisters the hardship of when you tore your ACL 
recently. That was such an extremely hard time for you and you pressed forward with faith that everything was going to work out. That you would be back in the gym again. That you would be able to walk around and provide for your family and kids. I admire your example every single day. Why I am the person I am today is because of my amazing parents. The way they raised me in this gospel and the outstanding examples of how to endure the hardships of mortality and to look at them with a purpose. That is the part of life and our plan here on earth to go through trials. That we will reflect back on those, and how we are better people and disciples of Christ because we know we can overcome them. 

Yup.... They belong to me.

  During my personal study the other day. I was reading the Ensign of the most recent General Conference and I came across the talk titled "Therefore they hushed their fears" given by Elder David A. Bednar. It is such a good talk, and I really needed to read it at that moment. I have been really nervous about leaving for Korea in just about 11 days. The talk was just about the difference between godly fear and worldly fear. When we worry about the worldly things or fear the worldly things then we arent putting our faith in christ. When we subject our will to the lord we will come to know that everything will work out. (Phillipians 4:7)

  My Mom always tells me that it is not worth worrying/fearing about something that you cannot control. So recently this past week as I worried that I will not be in America in 2 weeks, that I wont be 40 minutes away from my family anymore. So, I have had to really just calm down and recognize that my fear of leaving for Korea is a worldly fear. That I am leaving no matter what, so I need to put my trust in the lord and it will be okay!!

My Mama age 4 in Korea

  We had a devotional on Tuesday from Brother Sitati of the Seventy. It was a really great devotional. He talked a lot about Not giving up on your mission when times get hard. Here are a few things that really stuck out to me during his talk:


-Your mission: spiritual, mental and personal growth. Make this period of your life count!-Your mission will build a foundation. what are you prepared to build that foundation? what are you willing to give up? how close do you feel to the lord?
-Do not be overtaken by fear. Go forth with courage!
-Feel confidence in his presence

My New Korean name Badge(its official)

I love you all so much!!! Thank you for the letters this week and the support as always! Only one more P-day!!! Korea I am coming for you!!!!

Sister Tanner

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