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MY Crew

I hope you all are having the best Summer Vacation ever!! I just know that we are literally melting over here!! It's so HOT!! the humidity kills me and makes my hair tens times its normal size... haha and its already really huge!! Anyways... 

This week was a great week! It was kind of a slow week due to a holiday here and so everyone was traveling or just really busy. So we didn't really know what to do. This week the AP's called us because we are trying to figure out where to move. Our rent is up on our apartment so they have been calling us to see where the best place is for our missionary work and so they called us and originally we thought we covered to areas, Cheonan and Onyang. But during my first transfer here we did not have the opportunity to attend the Onyang Branch at all. So we decided that this upcoming transfer we would try and focus on Onyang but then when the APs called us they said that we are only Cheonan Sisters and we had no idea. haha so that threw us off a little bit because we already promised the Onyang Branch president that we were coming to church this Sunday. So we called the Branch president to see what we should do and he said to just come anyways and say Hi to the members for the last time.

When we went to church this Sunday in Onyang it probably was one of the best Sundays since I have been on my mission. I don't know how to describe it but I felt Heavenly Fathers love for me and that Branch more than I ever have. From the time I walked into the chapel until we left the members just gave me so much love. I know that was an answer to my prayers and I really needed that. Because we were visiting and the newbies I said the prayer a lot during those 3 hours haha. and every single time I finished the members just went crazy for my korean!! I don't even know.. it just felt like a family there. They had just met me but treated me like someone that they have know forever. Then it was sacrament meeting and every new missionary gives a little intro and testimony. So I stood up and this was my first time just going up and saying what came to mind. Usually when I would transfer I would write it down and bring a paper up and read it but this time I didn't and I just felt the spirit so strongly and the Gift of Tongues is real. When sacrament ended all the members rushed to me and gave me a big hug and said that my Korean is amazing. Throughout my mission I have been so stressed about the language and felt like I would never be able to speak naturally but with all the prayers I know that God had given me my answer through this Branch. Then I was talking to a member and she was asking me what I studied before the mission, or what I wanted to study after and I told her I still wasn't very sure. And she told me that I need to be like a performer or something because there is just a light about my personality. I told her that before my mission I wasn't super super outgoing and a little shy and she didn't even believe that. She said that there is just something about me that is so beautiful. Then I showed her my family photos and she told me... ahhh thats why... your parents and family are beautiful and you are apart of this happy family. They also thought that Dad looked like some famous movie star and that they have seen him on TV alot.... hahah i was like uh thats not my Dad hah. But the constant compliments from these members were so unexpected. I felt God's love in abundance that Sunday for sure.

Ohhh these cute girls have melted m heart.

 김보영 자매님~ SISTER KIM
She is an Onyang member and literally an angel. When I first came to this area, Elder Johnson told us that we have to visit her. That she had changed his life. And the first time I met her I knew what he meant by that. She is the most amazing person I have ever met. Such a sweet woman and such dedication for this gospel. I have only met her once or twice for just a short time but this Sunday when we were about to leave she runs up and gives me the biggest hug and tells me that she only has 2 sons and doesn't have a daughter and she told me that she considers me like a daughter. I heard that and my heart just melted haha. Feeling that type of love from her made everything worth it. I know that we might not be able to attend that Branch in the near future but just hearing everything they said to me and about my family just made it all worth it. I love these members and the korean people with all my heart. They have changed my life and I have learned so much from them. They are amazing examples to me and just seeing their faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ is so motivational. I am so grateful everyday to be able to walk these streets, even if we sweat from head to toe all day long, people don't want to listen to our message in this heat or the amount of missionary stress that I get.. it is all worth it! I wouldn't change it for a second!~

Taking a break from the heat.

Korean Shaved ice Bingsu

I love you all so much and hope you all recognize those people that God sends to you that could be an answer to your prayers. To always recognize God's love in our lives and all that He does for us. He wants us to be happy and to succeed GLORIOUSLY!!


태너 자매

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  1. I was chatting with one of my old companions about how hot it is over there, and she said it seems worse than usual this year. Ugh! (In Washington we are having a sudden cool snap... Go figure.)