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WOW!!! Already been here 1 week. It feels like ages but it also feels like it went by really fast. We are constantly busy doing something after another so that keeps the days going by. Lets see.. I do not even know where to start. Leaving you guys at the curb, was honestly one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life.

                                                                       The Curbside departure:(

 I love my family so much, And I have really come to hold on to that while I am here. I think about you every second of everyday, and pray for you all the time. I hope you are safe and doing well. Thank you so so so so much for the letters and package. It honestly couldn't have come at a better time. Please keep sending them haha. I understand what Billy said when letters and stuff from your family is pure GOLD. It makes me so happy hearing from you! The MTC is hard... I have cried every night leading up to Pday. I was surprised you heard from Karissa that I was doing good. Because every day I saw her I would run to her and try so hard to choke back tears. It has been one of the hardest weeks of my life but also one of the best. I really have come to lean on the savior in prayer. Prayer anytime I feel frustrated, alone, scared, anything. Prayer has been there to keep me going. The first couple of days here were the hardest. Getting used to the MTC missionary schedule, being with a companion 24/7, and getting used to not having Moms cooking. The MTC food is not very good... but they have A LOT of it. I havent had any of the fries yet! oh wait.. I might have stolen one off one of the Elders plate when he wasn't looking. shhh. 

But I loved your package so so much. I cant thank you enough!!!!! 
I got your DearElder as well. Tell the missionaries thank you for that scripture thought. Definitely something I needed to read and hear. (ETHER 12:27)

 I also cant figure out how to send pictures on this computer so i will figure that out and try next week. Sad:(
our schedule is practically like this
6:40 gym time
8:00 breakfast
9:00 personal study
10:00 companion study
11:00 language study
12:00 additional study
1:30-4:35 classroom 
4:35 additional study
6:00-9:20 Classroom
 SOOOO YA lots and lots of studying and eating. IM GONNA GET FAT. haha. But its been nice to have a schedule and always be doing something. But also have a Pday and relax and just get stuff done.

My companion is from the NETHERLANDS. she is so sweet. She speaks pretty good english, but also speaks.. dutch, french, some japanese and now korean. crazy.. language barrier is a little hard and that was probably the hardest thing here. I see all these girls getting along so well and they love their companion and want to do everything together.. but I dont. But I know that I am suppose to have this companion these 9 weeks for a reason. I am suppose to learn from her and who knows I might have great companions here on out or this is preparing me for how to love "hard" companions later down the road. so that has been the most difficult thing so far but it is getting better as I get to know her. she has never been to america so I have really had to help her with a lot. Thats where I feel like I am doing a lot of the work and planning a lot of the lessons because she doesnt really know whats going on. But its getting a lot better.. and its only the first week. 

The language is coming along.. its hard though, but I am really enjoying studying it. I just want to be able to speak it already!! I said the District prayer in korean the other day so we are making PROGRESS!! first week and can already say a prayer. 

Our district is the best. The Elders are so great and the Sisters are the sweetest. We are all getting along really well. The other older districts are the best. There is this one Sister from Australia and shes honestly the greatest girl. Shes serving in Busan and leaves in 2 weeks:( Im going to miss her so much. if she wasnt here these first couple of days I was here I would have lost it. She has been such a friend to me. She like comes to my closet and wears my skirts already. all the sisters say I have really cute clothes and skirts! (thanks Mom!) haha.

Our branch presidency is also amazing. one of the counselors wives is the sweetest sister ever. She said to me anything that you would tell your mom tell me, that is what I am here for. she really has comforted me when I miss you guys the most. 

Sundays here are so amazing. The sacrament meeting is all in korean and each sunday you have to prepare a talk to be ready to give in korean that Sunday and they wil call your name after the sacrament has been passed. Crazy. This Sunday we are singing in sacrament. Wish us luck! 

                                               My Great Uncle Pak, Jae Am and wife. (couple on R front)
Theres a Korean counselor in our branch presidency and I told him about Moms Uncle Pak Jae Am, and he Said, he knew him!!!!  like what? They were good friends and the whole presidency knows him and worked  with him. President Snow conducted one of our district meetings and was giving this intense speech about how our district needs to be close, and then throws in how SISTER TANNERS GREAT UNCLE IS ONE OF THE GREATEST KOREAN PIONEERS and we are doing this for him and all of Korea. then I just started to bawl!!!!!! I felt the spirit so strongly and that is when I knew why I wanted to do this. Serve my family and my ancestors of Korea. I've never wanted to do something more in my life than to learn this language well and serve in Korea. I love you all so much and cant wait to tell you more. Keep sending letters and mail please, it really keeps me going.

 I shared my story about my last night at home before leaving for my Mission in relief society and it made the Sisters cry. They came up to me afterwards and gave me the biggest hug and said you are going to be the best missionary. Everyone keeps saying that, but I want to know for myself... 

Again I love you so so so much!!!! thank you for the support!!!!! 

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