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I don't have a ton of time to write this email but I have been thinking about what I wanted to write all week.
This week we visited our Bishop and his family here in the ward we are serving in. They have 7 kids!! So during sacrament they all are running around. There are so many of them and they all are the cutest things ever. So we went over there one night this week all four of us Sisters that we are living with and we were sitting in their living room talking and Bishop turned to me and asked the question..
"Why did you decide to serve a mission?"
After he asked me that question I tried to put together my thoughts and say it in Korean the best that I could. Ever since that night I have been thinking and really pondering that question. When I came home that night I wrote down my answer and wanted to share it with you today. 

This ones for my Sister Olivia.

When I think of why I decided to serve a mission, I think of my Grandpa. He played a big role in my life. My Grandpa was diagnosed with Cancer and was very sick. When He knew that He didn't have very much time to live, he wrote all his family individual letters. In my letter He expressed that How he has been thinking a lot about me serving a mission, and how much it would bless my life. Ever since that letter I really thought about a Mission. But when I reached the Mission age, I started to stress and panic a little. The thought of leaving my family for a year and a half scared me. The thought of being away from HOME for that long freaked me out. SO when I was at College my Mom called me and said, you need to start thinking about what you want to do, because If I wanted to serve a mission I needed to start the paper work as soon as possible. Making the Mission decision was not easy, it has been the biggest decision I have had to make so far in my life. During that time of trying to decide if I was going to go.... I prayed and prayed looking for an answer. A couple weeks went by and I hadn't received that reassuring answer. So many thoughts were going through my head during that time. Like, I could just stay home, work some more, go to school, be with my family and friends, etc. Satan was really working hard to prevent me from serving a mission. So another week passed by, more praying then finally I received my answer. My roommate and I went to our YSA activity at our 1st Counselors house. It was originally going to be everyone from the ward over there eating waffles. But our counselor said, he had the impression to share something with us all before we ate. He began to say what he felt impressed to share and then said he wanted to share a scripture but he wasn't going to read it. He wanted us to go home and read it on our own. So I wrote it down making sure I wouldnt forget it. When we got home I immediately opened my scriptures and turned to the scripture....

Alma 29:6-9
This scripture had answered my prayers. After long weeks of waiting and stressing, I finally received my answer. I called my Mom right after I read that scripture and was just crying to her. All I said on the phone was I found my answer.. I am going on a Mission! The following day I made an appointment with my Bishop to start my paperwork. And now I am serving in Korea. The place where my Mom was born. Learning the Korean Language. It all doesn't seem real. The Lord works in amazing, kind of mysterious ways sometimes. But, I thank Him every day for this opportunity. When times are hard I have to take a step back and remember where I am. That this is such a short time in my life to really forget myself, to serve everyone I come in contact with, and most importantly to serve my Father in Heaven and his Son Jesus Christ. I can't put into words how much I love this Gospel. This experience has brought me so close my Savior and Heavenly Father. and I want to make them proud. 

My life with these beautiful Sisters

Love this sweet companion of mine

Sister Kim 

Of course another pic with ice cream;)

A Mission is a once in a life time opportunity and I want to make every moment count. I love this gospel and want to share it with everyone in Korea. So If anyone is struggling with the decision to serve a mission. Dont let Satan win. The decision to serve a mission will forever change your life. A decision that you will never regret!
I love you all so much!! I hope you have another great week. Cant wait for next Pday!!

-Sister Tanner

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