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This week we had a MISSION TOUR!!
The mission had the opportunity to hear from a General Authority of the Seventy, Elder Choi Yoon Hwang. It was such a powerful meeting! He taught us so many great lessons how to be the best missionary that we know we can be! Here are a few things that really stood out to me that I wanted to share with you. So as the meeting started,

Wings of Love

He kept asking us the question.. "WHO ARE YOU?" (3 Nephi 5:13) I am a disciple of Jesus Christ! The opportunity to be a missionary is once in a lifetime. And the Lord fully trusts 18 and 19 year old young adults to be sent all over the world to preach this gospel. The Lord fully trusts all of us. He knows what we are capable of and knows our potential! We are genuine children of the Father, He loves us unconditionally and only desires us to be happy. 

My beautiful Companion

Love this sweet Sister

The Lord chose you! He chose each one of us individually to serve. We are ordained as His missionaries, the work of Salvation. In order to truly be an effective missionary, we need to be able to elevate our thoughts. I think that this does not only apply to missionaries. This can apply to anybody. So what does "elevate our thoughts" mean..? To see life with a birds eye view, is how he put it. That if we want to see outcomes of baptism our soul missionary purpose, we need to be able to think that we will accomplish it. If we are constantly thinking negatively or that we aren't capable of doing achieving our goals then we wont. We need to recognize our potential and THINK/KNOW that we can do it! 

Greeting General Authority of the Seventy, Elder & Sister Choi Yoon Hwang 

Traditional Korean feast

Sister Power

Change your heart: What kind of person do you want to be?
We should strive to be like JESUS CHRIST. To always be willing to take upon His name and serve him with all your heart. We as missionaries, took our righteous agency to be here on a mission! We need to recognize our potential and change our hearts to be able to reach that potential. It is not always easy to do, this work is tedious and hard sometimes but as we realize our purpose and why we chose to believe the way we do, Heavenly Father will pour out blessings.

Sunsets are beautiful in September

My View from the Sister Casa

"Whatever God commands, do it, and blessings will follow."
I was reading the September 2015 LIAHONA one morning and came across a story called;
"To Stay or Obey". It was a story about a young boy that was a convert and was first and only member of his family. He really want to serve a mission. But as he told his family that he wanted to serve, they said that him leaving would break their hearts and that he needed to chose his family or his mission. I couldn't even imagine being put in a situation like that. So the boy went to the nearby church to pray about what he should do. As he knelt down to pray he heard the words... "whatever God commands, do it, and blessings will follow." As I read that sentence I felt the spirit so strongly. It is true. As missionaries we often hear.. "oh you sacrificed so much.. your cell phone, car, friend and family time, etc." Which is true.. we dont have the luxuries that we would like at home. But as I read that quote it testified to me that we aren't sacrificing, we are obeying. Because of our obedience, Heavenly Father promises us blessings.
(1 Samuel 15:22) ".. To obey is better than sacrifice."
The young missionary then told his family that he would be serving a mission, and his dad said that he could no longer live there. So he found some place to stay before his mission and served in the Philippines Cauayan mission. A few months out on his mission his family wrote him and said that they would be waiting for his arrival home. When He returned home he was able to baptize his family and they are preparing to go to the temple. Such an amazing miracle. That because of our obedience God will not leave us. He will rain blessings upon us.

No Doubts (D&C 6:36)
We must look unto heaven, don't look around. All answers will come from God. We must begin with the end in mind. That we want to return to our father in heaven and our families for eternity. We must trust the will of the lord. We might not understand everything now but we will. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to grow. I have so many flaws and weaknesses. But through Christ I am strengthened.
Elder Choi told us to,
Be patient. Go little by little and try our best. We will see our progress in the long run. We need to enjoy and have fun. This is such a short time but will impact our lives from here on out.
I learned so much from the MISSION TOUR and am happy to share my experiences with all of you!! Always remember that I love you!! But most importantly our Father in Heaven loves you. 

Its a slumber party every night

Thanks Mom for the Brownie Mix

Talk to you next week!!!

Sister Tanner
태너 자매님

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