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Mission Christmas devotional with my Sisters!

My homies from the MTC.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! My Christmas was definitely different but one to always remember! This week was a really fun week.

Oops! may have opened all of our 12 days in 1 day:)

Christmas Eve:
We had our Ward Christmas party and that was really fun! We sang an Acapella song with the Young single adults and ate a lot of yummy food!! After the party we got home and heard a knock at the door.. There was a man standing there holding a box of Chicken!! ahhah the Elders had ordered us Chicken for a Christmas Present. It was so funny!!~ I cried because I was so happy! 

Ward Xmas party fun! 

Santa is a little ghetto:)

Chicken makes me cry:(

Christmas Day:
We got up and opened all our packages up from our families then made a Christmas breakfast! 

Breakfast with my roomies on Xmas day.

Opening Christmas gifts!!

Presents from my family!

Winter clothes and letters are the Best!!

Then the other Sisters went to go skype their family and we got ready to call Grandpa! My companion and I sat on the floor, role playing how this conversation would go. Then I finally got the courage to press the call button and the first time he didn't answer! Then I called again and he answered!!! ahhh I talked to my Korean Grandpa!! It was short and sweet. He told me that he talked to my mission president and he knows my birthday is in January so he is sending me a cake! hahah that was it! But it was really great to hear from him and say Hi!

I stressed way to much for a 1 minute phone call:(

Then later that day we went to a Christmas lunch at an investigators Cafe.

Cafe with the most beautiful food. They instagram:)

 After we went to our other investigators house to drop off our present for her cute 5 year old daughter. Then we got on the subway to go to Downtown Daejeon for a proselyting activity. While we were on the Subway we ran into the Elders and they told us to get off with them. We got off and we stopped at a Hospital. The entire zone was there. There is a 17 year old member in one of the wards apart of our stake and he had a tumor so he has been in the hospital. So we all went to sing him a carol and bring him a Christmas present. As we walked in the hospital room, I felt the spirit just fill the room. There were 20 disciples of Jesus Christ surrounding this hospital bed singing "Silent Night". This moment truly represented the true meaning of Christmas. After the hospital we went to Downtown Daejeon for a Caroling Proselyting activity. We stood at the front of a bridge/shopping complex and set down our backpacks, pulled out our Hymn books and started singing. There were masses of crowds just swarming us watching a bunch of foreigners singing Korean. They all thought it was the coolest thing. So as they were watching us we would go up to them and introduce our church! It was a really fun way to spend Christmas!! 

The beautiful Sister Choir

kids are my favorite!

We are Sisters for life!

The Day after Christmas:
SKYPE THE FAM!!!!! wahhhoooo!!! It was soooo fun to talk to the family!!! Really gives you the boost you need until you can skype them again. ahah. I love you all so much and hope you had the best Christmas!!

my view
Picture with my family on Christmas day.

This week is transfers and this will be my first transfer to a new area. I am leaving my Greenie area:( But I know that I need to trust in God's plan for me and the revelation that Our Mission President receives. It will all work out the way it is suppose to! Thank you for all your support and love. I couldnt do this without you!!! Talk to you next week!!! 

A baptism from our referral to the Elders.

Happy day!!

Best companion any girl could ask for!!

I will be forever grateful for this girl. She has given me more JOY these past 4 months.
I love you SISTER KIM and will miss being your companion!

Sister Tanner

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  1. I love the beautiful sister choir! That will be a great memory. :)