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Guess what.. this summer in Korea is the second hottest summer in history. haha please pray for us.๐Ÿ˜ฅ I hope you all had the best summer vacation ever. Good luck with the starting of school~

Zone Conference

Fun times at Zone Conference.


Sisters with Sister Madsen

MtC homies

This week we had Zone Conference and because we are Sister Training Leader over two zones we went to two Zone Conferences and had to prepare two trainings for the missionaries. I have never had to do something like this before so it was both exciting but stressful at the same time. haha. But it was a successful week and the zone conferences were so fun! I wanted to share the training that my companion and I gave at the second meeting. 

One personal study I was studying Alma 20 and before I started reading that chapter I decided to highlight the first 3 things that stood out to me and those 3 things were something that I needed to work on in my life and missionary work.

1. I know, in the strength of the Lord thou can do all things. (verse 4)
I know that I can't do anything by myself and I only need to trust in the Lord and what I can do through Him. I am not perfect and I make mistakes but only through Christ I can be lifted up and can be an effective instrument in God's hands.
2. Great Love (verse 26)
In our training we decided to focus on "great love". Great love for your companion. Being on a mission and being with a companion 24-7 is not an easy task. But I think I have learned so much from each of my companions. Especially Sister Beck. We have not had it easy but I am so grateful for her and all that she has taught me. When we gave this training together and I felt the spirit so strongly. Before we had a hard time being one and teaching in unity but when we were speaking I felt the spirit just connect us. We were one and felt that "great love". We showed a Mormon Message called "enduring love". If you have the time to look that video up, it is amazing. Our companions are the most important person in our lives right now. and the same thing goes for marriage. And every member tells us that because of our companion and the hard times with them, it helps you in the future with future relationships and how to deal with them. So if we always have that desire to show that "great love" to everybody, we can be like Christ. Christ is the best example of Love and we should all strive to be like Christ always and have that "ํฐ ์‚ฌ๋ž‘" GREAT LOVE.

3. ..and they also had suffered hunger, thirst, and all kinds of afflictions; nevertheless they were patient in all their sufferings. (verse 29)
~~PATIENCE~~ I know that this was something I needed.. I always need to be reminded of patience. I am grateful for the scriptures and everything that they teach me. I know that as I read the Book of Mormon I receive specific revelation for myself and how to be a better missionary! 

Well deserved Pday

I love the members in my ward.


We are not perfect people and God loves us all so much. I am not a perfect missionary, I have so many weaknesses and I can't do anything on my own. As I rely on God and Jesus Christ I know that I can do anything and overcome any challenge. I know that I am suppose to be here for a reason. I love my mission and I am so grateful for this opportunity! I love you all so much!!~~ Have a great week!!

Happy Birthday 16th Birthday Olivia!!!~~~ *finger heart*

Happy 16th Birthday Olivia!!

ํƒœ๋„ˆ ์ž๋งค 
aka Sister Tanner

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